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Third Party Liability insurance


Reliance Third Party Car Insurance 
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A third-party liability insurance is a financial cover for vehicle owners which protects them against legal liabilities arising due to loss or damage caused to a third-party person or property. Per the Indian Motor Vehicles Act,1988, insuring your vehicle with a third-party liability cover is mandatory.

In case of an accident, if your car has caused injuries to another person, you are liable to pay for the person's hospitalisation costs. With third-party liability insurance, your insurer covers such liabilities. Similarly, if a third-party property was damaged due to your vehicle, the costs to repair the damage is covered by your insurer as well.

You can opt for a third-party liability insurance or a comprehensive car insurance policy that offers overall protection against damages to your car. A comprehensive plan is inclusive of third-party liability cover.

Key Features Of Third Party Liability Insurance

Car owners can enjoy the following features with their third party car insurance policy:

Cashless claims

Your insurer typically has tie-ups with several garages. A third-party involved in an accident can get their damaged vehicle repaired at any of the cashless garages. You need not pay for the repairs from your own pocket. Your insurer will settle the bills with the garages directly.

Affordable premiums

Base premium rates for third-party liability insurance are determined by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI). The rates differ across the engine displacement values. A low engine displacement will have lower premiums and contrariwise.

Hassle-free buying process

You can purchase the third-party car insurance online within five minutes using your smartphone. Additionally, you can buy the policy online through the Reliance General Insurance website.

High coverage for vehicle or property damage

For any damage caused to someone's vehicle or property due to your insured car, third parties can get up to Rs 7.5 lakh in claims per a mandate by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI).

Unlimited liability for personal damage

For third-party liability insurance, the liability for personal damage caused to third-party persons in the form of injuries is unlimited. The insurer covers all medical expenses, regardless of the cost.

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How Does Third-Party Car Insurance Work?

To understand how third-party car insurance works, it is imperative to break down the meanings of all the parties involved in the insurance universe, namely:  

  • First party:

    The person whose car is insured, i.e., the policyholder or the car owner is considered the first party.

  • Second party:

    The entity that agrees to cover liabilities is the second party – in this case, the insurance company/insurance provider/insurer.

  • Third party:

    The person deemed the beneficiary of insurance coverage due to an incident caused by the first party.

If you find yourself in a car accident, you must inform your insurance provider about the incident at the earliest. If you are deemed responsible for the accident, and the third-party driver also considers you responsible, you can expect the third-party to file a claim against you. The financial liability of the claim will be borne by your insurance provider.

What Are Benefits Of Third-Party Car Insurance?

A third-party car insurance comes with the following benefits:

You can drive legally

By law, it is mandatory to insure your car with at least a third-party liability insurance. If you get caught by the authorities for driving a car without insurance, you have to pay a hefty fine. Violating such laws can also lead to imprisonment for up to three months. Thus having a third-party insurance gives you peace of mind that you are following the law and will not attract fines.

You can protect yourself from unwarranted losses

Even if you practice the highest level of safety while driving, accidents are bound to happen. If you are responsible for causing injuries or damage to a third-party person or property, you have to bear the costs of such liabilities. With third-party liability cover, your insurance provider pay for such costs.

You can cover personal injuries

Your insurance plan also comes bundled with a mandatory personal accident cover to help manage your hospitalisation and treatment expenses. You may also be eligible for a monetary cover in case of accidents leading to permanent disability. The policy also includes a death benefit paid out to the policyholder's family in case of the policyholder's death in an accident.

Covers damage caused to the third-party property

During an accident, your car may collide with another vehicle or cause damage to someone's property. If that happens, you shall be liable to pay for expenses to repair the damages. The cost of repairing damages can put a massive dent in your pocket. Your third-party liability insurance can take care of such expenses on your behalf.

Covers injuries caused to third-party person

If your car causes injuries to a third-party, you become liable to pay for their medical expenses. These may include hospitalisation, doctor's fees, medications, tests, etc. Per the terms of the third-party car insurance plan, the insurer bears the costs associated with third-party hospitalisation and medical expenses.

Third Party Car Insurance Rates

The cost of third party car insurance is standardised by the IRDAI, i.e., it remains the same across all insurance providers. W.e.f. 1st June 2022, the base premium for third party liability insurance is as follows:

For private cars:

Engine capacity Premium for one year (Rs) Single premium for three years (Rs)
Up to 1000 cc2,0946,521
Above 1000 cc up to 1500 cc3,41610,640
Above 1500 cc7,89724,596

For electric cars:

Battery Premium for one year (Rs) Single premium for three years (Rs)
Up to 30 kW1,7805,543
Above 30 kW up to 65 kW2,9049,044
Above 65 kW6,71220,907


Third-party car insurance costs are typically lower than those of comprehensive car insurance plan. The IRDAI determines the third party car insurance rates and revises it from time to time. You can contact Reliance General Insurance to get an estimate of your insurance costs based on your vehicle's make, model, type, etc. This is a basic, limited liability policy, which means you cannot customise it with additional riders.

