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South Africa Travel Insurance


South Africa Travel Insurance

​​​South Africa is as diverse and vibrant as a rainbow. No wonder the nation is often referred to as the ‘Rainbow Nation’. This small country located in the southern tip of the African continent has an amazing and unique blend of wildlife and adventurous attractions in abundance!

Due to its unique geo-location, South Africa is graced with a distinct ecosystem of flora and fauna. It is because of this that the country is world renowned for its wildlife safaris. The Kruger National Park, home to endearing giraffes and ferocious black rhinos, is arguably the most popular tourist attraction. While you are enjoying the South African safari, an untoward incident may rain on your parade. Additionally, owing to several risk factors, the World Health Organisation advises visitors to get vaccinated against Rabies, Typhoid, and Hepatitis B in advance.
Considering all this, it is vital tha​t you get yourself secured against the aforementioned risks before packing your bags. The best way to do this is to get a Reliance Travel Insurance policy, exclusively designed for your travel needs in South Africa. This travel policy is all you need to enjoy the wildlife safari without any hiccup! Hold on, there’s more. An exciting adventure awaits in the form of beaches and vineyards of Capetown, Hans Merensky hotel, ostrich farms and a lot more.

Reliance offers the best travel insurance to South Africa with useful features such as: