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Why it is important to get a full body check-up at least once a year?

‚ÄčToday, it is all about surviving in a fast-paced, technology-driven world, which can take a toll on our lives. That's why it is recommended to always have a mediclaim policy.

Owing to this rapid pace of life, most people are leading erratic lifestyles; they are neither eating properly nor getting enough sleep. In addition, the fast-growing environment and climate change-related issues are adding to their health-related woes. What many fail to realise is that shrugging these off issues as trivial factors could prove to be a costly mistake. After all, they are bound to take a toll on your health eventually. But, are you prepared? Now, as part of your self-care tips, you must consider getting a health insurance policy. After all, it helps to have financial help during medical emergencies.

Also, knowing that you are leading an unhealthy lifestyle is not enough to protect yourself or your loved ones against a medical contingency. You must also make sure to purchase a mediclaim policy.

Surely, you must make healthy dietary choices, exercise regularly, and take medical advice to avert any health problems. However, it is just as important to keep a track of what is happening inside your body, in addition to purchasing a health insurance policy that is. The best way to do that and lower your risk of lifestyle-related illnesses is by going for regular health check-ups. Even doctors recommend regular health check-ups for preventing diseases and timely intervention in case of a health problem. The good news is that you can avail of health check-ups free of cost with a mediclaim policy.

Even when you take a health insurance policy, the general recommendation is to undergo full-body check-ups every 6 months. This way, you can understand your bodily changes better and identify any disorder in the initial stages itself. Or, you can opt for quarterly or even yearly check-ups based on your convenience. If that sounds like a costly affair, then consider getting a health insurance plan that provides coverage for health check-ups. Also, a mediclaim policy can help to reduce your healthcare expenses.

With health insurance, including Reliance Health Insurance, you can avail of comprehensive coverage for check-ups, consultations, accidents, and illnesses. Regular health check-ups that come with a mediclaim policy help in identifying health conditions early on. This lets you take all the necessary precautions to prevent any complications. For example, cancer is curable if diagnosed at its earliest stages, or knowing about your heart's health can help you plan your routine and diet better. This is the reason why doctors encourage even healthy people to go for regular health check-ups, which they can avail of with a health insurance plan at least once a year. In some cases, your doctor may advise you to undergo selective tests instead of a full-body check-up. Regular health check-up packages are put together based on many factors. One of them is age. Here are some common tests you should undergo based on your age.

Tests for people aged between 20 and 30 years

  • Body Mass Index screening (BMI)

  • Waist measurements

  • Hip size

  • Glucose levels

  • Cholesterol levels

  • Dental check-ups and clean-ups

  • Cancer screening

  • Blood pressure levels

  • Breast scanning

In addition, you must go for the following tests if you are sexually active:

  • Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD)tests

  • Pap smear test for women

Tests for people in their 40s

  • Eye check-ups

  • Mammogram (only for women)

  • Risk analysis for Type-2 diabetes

  • Risk analysis for cardiovascular disorders

  • Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) test (only for men)

Tests for people between 50 and 60 years

  • Eye exam and vision testing

  • Audiometer tests to assess how well you can hear

  • Osteoporosis, a bone-related disorder

  • Bowel cancer test

Reliance Health Insurance offers a wide range of comprehensive health check-up plans. As part of our mediclaim policy, you can avail of full body check-ups including specific tests to determine how well your body is functioning. The tests include checking liver function, kidneys, lungs, heart, immune system, and digestive system. Besides, our health insurance plans cover tests to detect nutritional deficiencies, infections, a host of diseases, and lifestyle conditions.

Benefits of regular health check-ups

Among the benefits of periodic health check-ups that you can enjoy when you opt for a mediclaim policy are:

  • Detects health problems that run in your family

  • Diagnoses disorders before they advance any further

  • Provides insights about your vital parameters

  • Reduces your treatment expenses by diagnosing illnesses at an early stage

  • Drives you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle

  • Helps to establish a partnership with your doctor who can offer healthy lifestyle tips

  • Keeps you updated about the advancements in medical technology

Always be on top of your health. Reach out to our health insurance specialists to discuss the best mediclaim policy for you based on your age and physical condition. Remember, staying healthy is not only about adopting healthy lifestyle habits but also undergoing regular screenings.