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Does your Food Plate need Analysis?

Unlock the secret to a vibrant life through mindful food choices! Did you know that your plate can be a canvas for a masterpiece of health? 

Good nutrition?... Why?[2,5]

​"भोजनं" (Bhojanam) means food that's essential for nourishing and sustaining life while boosting well-being, appropriate weight, gaining energy, delaying aging, boosting immunity, improving mood, prolonging life, and reducing the risk of diseases. 

Tell me More[1,3,4]

Colourful Delights:

When filling your plate, aim for a variety of colourful foods. Each colour represents unique nutrients and antioxidants that are important for your body to function at its best.

Plate Balancing: 

Achieve harmony by dividing your plate into sections: 

- 50% Veggies & Fruits: Packed with vitamins, minerals, and fibre.

- 25% Lean Protein: Build and repair your body effectively.

- 25% Whole Grains: Sustain energy levels and aid digestion.

Protein Power:

Opt for lean protein sources like chicken, fish, beans, and tofu. Protein is the building block of cells and supports muscle health. 

Whole Grain Goodness:

Swap refined grains for whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, and whole wheat. They provide sustained energy and vital nutrients. 

Dairy products and Fat:

Choose low-fat dairy or alternatives for calcium and vitamin D. Almond milk, soy yogurt, and oat milk are great non-dairy options. Add more nuts and olive oil for heart health & avoid trans fats.

Mindful Moderation:

Indulge in treats occasionally, but practice portion control & eat slowly to avoid overeating. Savour every bite mindfully and relish the flavours while Try new recipes to keep meals exciting. 

Stay Hydrated:

Remember liquids! Water, herbal teas, and infused water with fruits help maintain hydration levels and support overall wellness. 

With the Food Plate Analysis, you have the key to nourishing your body and rejuvenating roadmap to a healthier, happier you. 

Why not start your journey to wellness today?






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