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Reliance Health Gain Health Insurance

The No-Compromise Health Policy

Reliance Health Gain Insurance
Reliance Health Gain Insurance

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Reliance Health Gain Insurance Policy

We often forget to prioritise our health. We tend to ignore minor symptoms, delay doctor visits and take our wellness for granted. However, we never know what the future holds for us. Accidents, illnesses and injuries can occur when we least expect them. These unexpected incidents can lead to mounting medical expenses, which can take a toll on our physical, emotional and financial well-being.

That’s where health insurance comes in with like- a safety net that provides much-needed support during medical emergencies. You need a holistic policy that helps to negate all the anxiety around the high medical costs associated with quality treatment. A health insurance policy that is extremely fluid and modular. A customisable policy like Reliance Health Gain.

Our health insurance policy is a #MeriPolicyMeriChoice plan that doesn’t let you compromise on your health. It lets you customise your plan to get covered up to ₹1 Crore, get unlimited restoration of your sum insured, enjoy no limits on your room rent and more.

Now there’s no more compromise with Reliance Health Gain Policy!

Reliance Health Gain Policy Online

Take a detailed look at the key features

Key Features Basic Benefits
Sum Insured (in ₹) Plus - 3 to 5 Lakh
Power - 10, 15 and 20 Lakhs
Prime - 25, 30, 50 and 100 Lakhs
Inpatient Caretooltip

This refers to the medical treatment for which you have to stay in the hospital for more than 24 hours.

No sub limits
Special Treatmentstooltip

This covers the medical expenses incurred for special treatments such as Oral Chemotherapy, Balloon Sinuplasty and more upto the amount specified in the Coverage Summary/Schedule.

(in ₹)
<25 lakhs covers up to 50% of Sum Insured & >=25 lakhs covers 100% Sum Insured
Day Care Procedurestooltip

This refers to the medical and/or surgical procedures that require hospitalisation of less than 24 consecutive hours.

Within Sum Insured
Domiciliary Hospitalisationtooltip

This refers to the medical treatment that would normally require care and treatment at a hospital but is actually done at home due to special circumstances.

Within Sum Insured
Organ Donortooltip

This refers to the medical expenses incurred for any organ transplant surgery conducted on you (policyholder).

Within Sum Insured
AYUSH Benefittooltip

This refers to the treatment done using ‘Ayurveda, Yoga and Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy’ systems.

Within Sum Insured
Pre-Hospitalisation Medical Expensestooltip

This refers to the medical expenses you incurred before getting hospitalised.

Covered Up to 60 days (Within Sum Insured)
Post-Hospitalisation Medical Expensestooltip

This refers to the medical expenses incurred after you have been discharged from the hospital.

Covered Up to 90 days (Within Sum Insured)
Ambulance Covertooltip

This covers expenses incurred on availing ambulance services offered by a hospital or by an ambulance service provider on in-patient hospitalisation.

Within Sum Insured
Room Rent Increase/Decrease your hospital room rent limits or even upgrade/downgrade your room category as you like.
Restore Benefit On subsequent claim, unlimited reinstatement of base sum insured on unrelated illness or injury, sub-limit of 100% of base sum insured for related illness/injury
Tax Benefits++ Up to ₹1 Lakh under Section 80D

Discounts and Benefits
of Reliance Health Gain Policy

Online Discount

10% Discount

Get a 10% discount for buying this policy online.

RGI Retail Policy discount (non-health)

7.5% Discount

Get a 7.5% discount if you have an existing non-health policy with us.

Long Term Fresh Healthy life discount

15% Discount

Get a 15% discount for taking good care of your health.

Long-Term Discount

12% Discount

Get a 12% discount for buying a 3-year policy (7% for 2 years).

RGI Health Policy discount

10% Discount

Get a 10% discount for if you have an existing health policy with us.

Employee Discount

10% Discount

Get a 10% discount if you are an existing RGI employee.

