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Eat Right and Light!

Let's begin this year with delicious swaps by switching to unhealthy food choices. [1,2]

1. Swap Potato/Corn Chips with baked roasted Nuts, seeds & Popcorn.

2. Swap Ice-creams with non-fat yoghurt, with berries and fruits. 

3. Swap Sugary Candy with dried fruit, dark-chocolate-covered fruit

4. Swap 2 buttered toast with one toast with veggies and paneer.

5. Swap French Fries with air-fried/baked Veggie Fries

6. Swap sandwiches/wraps with mayonnaise dressing with green pudina chutney

7. Swap Red meat with grilled sea-fish, chicken and mushrooms. 

8. Swap white slices of bread with whole wheat multi-grain bread. 

Think a while & make SMART choices before you chomp them!

Need more time to work out? [3,4,5,6] 

1. Avoid the elevator; take the stairs to go up. (0.17 calories/ step)

2. Take a brisk walk daily, even during breaks. (8.3 calories /min)

3. Do a bit of gardening. (30min= 135 calories)    

4. Play actively with your children (30min= 120 calories)

5. Walk your pet (30 min= 110 calories)

Small efforts can make a big difference in meeting one's health goals for a wealthy living!



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