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What’s on your mind? - Let’s talk!

Talking about mental health can be challenging. But an open ​conversation has the power to change lives & improve mental well-being.

What is Time to Talk Day?[1,4]

A good number of working professionals suffer silently due to various mental complaints. Yet it is seen as a taboo, so people remain hesitant and avoid discussing it.

Time to Talk Day is an annual event to talk about mental health & listen to and encourage people to share their mental issues.

Why should you open up your mind?[3,5]

There are excellent reasons to overcome your hesitancy to speak your mind to others. First, the more conversations we have, the better life is for everyone.

By speaking up your mind: 

1. You won't feel dissatisfied with yourself

2. You won't end up resenting other people

3. You'll avoid regrets

4. You'll feel good about yourself

5. Let people know what you want.

6. You become genuinely understood by others.

7. Your relationships will improve. 

Talking about mental health isn't easy, but a conversation has the power to can change your well-being. Unfortunately, we often lack the aptitude to speak our minds, resulting in words that come out clumsily and can be hurtful. 

The good news is that the more practice you get in speaking out, the easier it will be to frame your words thoughtfully and tactfully. 

Make time for a conversation about mental health with your friend, family and even at the workplace on this Time to Talk day and every day! 


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