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Travel Insurance - Australia & New Zealand


International Sim Card

​​​​​Planning an Aussie trip, mate? Has the kangaroo attraction got to you? Or are you bedazzled by the Australian nightlife? Whatever your reason to visiting Australia might be, Australia is indeed an outstandingly beautiful country.

Australia has everything under the sun to offer to the tourists. Be it extensive wildlife with magnificent native creatures like Kangaroo, Koala and the Tasmanian devil. Or sun-soaked beaches and the great Australian Outback for the trekking enthusiasts. The Sydney Opera House is a dream come true for every theatre fanatic. Australia is also a hub for all kinds of sports and adventure activities. However, whatever your plans in Australia are, you are going to need a good travel insurance policy.

Life is extremely unpredictable. If by chance anything happens to you in Australia or you lose your passport or baggage it would lead to a catastrophe. Don’t worry. Reliance Australia Travel Insurance offers the below mentioned extensive features which makes sure you enjoy your trip without any hassles:​
  • Claim an international SIM Card free of cost with each travel insurance quote. (Know More​​)
  • Cover your trips to Australia and New Zealand at prices starting @ 475/-* only!​
  • Comprehensive coverage for trips ranging from one to 365 days
  • Instant policy booking as well as claim clearance
  • Coverage for passport and baggage loss
  • Cashless hospitalization anywhere on earth
  • Coverage for missed flights, delayed and cancelled trips​

​Purchase Reliance Travel Insurance for Australia & New Zealand to enjoy your vacation to Australia and New Zealand and let us take care of all your problems.​

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