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What Does a Third-Party Car Insurance Policy Cover?

A third-party car insurance plan covers policyholders for the expenses incurred due to the following reasons: 

  • Death or bodily injury to a third party
  • Damage to a Third-Party Vehicle because of the insured vehicle
  • Damage to third-party property to an extent of Limit - Rs. 7.5 Lacs

Calculate your premium easily with our Car Insurance Calculator.

What Does a Third-Party Car Insurance Policy Not Cover?

When opting for a third party only car insurance policy, you must be aware of what benefits you're missing out on. Let's take a look at what third party car insurance does not cover: 

  • Cost of damages to a vehicle or the belongings in the vehicle in case of an accident
  • Cover for losses incurred if your car or belongings are stolen or destroyed 
  • Coverage against damages to your own vehicle 

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Things To Consider

While third-party car insurance is mandatory by law, you need to keep in mind the following:

It doesn't cover your own damages 

Your third-party car insurance will not provide coverage against the damages and losses to your own car. To protect your car financially, you need to opt for a separate comprehensive car insurance policy from reputable insurers. 

It doesn't cover damages due to natural calamities 

Your vehicle may be damaged due to reasons beyond car accidents. Natural calamities, including floods, tsunamis, earthquakes can also seriously damage your car's engine and other vital components. However, third-party plans do not cover damages caused due to natural elements and Acts of God. If you wish to obtain such coverage, you should consider upgrading to a comprehensive car insurance plan which covers damages caused by both, natural calamities and human-made incidents.  

You can't opt for add-ons 

There are several add-ons that enhance the coverage of your plan, but you can only opt for them in case you buy a comprehensive car insurance plan and not with third-party car insurance. 

Why Buy Third Party Car Insurance From Reliance General Insurance?

With a Reliance General Third Party Only Car Insurance Policy, you will get the following benefits: 

  • Cover for causing accidental injury or death to the third-party
  • Cover for accidental damage to the third party's property
  • Easy Claims with 98% Claim Settlement Ratio

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How to File a Claim for Third Party Car Insurance? 

Given below are the vital points that you need to consider in case of a third-party insurance claim:

  1. In an unfortunate event like an accident, the third-party must file an FIR immediately after the accident takes place. You must retain a copy of the said FIR and the Charge sheet filed by the Police. On happening of an accident-causing injuries to the third party, you need to inform the police and your insurance provider, without any delay and share the valid documents of the vehicle including the driving licence of the driver.
  2. In case of an accident, where you are not at fault or you have been impleaded in an accident, though not involved, file an FIR with the police against the person/s who have caused the accident or have impleaded you as a party to the case and defend the case in the court along with your insurer. 
  3. In India, Motor Accident Claims Tribunal decides the claim for compensation amount to a third party. In case of personal injuries to a third-party, there is no upper limit, whereas there is limited liability of insurance up to Rs 7.5 lakhs in the event of losses and damages caused to third-party property or vehicle depending on the involvement of the vehicle insured. A claims petition seeking compensation is filed by the third party before the concerned Motor Accident Claims Tribunal and the judicial proceedings start wherein the vehicle owner, driver and insurer is a party to the case.
  4. If the damages and losses caused due to an accident are minor, then it is advisable to settle it outside the court as dealing with the court proceedings is a time-consuming process. 
  5. When the matter is decided by the Tribunal and there is no violation of the insurance policy and in case everything is in order, the compensation amount awarded by the Tribunal will be paid by your insurance provider to the third party.
  6. Collect photographic evidence if you can. This should include taking pictures of the accident site, pictures of the injury, damaged vehicle or property. This will also help the insurance company get a clear picture of the accident caused.
  7. In case of a claim related to personal accidents, all you need to do is call customer care number and your insurer will take care of the rest. 

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*T&C apply: The premium quoted is subject to change in case any alteration is made while generating the final quotation for premium. The premium quoted is subject to change in case any alteration is made while generating the final quotation for premium​. ​For more details on risk factors,​ ​terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. Details mentioned here are for the product- "A​" Policy for Act Liability Insurance. UIN- IRDAN103RP0003V01200102​.

**The number of garages mentioned is the total of all the garages empanelled across the country for different vehicle categories.


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