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It's not just shovelling; eat with purpose!

What Is mindful eating?[1]

Its attentive eating gives the overall eating experience physically and emotionally gratifying and enriching. Moreover, the essential aspect of Āhāra (eating) is the state of mind to experience and enjoy the food.


1. Increased satisfaction or santoṣa with food.

2. Slower eating improves digestion.

3. Healthier food choices.

4. Expresses gratitude for the meal. 

You may be eating mindlessly if you: 

1. Consistently eat until overly full

2. Hogging on food without really tasting it.

3. Unmindful on what you are eating

4. Gulp meals surrounded by distractions.

5. Don't remember what you just ate! 

Seven practices to master the art of mindful eating.[3]

Respect the food:

Turn off all devices and notifications to avoid distractions to help deepen the eating experience.

Regale all senses:

Start with a small portion while noticing the colors, smells, tastes, and textures of the food and the sound to relish bon appétit. 

Take small portions:

Take small quantities & bites and try consciously savoring each bite.

​Chew thoroughly:

Don't gulp; go slow to have the highest experience.

Avoid overeating:

Eat up until you are about 80% full or till satiety. 

Don't neglect timely meals:

Have them on time to avoid a lot of gastrointestinal ailments like ulcers or further hazards.

Eat a proper diet:

Natural and easily digestible & for energy and alertness, which brings relaxation and a feeling of peace, making one contented, happy and joyous. 

It's time to be serious about

​What we eat

​What to eat

How to eat

How much to eat

​Why we eat

Mindful eating can lead to incredible psychological well-being, an enriched delight from food, and bodily fulfilment. ​



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