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Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance

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Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance

​What Is Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance?

With medical inflation on an all-time rise, people have understood the importance of owning an adequate health policy. While the market is flooded with health products that offer even customization to people, there aren't many policies that are designed to cater the needs of the Specially Abled. And with over 26.8 million* population in India facing some disability or the other, we felt there was a need to have a health policy that covered them too.

In the light of the specially abled health insurance cover, RGICL incorporated in the respective Acts and with the objective of making available an appropriate product offering health insurance cover for certain vulnerable sections of society viz. Persons with Disabilities (PWD), Persons afflicted with HIV/AIDS, and those with Mental Illness. That is why we hereby introduce the 'Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance'. 

What does Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance cover?

  • 1. Hospitalisation Expenses: Inpatient Treatment, Day Care procedure
  • 2. AYUSH Treatment: Medical expenses incurred for inpatient care treatment under Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy systems of medicines during each Policy Year up to 50% of Sum Insured.
  • 3. Pre & Post Hospitalisation: From doctor consultation or diagnostic tests leading to a hospitalisation or post-surgery recovery expenses, we cover them all.
  • 4. Emergency Ground Ambulance: Expenses incurred on road Ambulance subject to a maximum of ₹2000/- per hospitalisation.
  • 5. Modern Treatment: Covers In-patient or as part of Day Care Treatment in a Hospital up to 50% of Sum Insured.
  • ​6. ​Cataract Treatment: Covers medical expenses incurred for treatment of Cataract, subject to a limit of ₹40,000/-, per each eye in one policy year.

  • *Source:,people%20in%20India%20are%20disabled.​

    Why choose Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance?

    Wide Hospital Network

    We offer treatment across 10,0​00+ cashless hospitals in India, allowing you to receive care wherever you are, in locations whether near or far from your home.​

    Sum Insured Options

    Sum insured available (in INR)

                ₹4 lacs and ₹5 lacs​

    Take a look at the Eligibility Criteria​

    Entry AgeAge eligibility for adults: 18 years to 65 years
    Age eligibility for dependent children: 1 year to 17 years
    Exit AgeNo exit age. This policy offers lifelong renewability
    CoverageIndividual Policy
    Policy Tenure1 year

    ​Waiting Period

    First 30 days waiting period30 days waiting period applicable from the start of the policy date towards treatment of any illness except for claims related to an accident.
    Pre-Existing Disease Waiting24 months for pre-existing disability/ 48 months for all pre-existing conditions other than HIV/AIDS and Disability
    Specified Disease/Procedure++2 years waiting period applies to specific diseases. A continuous coverage of 24 months is essential after the date of inception of the first policy.

    ++For a detailed list of diseases, read the prospectus/policy wordings​​

    Inclusions within the policy 

    At Reliance Health Insurance, we try and provide the best for our customers, to ensure they have a lot under one umbrella. The inclusions of the policy are:

    • In-patient hospitalization

    • Ayush treatment

    • Pre & Post hospitalization

    • Emergency Ground Ambulance

    • Cataract treatment

    • Modern Treatment

    Exclusions within the policy

    At Reliance General Insurance, we believe in transparency. To ensure that you do not face any unpleasant surprises while making a claim, do take a look at some of the major exclusions^ of the policy:           

    1. Admission primarily for investigation & evaluation               

    2. Admission primarily for rest Cure, rehabilitation, and respite care

    3. Expenses related to the surgical treatment of obesity that does not fulfil certain conditions.              

    4. Change of Gender treatments

    5. Expenses for cosmetic or plastic surgery expenses related to any treatment necessitated due to participation in hazardous or adventure sports 

    ^Following is a partial list of the policy exclusions, please refer to the policy wording for the complete list of exclusions.​

    Easy & Faster Claim Process​


    Step 1 - Register Claim - During a medical emergency, inform the claims team regarding hospital admission. Click here to send a mail immediately and inform us about the incident or log in through the Self-i App, or call up (022) 4890 3009 (Paid Number).

    Step 2 - Claim Process - Submit details regarding the type of treatment planned and provide all required documents to the claims team. They will start the process immediately.​

    Step 3 - Claim Approval - Get cashless treatment if you have opted for a network hospital. For non-network hospitals, you can follow the process as mentioned by the insurer.​


    Step 1 - Register Claim - During a medical emergency, inform the claims team regarding hospital admission. Click here to send a mail immediately and inform us about the incident or log in through the Self-i App, or call up (022) 4890 3009 (Paid Number).

    Step 2 - Claim process & payment​ - Submit details regarding the type of treatment planned, start the treatment and make the payment

    Step 3 - Reimbursement process​ - Submit your original scan documents within 7 days from hospital discharge to initiate the reimbursement​

    *T&C apply.​ For more details on risk factors, terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. The details mentioned here are for Reliance Specially Abled Health Insurance UIN: RELHLIP23197V012223

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    PANDURANG SAWANT7 July 2022, Maharashtra
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    MITULKUMAR PRAJAPATI2 July 2022, Gujarat
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    Self I application is easy to use. We can take all the services through one application for e.g , Claim Intimation, Claim Status, Policy Soft Copy etc. It's really simple and user friendly app.

  • “80D”

    I have a Health policy with Reliance General Insurance. I called your contact center related to my queries. The advisor was very helpfull and helped me to resolved all my issues on a single call related to claim information as well as policy hard copy. It was a very good experience for me with the services given.

  • “80D”

    I am very happy with your services. I had requested for correction in my policy for the email id and the same has been completed within time. The advisor was very supportive and took a request for my correction immediately. The service which I received from contact center is simply excellent.

    ROHIT PARMAR Rohit Parmar19 April 2022, Rajasthan
  • “80DCard”

    I had done the endorsement in my policy via contact center. Advisor was very helpful and understood my problem. They did the endorsement within time. Overall interaction was amazing. I am really happy with the way advisor helped me.

    Arunsingh19 March 2022, Haryana
  • “HealthClaim Intimation”

    Self-i application of Reliance General Insurance is very easy to access. I had intimated my health claim from the app. I shared all my documents via e-mail and received response within 24 hours for the same. Reliance always provided me best services.

    Himalaya tiwari18 March 2022, Uttar Pradesh
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    I used self I application for claim intimation. It is very easy to use and friendly. I intimated my claim over the app and I also uploaded all the documents in one go. I haven't faced any problem, application was easy to use.

    Roopraj13 March 2022, Maharashtra
  • “80DCard”

    Reliance general insurance website is very easy to access. It was easy to intimate my Health claim over the website. Reliance general insurance has approved my claim and I am very happy for their helpful services. Also, I bought another policy for one of my family member. The services are excellent.

    Rakesh12 March 2022, Haryana
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