Enhanced Covers

  • Guaranteed Cumulative Bonustooltip

    You receive a cumulative bonus of up to 33.33% of your base sum insured for every claim-free year.

    Choose this to keep your unutilised cumulative bonus intact even in the event of a claim.

  • Reinstatement of Sum Insured: Restore your base Sum Insured unlimited times in a year. You can use it for subsequent claim of related or unrelated illness/injury.

  • Consumable Cover: Pays for miscellaneous expenses like syringe, gloves etc. up to Sum Insured opted, which are usually non-payable.

Smart Covers

  • Change in Modern Treatment limits: Increase your coverage for modern treatment methods upto 100% of sum insured.

  • Vision Correction: Indemnifies you for the medical expenses incurred towards the correction of eyesight due to refractive error.

  • Second Opinion: We cover you for cost incurred towards availing a second opinion from a medical practitioner.

Preventive Care Covers

  • Health Check-Up: Claim health check-up benefits as per your plan.

  • Vaccination Cover: Whether it is Typhoid, Hepatitis or Anti-Rabies vaccine, we will pay for it up to a sum defined in your optional cover.

Family Care Covers

  • Home Care Treatment: Medical expenses related to listed home treatments are covered.

  • Companion Cover: A fixed daily amount is paid to the one who accompanies you while you’re getting treated in a hospital.

  • Child Care Cover: We pay for your children’s expenses in case you are hospitalised and can’t take care of them at home.

Convenience Covers

  • Change in Pre-Post Hospitalisation Limit: Increase your pre & post hospitalisation limit to 90 and 180 days respectively.

  • Air Ambulance: In a life threatening condition, get airlifted for further treatment or emergency.

  • Radio Taxi: Instead of an ambulance, book a radio taxi for hospitalising the insured.

  • Convalescence Cover: We pay an additional lumpsum amount, on hospitalisation for a minimum period of 7 continuous and consecutive days.

Other Additional Add-ons

  • Double Cover: Get an additional 100% of base sum-insured on same claim, in single hospitalisation after exhaustion of base sum insured under the policy.

  • Reduction in PED Waiting Period: This add-on reduces the waiting period for pre-existing diseases (PED) to 24 months or 12 months.

  • Hospital Cash: Choose from daily cash options (₹1000, ₹1500, ₹2000 and ₹2500) max up to 30 days for in-patient hospitalisation and 15 days for ICU hospitalisation. Requires minimum hospitalisation of 72 hours.

  • Convalescence Cover: We pay an additional lumpsum amount, on hospitalisation for a minimum period of 7 continuous and consecutive days.

Eligibility Criteria
for Reliance Health Gain Policy

Details Criteria
Age Child: 91 days to 25 years
Adult: 18 years to 65 years
Family Composition for Floater policy Plus - Maximum of 2 Adults (Self + Spouse) and 6 children
Power - Maximum of 4 Adults (Self + Spouse + one set of dependent Parents or Parents-in-law) and 6 children
Prime - Maximum of 6 Adults (Self + Spouse + set of dependent Parents + set of Parents-in-law) and 6 children
Policy Period 1 year, 2 years & 3 Years
Sum insured (₹) Plus - 3 and 5 Lakhs; Power - 10, 15 and 20 Lakhs; Prime - 25, 30, 50 and 100 Lakhs

Waiting Period
of Reliance Health Gain Policy

Details Duration
Initial waiting period 30 days from the start of the policy date towards treatment of any illness except claims related to an accident.
Specific waiting period 2 years of waiting period applies on specific diseases. A continuous coverage of 24 months is essential after the date of inception of the first policy.
Pre-existing Diseases waiting period 3 years waiting period for expenses related to the treatment of PED. A continuous coverage of 36 months is essential after the date of inception of the first policy.

+ For a detailed list of diseases, do read the prospectus/policy wordings available on our website.

