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Vitiligo in Children: Living & coping with it

Millions of people worldwide have Vitiligo. This autoimmune condition causes pale white skin patches due to lack of melanin (skin pigment). Apart from the skin, the hair of the affected areas also becomes greyish-white** 

Why does this happen?$$ 

1. The body's immune system attacks and destroys the cell called melanocytes, which produces melanin.  The exact cause behind it is not clear. 

2. However, family history and genes may play a role in causing Vitiligo. 

3. Sunburn, emotional distress, thyroid disorders, and certain drugs & chemicals' exposure have worsening effects.

The treatment is usually by medicated skin creams, phototherapy and, in some cases, surgery.

Since there is no way to determine whether the child would get vitiligo, there aren't many preventive therapy options that are available.

How to live with it?^^ 

1. The primary importance is in helping the child not feel embarrassed, sad, ashamed, or upset about the changes in their appearance. Seeking the help of a mental health professional may be required. 

2. Talking with other people who have Vitiligo or support groups may be helpful. 

3. People with auto-immune conditions improve with regular meditation, yoga and pranayamas.

4. Avoid excess exposure to heat & sun by judiciously applying sunscreen solutions when stepping out & keep the body hydrated. 

5. Consumption of good nutritious food, supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids reduces the spread of Vitiligo.

1. ** 

2. ^^

3. $$​

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