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Commercial Car (Taxi) Insurance

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Between the honks and the unending hustle-and-bustle of the city, dri​ving a taxi becomes a cumbersome task. You need to focus on the road, the steering wheels, and the special instructions of your customers. It becomes really difficult to get hold of everything without losing your cool and this leads to untoward situations and accidents. But, don’t you worry! We are here to help you in the hour of need. Get your taxi insured with Reliance Taxi Insurance and drive confidently in your future rides.

You should also keep in mind that your taxi is exposed to extreme wear and tear as it runs more than an average private car. As a result of which the statistical risk of an accident increases. Also, you must know that it is mandatory to have a valid taxi insurance policy if you drive or own o​ne.

​​​ ​

​Here are a few reasons​ how our taxi insurance helps you save your time and money-

In the present era, when you transact online, date online, stream videos online, why are you still buying insurance offline? Unlike traditional insurance policies, Reliance Taxi Insurance policy does things differently, which makes a significant difference for you!​

  • We have coverage for variety of situations
  • Online policy issuance without any paperwork
  • Our claim settlement process is simple and hassle-free
  • We reward you for safe driving
  • We offer end-to end online taxi insurance ​policy renewal​

Important car insurance terms you should know-

Information is the key to make the right decisions. To ensure that you make an informed purchase, we have explained the essential car insurance concepts right here-​

What is IDV?

The IDV (Insured Declared Value) is the current market value of the car which is calculated after deducting the depreciation amount. It is a crucial component of the car insurance policy as it determines the amount of compensation. In case of theft or total destruction of the car, the IDV is offered as "Sum Insured".

What is No Claim Bonus?

When you don't file a claim during your policy period, you will be eligible for a discount on your next premium ​which is referred to as a No-Claim Bonus. This discount wil​l keep increasing progressively for each claim-free year until the car insurance premium is reduced up to 50%.​​

No. of YearsDiscount
One claim-free year20%
Two consecutive claim-free years25%
Three consecutive claim-free years35%
Four consecutive claim-free years45%
Five consecutive claim-free years​​50%

Not sure if you need car insurance? Numbers Don’t Lie!

The poor road conditions and a blatant disregard for traffic regulations make Indian roads one of the most dangerous in the world.​

car insurance  - road accident statistics

What does taxi insurance​ policy cover?

When you buy a taxi insurance policy, it is important for you to have the facts so you can make an informed decision. Having a knowledge of your coverage will help you avoid unanticipated expenses and provide you with maximum peace of mind. Have a look at the coverage offered with this policy-​​

a. ​Loss or damage to your vehicle due to:

  • Riot, strike
  • Earthquake
  • Malicious act
  • Inundation cyclone, hailstorm, frost
  • Terrorist activity
  • Landslide ro​ckslide
  • Accident (external means)
  • Fire explosion, self-ignition or lightning​
  • Burglary, housebreaking, theft
  • ​Flood, typhoon, hurricane, storm, tempest

​​​b. ​Third-party​ insurance, which protect​s you against losses that occur due to bodily injury or death to a third party or any damage to that person’s property by use of your insured vehicle.

What does​ taxi insurance​​​​​ policy not cover? ​

As much as we would like to cover all possible risks, certain situations are just not possible. We like to maintain absolute transparency with our customers. So here's what we don't cover in this taxi insurance policy-​​ 

  • Loss or dam​age due to war or nuclear risks
  • Deductible as stated in your policy
  • Loss or damage due to ionizing radiation
  • Vehicle driven by someone other than the driver, as stated in the 'Driver's Clause'.
  • Accidental loss, damage or liability occurring outside the defined geographical area for the vehicle
  • Vehicles being used other than in accordance with the limitations as to use. For example, if you use a private vehicle for commercial purposes.
  • Consequential loss - if the original damage causes subsequent damage / loss, only the original damage will be covered.
  • ​​
T&C apply. For more details on risk factors, terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. ​​Details mentioned here are for the product- Reliance Commercial Vehicles Package ​​Policy. UIN-​IRDAN103RP0012V02100001.

**The number of garages mentioned is the total of all the garages empanelled across the country for different vehicle categories.​

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  • “Product Information”

    Recently I visited website of Reliance General Insurance and I am very happy with this because we can take all the services through website for e.g. claim, endorsement, policy copy etc. It's an excellent platform.

  • “Claim Intimation”

    Website of Reliance General Insurance is easy to use and friendly. I found it very easy to register a claim from your website and uploaded all claim related documents on same platform. Claim process went step by step. My claim got settled and received the claim amount. I am satisfied with the process, website and given services by the Reliance General Insurance.

  • “Motor Claim Intimation”

    Overall services are Excellent of Reliance General Insurance and my feedback is always positive about your company. Recently, I had intimated my motor claim through speechbot, it was easy and good. My claim was intimated immediately. After that whenever I called your contact center for claim information, all the advisors were very helpful and kind. My claim was settled on time.

    Satishsuradker16 March 2022, Gujarat
  • “Motor Claim Intimation”

    When I called your contact centre for claim intimation, they provided me the excellent service regarding my query. Also, survey has been done on time for my claim. I am really satisfied with the services of Reliance general insurance.

    Kumari Shama Parveen12 March 2022, Delhi
  • “Commercial car insurance is easy to get online”

    The chances of an accident are more for a commercial vehicle running on the roads everyday. Plus other issues.Reliance covers all major issues and provides good commercial car insurance.

    Sumeet P10 September 2019, Dadar
  • “Informative details for commercial car insurance”

    Explored the various options for car insurance and now have the right one for my car which in on the roads daily

    Deep M29 August 2019, Bhopal
  • “Someone referred us”

    Had a very good response and courteous in helping to purchase the product

    P Kodilkar3 February 2015, Mumbai
  • “amazing expirience”

    Our amazing products features, i have purchased health gain policy.

    Pradeep Das29 January 2015, Kolkotta
  • “pls call 9789706666”

    need to speak not ble to contact

    Sandeep24 January 2015, Tiruppur
  • “Buying experience”

    Online Chat service is very useful.....

    Roopa Sethi22 January 2015, new Delhi
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