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Fight Pollution,  Breathe Solution

​Fight pollution, breathe solution. [1,2,3,4]

Air pollution has been one of India's most serious health issues. Inhaling polluted air can hurt respiratory health especially during upcoming winter.

Protect your lungs to protect your health:

  1. Air purifiers- Investing in a good-quality air purifier or indoor plants for your home can help filter out harmful particles and reduce exposure to air pollution.
  2. Use of mask- When outdoors, especially in heavily polluted areas, wearing a mask can help to reduce inhalation of harmful particles and limit the impact of air pollution on the lungs.
  3. Keeping indoor air clean: Ensure proper ventilation at home and avoid using products that emit harmful pollutants, such as tobacco smoke and household cleaners. 
  4. Stay informed about air pollution levels in your area by monitoring air quality indices. Plan outdoor activities on days when air quality is better.
  5. Go for Regular check-ups with the doctor, and do not decrease your medication according to your understanding. 
  6. Avoid exercising early: in the morning or late at night, the cold air is heavier and more polluted. 
  7. Vaccination: Those over 65 years or above with respiratory issues should get a flu vaccine to reduce the incidence of recurrent viral episodes and mitigate their symptoms.
  8. Maintain cleanliness: Wash thick curtains, covers and bed sheets regularly to prevent dust buildup.
  9. Choose the right environment: Avoid areas with polluted air, and limit your exposure to smoke from cigarettes, fires, or other sources.
  10. Booster Foods: To maintain good lung health, it's essential to incorporate citrus fruits rich in antioxidants into your diet.


    By taking proactive measures to protect yourself from air pollution and prioritizing respiratory health, you can minimize the impact of air pollution on your lungs and lead a healthier, more resilient life.







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