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Home Cooked or Home Delivered

Home Cooked or Home Delivered? 1,2,3,4

Online food delivery apps have become popular due to their convenience and instant gratification, but they can compromise our health. Home cooking, however, brings many health benefits and can be highly gratifying.

Keeping the dental problems @ bay: Home-cooked food lets you choose healthier ingredients to avoid dental issues. In contrast, outside food often has high sugar preservatives, which can cause cavities and swollen gums.

Improving Digestive health: Preparing your meals also helps with digestion, reducing fat and sodium, resulting in better nutrient absorption.

Say to Constipation":​ Making your food can benefit your digestive health. Whole grains, fruits, and veggies are all sources of fibre, which can help prevent constipation.

Choose control ingredients: Cooking at home allows you to pick fresh ingredients, keep out the not-so-good additives, and try healthier cooking methods, like steaming, grilling, or baking.

Keep Calories in check: Cooking your food lets you stay on top of your portion intake. You will be more aware of the nutritional value of what you're eating, helping to make more balanced decisions than if you were to eat out.

It can be addictive: Junk food affects the brain like addictive drugs, making people reject healthier options.

Reducing Cancer Risk: Certain additives and cooking techniques used in outside food preparation have been linked to cancer- so making your food helps you steer clear of these carcinogens and focus on healthier options.

Some Practical Tips?

Opt for healthier eating if food delivery or eating out is a must:

Pick more nutritious options – Select salads without dressing, lean protein sources such as tofu, beans, white meat, shrimp, or eggs. Incorporating fresh vegetables and carbohydrates with a lower glycaemic index is also beneficial.

Plan and order your meal in advance – Hunger, tiredness, and stress can affect our food choices. Being mindful and making healthier choices can help us feel better.

Opt for meal prep services: Look for delivery services for nutritious meal planning instead of traditional food delivery.

Embrace the joy of cooking at home and savour the deliciousness of homemade delicacies for a healthier life.




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