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Bus Insurance Policy


Reliance Bus Insurance 
Driving a bus in India can be a daunting job at times, owing to the unpredictability of the traffic, road conditions and even weather. This naturally magnifies the responsibility of a bus driver who is in charge of ensuring the safe commute of all passengers. And then you have to be wary of the unruly drivers who have absolutely no regard for traffic guidelines. Since it is the daily mode of transport for many, be it a private bus or a school bus, they must follow strict schedules and follow all safety procedures to eliminate every little element of risk that may lead to an accident. However, accidents cannot be predicted, and when a bus is involved, the damage cause to the third-party can be significant.

Often, the buses become an easy target during an agitation or riot. Even on ordinary days, since a bus has to stop multiple times during the ride and usually travel long distances, its parts tend to wear and tear easily and replacing them can be quite expensive. Hence, buses need to be protected by an adequate bus insurance cover.

Types Of School Bus Insurance Policy

​The types of buses covered under bus insurance policy are school buses, private buses (owned by private organizations for its employees)

As a bus owner, you must get a comprehensive plan with vital add-on covers to have your peace of mind by being financially secured from the cost of repairs in case of damages.

Reasons to B​uy a Bus Insurance Coverage​

  • It is mandated by the law that every vehicle owner must possess a valid third-party insurance. This liability only policy is to pay for any potential third-party damages. In absence of this, you will have to pay a fine when caught by the traffic police.
  • Experts suggest getting comprehensive bus insurance to provide a financial shield to your vehicle as well. In case of a natural calamity like a flood, tsunami, or landslide, or any man-made disaster like a riot, theft, or vandalism, your vehicle can suffer damage beyond repair and you might have to spend a huge amount of money to buy another one. The insurance policy, however, can easily cover you against such unforeseen losses.
  • In addition to covering the losses and damages to your vehicle or third-party vehicle, the bus insurance or school bus insurance also protects the owner driver in case of any bodily injuries.
  • ​Documents required to buy bus insurance or school bus insurance: Proof of identity (any one – driving license, Aadhar card, PAN card, Government issued photo ID); Proof of address (any one – driving license, bank or post office passbook, Government issued address proof); Driving License; Registration certificate of the vehicle and recent passport size photograph. School or organization Agreement copy.

What are the Inclusions Offered Under Bus Insurance

  • Accidents: When your vehicle collides with another, all the damages caused to your bus will be taken care of.
  • Theft: Vehicles get stolen every day and yes, even buses are not safe. So, if your bus gets stolen and is not recovered by police or private investigators of the insurer, you will get the IDV (Insured Declared Value) of the bus. IDV is the value of the bus calculated after the rate of depreciation i.e. the current market value of the vehicle.
  • Fire or any malicious act: Sometimes, buses can catch fire due to an accident or they can be set on fire by people if caught amid a riot. So, any damage caused during a riot, strike, or any malicious activity, you would be reimbursed for the money spent on repairs.
  • Natural Disasters: Natural disasters ranging from earthquake, landslide, cyclone, hailstorm to typhoon and hurricane, can destroy your prized possession. But don’t worry, as the insurance will pay for it.
  • Personal Accident and third-party losses: The policy will cover for injuries or death of the owner-driver of the bus. Similarly, it will also cover for losses incurred by any third-party vehicle, property or person due to a collision with your bus.

What are the Exclusions Offered Under Bus Insurance

It’s pertinent to read the terms and conditions of the insurance to know when and why you will not be covered. Here are some of the cases:

  • You will get no coverage if you are found driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Drunken driving is not only a punishable offence, but it will also be a reason why the insurer will not pay you a penny for any damages.
  • If the insurance company suspects a foul play, your claim request might get rejected. If your narration of the event does not match the damages to the bus, the insurer might do some investigation to find out the truth and if it turns out to be a fraudulent claim, you might even lose your insurance plan altogether, and not only the claim amount.
  • If you don’t have the proper documents like a driver’s license or RC and you are held accountable for any damages in case of an accident, the insurer reserves the right to reject the claim.
  • If you get your bus upgraded without intimating the insurer, your claim may get rejected as your insurance policy covers only those bus parts that are specified in the plan. Likewise, any damage which is clearly caused by your negligence or as a result of a deliberate act, then you would have to pay for it from your pocket.
  • There is a specified time frame within which you must initiate the claim process as once the deadline is over, the insurer can disapprove the claim.
  • Forgetting to renew your policy is another mistake you can make to deny yourself any claim.

How to Calculate Bus Insurance Premium

It’s vital to be a well-aware policyholder. So, you must know how your insurance premium is calculated and what factors guide it as today the customer is spoilt for choices. The same insurer can line up quite a few interesting insurance plans and give you a happy headache. By calculating the premium in advance, you make an informed choice and even alter the variables to keep premium under your budget.

There are several websites that have insurance premium calculator facilities where you can calculate your bus premium. You have to enter details like the make and model of the bus, fuel type, the city of registration, the age of the bus along with personal details like your name and mobile number. Then simply click the ‘Calculate Premium’ button to get a quick quote. Now, you can lower the premium if you have No Claim Bonus (NCB) or willing to lower your IDV. Also, more add-on covers you opt for, more premium you will pay.

Steps to Renew Bus Insurance

Bus School insurance policy can be renewed both offline and online. If you want to go for offline renewal, visit the nearest branch of your insurer or contact the agent of your insurance company.

If you want to renew the policy online, just follow the below steps:

  • Visit the official website of the insurance company
  • Go to the policy renewal option
  • Fill the required details such as name, policy number, etc. and click on submit
  • Make the payment
  • After you have made the payment, your policy will be renewed and the document will be sent to your registered email ID. You can also download the document from the website and print it.

What is the Process to Claim Bus Insurance

  • If your vehicle is damaged due to a calamity or you meet with an accident and want to claim the cost of damages, inform your insurer immediately and file a claim with the policy details.
  • Submit duly filled and signed claim form along with driving license of the driver who was driving the bus or school bus at the time of accident, registration certificate of the vehicle, valid fitness certificate, FIR copy in case of third party injury, death or property damage. The original documents to be submitted for verification along with photocopies.
  • If you want to avail cashless claims, the insurer will get the vehicle repaired in any of its network garages. If the policy holder needs medical treatment, it will be done in the hospital where the insurance company has a tie-up.
  • In case of reimbursement claim, you have the flexibility to get the vehicle repaired in any garage of your choice. But, you have to pay the repair cost and get it reimbursed later. Make sure to submit the original bill and payment receipt to the insurer for getting the claims processed.

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