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Travel Insurance for Argentina


Travel Insurance for Argentina

​​​Argentina is a large country in South America, mostly inhabited by people of Spanish origin. Did you know, there are cowboys in Argentina? In Argentina, they are called 'gaucho' and they are an inseparable part of the country's national heritage. It is just one of the things you will be surprised to learn about Argentina if and when you visit it.

The major language spoken in Argentina is Spanish, though there are 40 other languages also spoken here. Tourists who've visited Argentina, tend to remember it is as an intensive place, made memorable by its street culture, food, and addiction to soccer. Who doesn't recognise Argentinian soccer greats such as Maradona and Lionel Messi.

​The country is renowned for its cuisine, especially the delicious steaks, best served at ubiquitous Parrillas or grill houses. The country is also famous for its variety of pizza and pasta, introduced by expat Italians, who've made the country their home.

The capital of Argentina, Buenos Aires is famous for its social life. The citizens of this city just love to be outdoors. Don't forget to try mate – it tastes a bit like tea, but it made from the leaves of the Yerba Mate plant. The city also has a rich architectural tradition and you will find many colonial buildings here. Other cities in Argentina worth visiting are Mendoza, Bariloche, Salta, and Cordoba.