Easy & Faster
Claim Process

You can choose between cashless and reimbursement claims as per your convenience. For cashless claims, you must get treated at a network hospital where the insurer would settle the bills directly with the hospital authorities. If you want reimbursement claims, pay your bills initially and retain the original bills and receipts. Submit the original bills when you raise the claim.

  • Register Claim

    Register Claim

    Inform the claims team regarding your hospitalisation. You can register a claim by writing to us, logging on to the Self-i App, or calling us on (022) 4890 3009 (Paid number)

  • Claim Process

    Claim Process

    Submit details regarding the type of treatment planned and provide all required documents to the claims team. They will start the process immediately.

  • Claim Approval

    Claim Approval

    Get cashless treatment at a our network hospitals. The claims team and hospital will settle all your bills.

  • Register Claim

    Register Claim

    Inform the claims team regarding your hospitalisation. You can register a claim by writing to us, logging on to the Self-i App, or calling us on (022) 4890 3009 (Paid number)

  • Claim process & payment

    Claim process & payment

    Submit details regarding the type of treatment planned, start the treatment and make the payment

  • Reimbursement process

    Reimbursement process

    Submit your original scan documents within 7 days from hospital discharge to initiate the reimbursement

Take a look at the exclusions for Reliance Health Gain Policy

While Health Gain covers a lot for you, there are some situations where it doesn’t apply. Here’s a list of all medical exclusions in Reliance Health Gain:

  • Investigation & Evaluation/ Wellness and Rejuvenation
  • Dietary Supplements & Substances
  • Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery unless due to Accident/Burns or Cancer
  • Hazardous or Adventure sports
  • Breach of law
  • Substance Abuse and Alcohol
  • Refractive Error less than 7.5 diopter
  • Sterility and Infertility
  • Maternity Expenses
  • Dental Treatment
  • External Congenital Anomaly
  • Non-Allopathy / Treatment except AYUSH
  • Self-injury or suicide
  • Nuclear Attack/War

Click here to read the policy wordings to know more about the exclusions of Health Gain Insurance.

Health Insurance

  • Any illness, injury, or medical condition that was discovered within 48 months of the commencement date of your policy is considered a pre-existing disease. Diabetes and excessive blood pressure are two examples.

  • You may need to pay for some medical procedures before, during, or after being admitted to the hospital. These can include doctor visits or recovery time following surgery. These costs are referred to as pre- and post-hospitalisation costs.

  • If you are hospitalised, the Consumables Cover will pay for a variety of consumables like syringes, gloves, and sanitary pads that are required for your care.

  • Your health insurance policy is valid for 12 months starting on the day it was first issued. You can purchase a two- or three-year insurance if you want your coverage for a longer period of time.

  • No, if you enrol your entire family in a single plan, you will only need to pay a single premium to cover everyone.

  • Your insurance premium can be paid with a credit card, debit card, UPI, net banking, or an EMI.

  • With Reliance Health Gain you enjoy several benefits like discounts up to 40%*, a high Sum Insured up to Rs.1 Cr. which covers your medical expenses, various add-ons like Double Cover, Cumulative Bonus and more to give you enhanced protection.

  • The discounts available are Existing Customer Discount, Policy Tenure Discount, Girl Child and Women Proposer Discount and more. You can avail up to 40%* discount with Reliance Health Gain.

  • Reliance Health Gain covers several medical expenses which include Inpatient Care (ICU charges, Nursing, Practitioner’s fees, related diagnostic tests), Pre and Post Hospitalisation expenses, Modern Treatments (Robotic Surgeries, Stem Cell therapy), Road Ambulance charges and more.

  • Yes, there are several beneficial add-ons available under Reliance Health Gain including Consumables Cover, Reinstatement of Sum Insured, Cumulative Bonus, Health Check-ups and more.

  • Proposer is the one who holds the policy and the one whose name appears in the policy document.

  • Yes, however, there is a 30-day waiting period for treating any illness except those arising out of an accident.

