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Fighting Oral Cancer One step at a time

Fighting Oral Cancer One step at a time​

Oral cancer can appear to be a deadly disease that can go unnoticed in most cases. It is often grouped with oropharyngeal cancer and can spread to nearby areas.It affects various soft tissues in the mouth, like the lips, teeth, tongue, or tonsils.[1,2,3,4]

Smoking is a considerable risk factor, but not the only one!

Other risk factors include:

  • Tobacco & Alcohol consumption
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) infection
  • Chronic trauma by sharp teeth
  • Family history
  • ​Poor Diet

Look out for these signs!

  • A sore or lesion which has not healed within two weeks.
  • Lumps or thickening in the cheek.
  • White or red patches on oral tissues
  • Sore throat or lumpy feeling in the throat
  • Difficulty moving jaw or tongue.
  • Numbness or swelling of the jaw.
  • Chronic hoarseness

How to prevent Oral Cancer

  • Do not use tobacco of any kind.
  • Drink alcohol in moderation.
  • Use UV-blocking lip balm on your lips.
  • Exercise & maintain a healthy weight.
  • E-cigarettes are not risk-free.
  • Regularly inspect your mouth & lips for abnormalities.
  • Make sure your dentures fit well.
  • Visit the dentist regularly to allow for early identification and treatment of areas of concern.

Each smile armed with awareness, prevention and support becomes a beacon of light in creating a brighter and healthier tomorrow - one smile at a time.






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