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Do you know you can avoid Sarcopenia?

What is Sarcopenia?[1]

It is a condition of age-associated loss of muscle mass, strength, and function in older adults (50+yrs) compared to individuals with normal muscle strength. It continues linearly and can go up to 50% muscle mass loss by the 8th decade of life. 

Risk Factors:[2] 

1. Physical inactivity & sedentary lifestyle: Physical inactivity leads to loss of muscle mass and function by3% to 5% each decade after age 30.

2. Poor nutrition: Poor dietary habits can also contribute to the development of the condition. 

3. Severe stress:[3] Persons suffering from mental stress, anxiety, suicide and depression 

4. Co-morbidities: health conditions like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cardiovascular diseases may also increase the risk. 

What are the symptoms:[2]

1. Decrease in muscle mass/volume

2. Poor muscle strength

3. Loss of endurance & pain

4. Poor body balance

5. Proneness to falls, fractures. 

What to do then?[2,4] 

Exercise: Remain active to maintain muscle mass and strength. Specifically, resistance training or strength training is effective. 

Nutrition: Protein is essential for muscle protein synthesis. Vegetarians must consume more soya & pulses like dal and beans. 

Dietary supplements: Taking certain nutritional supplements may be another way to improve faster recovery. 

Bottom line: On World Senior Citizen Day, let us encourage all to exercise & synergistically take a balanced diet to avoid Sarcopenia. 






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