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Pink for Hope

Pink for Hope: Raising Breast Cancer Awareness in India

​Breast cancer is about 30% (or 1 in 3) of all new female cancers each year, including in India.​

Breast cancer is when abnormal cells in the breast grow uncontrollably. Early detection and treatment are critical for improving survival rates.​[1,2,3]​

Causes- Usually not always clear, but the following factors can increase the risk.

  • Genetics and Family history​
  • Increased age
  • Female Hormonal imbalance
  • ​Lifestyle​

Diagnosing Breast Cancers:

​Early detection is crucial for the successful management of breast cancer, especially in India, where a lack of awareness and limited access to healthcare services lead to late diagnosis. [2,3]

Breast Self-Examination (BSE): There are 3 methods to self-examine by the fat pads of the three middle fingers.

  • Circular method: For the circular method, begin at the outermost top of your breast and work toward the nipple, covering the entire breast. For the​
  • Wheel spokes method: imagine your breast is divided into pie-shaped sections and move around the entire breast.

  • ​​Grid method: begin at the innermost portion of the breast and move down, then roll up and down the entire breasts.

Clinical Breast Examination (CBE): Women over 20 should have a breast exam by a medical professional every three years to check for breast cancer.

Mammograms and Imaging Tests: Mammography is recommended for women aged 40+ to detect breast cancer early.

Genetic Testing: Genetic testing can identify specific gene mutations (such as BRCA1 and BRCA2) that increase the risk of breast and ovarian cancers.

Safeguarding options:

Maintaining a balanced diet, engaging in regular physical exercise, avoiding tobacco, and limiting alcohol consumption are effective ways to prevent breast cancer. 
​Also, it's essential to avoid prolonged hormonal exposure, get screened mammograms above 40 and be aware of your risk, especially if there is a family history of cancer.

Together, let's create a society where breast cancer is detected & treated effectively while raising the hope to live longer.





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