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How To Renew Expired Health Insurance Policy Online?

A health insurance policy​ is made to provide us with financial security in tough times. With the rising cost of health care treatment, it is imperative to have health insurance to afford the cost of sudden treatment expenses that may occur. An expired policy is equivalent to having no policy at all. All policies have an expiration date and if one forgets to renew it before the expiration date, the policy lapses. Therefore, one must know how to renew health insurance online or offline. 

What is Lapsed Health Insurance?

A lapsed policy is an expired policy. The terms and conditions of a particular health insurance policy are no more valid. If a policyholder forgets to renew his policy on time then the policy gets lapsed and the health insurer won't be able to provide financial aid in this case.

What to do when the policy has lapsed?

The advised way is to renew the policy as soon as possible. It will help avoid any financial implications. The insured person has a​ grace renewal period, an added time in which the policy can be renewed. One is not eligible to claim during the grace period; however, they are eligible to renew their policy even when the deadline is passed. Usually, the grace period ranges from 15 to 30 days. It is advisable to avoid getting into grace periods and to renew the policy before the grace period begins to get continuous benefits of the policy without any breaks. ​​

How to renew an expired health insurance policy?

Renewing policy online is the most preferred way, due to the convenience and ease of access which the online methods provide. You can also run a direct comparison online between various plans and find the one suitable for you. 

Documents Required for Health Insurance Renewal

You may require the following document for buying a new policy. If you are switching companies at the time of renewal of these documents will then also be needed. 

  • Identity proof
  • Age Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Previous Policy
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Medical Reports
  • Proposal form

  • Ways to Renew the Policy


    Renewal Through Website

    You can easily visit the insurers' website and renew your policy.
    Step 1: Visit your preferred insurance company and search for health insurance page.
    Step 2: Go through the list of policies and find a suitable one.
    Step 3: Complete the purchase by reading terms and conditions. Make payment through internet banking or your debit or credit cards.

    Mobile App

    Step 1: Most insurance companies now have a mobile app. Login with your details
    Step 2: On having access, you can compare various health insurance plans and select one which fits your needs.
    Step 3: You can read terms and conditions and then make payment to complete the purchase. 


    You also have the option to renew your health insurance policy offline in the traditional way via different agents.