  • A Cumulative Bonus is a feature that increases your Sum Insured if you go a whole policy year without making a claim. With Reliance Health Gain you get a Cumulative Bonus of 33.33% for every claim-free year.

  • Yes, you will get a 12% discount if you buy a 3-year policy and a 7% discount if you buy a 2-year policy.

  • No, you can make any number of claims in a policy year as long as you have enough of your coverage amount or Sum Insured available.

  • If you exhaust your Sum Insured, you will not be able to make any more claims in that policy year. However, there are ways to replenish your coverage amount if you exhaust it through add-ons like Double Cover and Unlimited Restore Benefit.

  • No, you do not need a pre-medical check-up to buy our health insurance. The pre-medical check-up is applicable only if you are above the age of 45.

  • Reinstatement of Sum Insured under Reliance Health Gain gives you the advantage of restoring your Sum Insured if you exhaust it during a policy year. It is available as an add-on under the policy.

  • Yes, Reliance Health Gain covers all your family members for medical expenses if you add them under the family floater plan.

  • You can select any kind of hospital room under Reliance Health Gain since there is no cap on the room rent.

  • Cashless billing is only possible when receiving treatment at one of our network hospitals. If you are admitted to a hospital outside our network, you can claim on a reimbursement basis.

  • Making a cashless claim is not possible if you receive care at a non-network hospital. This implies that you must pay the hospital expenses in full before our claims team can repay you.

Health Insurance

Health Gain Policy Testimonial A decent policy by Reliance which covers hopitalization and helped me recover expenses.
user img

Mohan A

Good health insurance policy

12 December 2019, Kerala

Health Gain Policy Testimonial It is a good health insurance policy which cover hospitalisation and helped me avail cashless hospitalisation
user img

Dino S

Health insurance with cashless benefit

13 February 2020, Hyderabad

Health Gain Policy Testimonial I could select and customize the health insurance plan as per my needs. It was good to purchase the health insurance plan as needed.
user img

Chetan O

Customizable health insurance policy

5 February 2020, Vijayawada

Health Gain Policy Testimonial I paid my own bills last year when I was admitted to the hospital and it was painful as I didn't had a health insurance policy
user img

Himani S

Don't miss health insurance

14 January 2019, Bengaluru

Health Gain Policy Testimonial I contacted your contact center for my Health policy information. The advisor was knowledgeable and was very helpful. He provided the required information of my policy. I am very Happy with Reliance General Insurance.
user img


Product Information

08 June 2022, Haryana

Health Gain Policy Testimonial My experience with Reliance General Insurance is excellent. I always use self-i application because all the options are available under one roof. Self-I is so userful that there is no need to call on contact center or take services from any other platform.
user img

Jayaprakash D. V

HealthClaim Intimation

29 March 2022, Karnataka

Health Gain Policy Testimonial My experience with Reliance General Insurance contact center was amazing. I had requested for name change in my policy and the same was completed within promised time. Advisor was knowledgeable and explained complete process to me. I am very much satisfied with the services of your company.
user img

Sunil Kumar Saroj

HealthClaim Intimation

14 April 2022, Delhi

*Maximum discount applicable for the policy is 40% excluding long term healthy discount(aggregate) | **These are optional covers and need to be opted separately while purchasing the policy. | ++Tax benefits are subject to conditions under Section 80D of the Act and amendments thereof. The tax laws are subject to amendments/changes from time to time. Please consult your tax advisor for details. | #The premium mentioned is excluding taxes for single person ageing between 5 years to 20 years with individual health policy for Sum Insured of ₹3 lakhs considering no adverse health conditions/pre-existing disease/medical conditions with waiting period of 3 years. For more details, please refer to the policy wordings. Premium used is 2,919/year converted into a month which gives us Rs.243/month (2,919/12). | *T&C apply. For more details on risk factors, terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the policy ​wording  carefully before concluding a sale. The details mentioned above are for Reliance Health Gain Policy. Reliance Health Gain UIN: RELHLIP22229V032122

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