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Summarizing Summer Health Risks

With the concern of global warming, the scorching heatwave forecast in many parts of India counts in various health threats. Let us try to recognize them with possible way-outs: 

1. Heat Stroke - The core body temperature increases leading to confusion, short & rapid breathing or unconsciousness. 


- Cool down with cold showers or an ice pack.

- Rehydrate and replenish lost electrolytes

2. Food Poisoning: Avoid food poisoning by keeping perishable foods refrigerated.


- Rehydrate and replenish lost electrolytes.

- Seek medical help for specific treatment.

3. Eye Damage: Long exposure to UV rays can cause dry eyes, redness and irritation.


- Wear sunglasses that filter out UV light.

- Consult your doctor to get suitable eye drops having antihistamines and mast cell stabilizers to relieve irritation.

4. Dehydration^^: Excessive heat combined with insufficient fluid intake causes dehydration.


- Drink plenty of fluids & schedule vigorous outdoor activities early morning or late afternoon.

- Eat water-rich fruits and vegetables.

5. Sunburn$: Repeated exposure to the sun can burn the skin, cousin blisters and redness. 


- Wear high SPF sunscreen that protects against both UVB & UVA rays.

- Wear long-sleeved shirts & staying out of blistering midday rays

6. Insect stings: Can cause itchiness, redness or swelling if left untreated


- Avoid heavy perfumes & scents. 

- Wear light coloured clothing and use repellants.

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