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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

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Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

  • No Paperwork
  • No Medical Check-up
  • Cashless Hospitalisation Worldwide
Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Plan Details

What is Annual Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

A multi trip travel insurance is a type of travel insurance policy that offers business travellers financial protection in case they face any losses during an international trip. This type of plan is different from a single trip travel insurance because it will cover you for multiple trips over a longer period, typically one year.

Like an international travel insurance plan, multi trip policies cover you financially from various dangers like loss of passport, baggage losses and delays, medical emergencies, trip delays, personal accidents, missed connecting flights and more.

Now for your upcoming season of business travel, choose the annual multi trip travel insurance plan from Reliance General Insurance so that you can focus on your business while we take care of the rest.

Benefits of Buying an Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

Making multiple business trips in a year may be a regular part of your job and therefore you’re exposed to potential misfortunes along the way. For example, there’s a chance of losing your passport, getting sick or injured, airlines losing your baggage or delaying and many more. But a multi trip travel insurance policy can cover you for all these. Consider these benefits of buying an annual multi-trip travel insurance policy:

1. Covers multiple trips

The key reason to have an annual international travel insurance plan is the benefit of covering multiple trips in a year. So, all your business travel that’s lined up for the year will be covered. This also saves you from the hassle of buying a travel policy every time you fly out for business.

2. Passport loss cover

Your passport is a key document during all your international business trips. It proves you’re an Indian citizen and has all your visa and immigration stamps. Losing it is bad business. But if you ever do lose your passport, then you needn’t worry because an annual travel insurance policy will take care of the expenses that go into issuing a fresh or duplicate passport.

3. Covers medical emergencies

Imagine going on one of your business trips and a sickness or injury strikes you unannounced. But if you’re ever hospitalised during one of your trips, you can rest assured that an annual travel insurance policy will cover you for the medical expenses. Additionally, you’re also covered for the cost of transportation to the nearest hospital for treatment or back to India if your medical practitioner allows you.

4. Covers dental treatment

No day is a good day to have a tooth problem. And you don’t want to have that when you’re on an important business trip. However, if you ever run into a dental problem while on your trip due to an accident, annual multi-trip travel insurance will cover you for the expenses that necessitate the treatment.

5. Handles baggage loss and delays

The misfortune of having your baggage delayed by the airline, or worse, getting lost in transit is something no one should experience. Least of all during your business trip. But if you do face baggage loss or delay, a multi trip travel insurance will cover you for the losses you’ve faced.

6. Covers trip cancellations

If you have to cancel your business trip because you’ve fallen gravely ill or because an immediate family member has passed away, you can recover the non-refundable money spent on travel and accommodation. Moreover, if the travel destination has unfavourable weather conditions, forcing you to cancel the trip then the multi trip travel insurance will cover you for non-refundable amounts.

7. Covers trip delays

Your trip could be delayed for a variety of reasons. You could face medical emergencies, a death in the family, loss of passport, unfavourable weather conditions, etc. All these will result in losses in terms of travel and stay. However, a multi trip insurance will compensate for the non-refundable expenses.

8. Covers trip interruption

Trip interruption is when you have to leave your business trip midway due to reasons like medical emergencies, bad weather, death of an immediate family member, etc. For example, you would have to come back to India if you have a major sickness, someone in the family passes away, or for extreme reasons like a terrorist attack in the city you’re in or inclement weather. For these reasons, an annual multi trip travel insurance will compensate you for the losses.

Key Features of Reliance Annual Multi-trip Plan

With premium starting at ₹2074*, we offer annual multi-trip insurance under three different plans with a coverage of up to USD 500,000. All the plans offer several covers like cover for total loss of baggage, loss of passport, trip delays, trip cancellations and more. Here’s a detailed table of all the features:​

Covers Standard Plan (in USD) Silver Plan (in USD) Gold Plan (in USD) Platinum Plan (in USD)

Medical Expenses Incl. transportation, evacuation and repatriation of mortal remains





Dental treatment





Loss of passport





Total loss of checked-in baggage *​





Delay of checked-in baggage





Personal accident





Accidental death - common carrier





Personal liability





Daily allowance in case of hospitalisation


25 per day (5 days max)

25 per day (6 days max)

25 per day (7 days max)

Financial emergency assistance





Hijack distress allowance


50 per day (7 days max)

75 per day (7 days max)

125 per day (7 days max)

Trip delay


25 per day (6 days max)

50 per day (6 days max)

60 per day (6 days max)

Trip cancellation & interruption





Missed connections





Compassionate visit

Return fare for any one accompanying person - spouse/child/family doctor

What does the policy cover?

Frequent flyers, with our annual multi trip travel insurance policy you are insured for all of the following things while you’re travelling!

  • Accidental bodily injury during the trip

  • Acute anaesthetic treatment of teeth due to an injury

  • Emergency medical evacuation to India

  • Insurance against burglary in your home in India, while you are travelling abroad

  • Special distress allowance if your plane is hijacked for more than 12 hours

  • Cost of obtaining a fresh or duplicate passport in case of a lost passport

  • Facility to provide you emergency cash in case you lose travel funds due to theft

  • Expenses incurred if you miss a connecting flight due to a delay

  • Compensation for death or permanent disability due to an accident, within 12(twelve) calendar months of occurrence of such injury

  • Expenses incurred if a trip is cancelled or interrupted due to airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters

  • Expenses incurred while transporting the insured’s mortal remains back home (INDIA) or towards burial abroad in case of an untimely demise

  • Expenses incurred if a trip is delayed for more than 12 hours due to airline, medical, personal employment problems or natural disasters

  • If your checked baggage is delayed more than 12 hours, your essential expenses shall be reimbursed. In case of total loss of baggage by the common carrier, we will provide compensation for the same

  • Reimbursement of return ticket fare for a family member visiting you, the insured, if you’re hospitalised for more than 7 days

  • Compensation for a third party in case your involuntary actions result in someone’s demise, cause someone injury or damage to health or property

What does the policy not cover?

We have tried and made sure you get the maximum benefits with our travel insurance, unfortunately, you’re not covered under the annual multi trip annual travel insurance for the following while you’re off discovering the world!

  • Pre-existing medical conditions, unless it’s a life-threatening condition

  • Life-threatening conditions covered only arising out of disclosed pre-existing diseases, which are mentioned in the policy schedule, for people up to 70 years of age. Customers need to declare all pre-existing diseases while taking the policy.

  • Claims arising out of non-disclosed and non-declared pre-existing medical conditions will not be covered.

  • Expenses incurred due to any of the following conditions:

    1. Suicide

    2. Self-inflicted injuries or illnesses

    3. Mental disorder

    4. Anxiety, stress or depression

    5. Venereal diseases

    6. Alcohol/drug abuse

    7. HIV/AIDS

  • Expenses incurred if you’re:

    1. Travelling against the advice of a physician and having to be hospitalised

    2. Receiving or are on a waiting list for specified medical treatment

    3. Travelling to receive treatment abroad

    4. Have been given terminal prognosis for a medical condition

  • Any issues faced due to theft or loss of passpo​rt when left unattended or if you don’t report the loss to local police authorities

  • In case of loss of checked baggage, no partial loss or damage shall become payable

  • War or nuclear threat in the country where you’re travelling

  • Any emergency financial assistance claims made after you’ve returned to India

How to Buy Annual Multi-trip Travel Insurance Online?

You can buy an annual multi-trip travel insurance plan easily through our website Here are a few simple steps to get the insurance you need:

  • Step 1: Go to the travel insurance page and enter your details like name, number, travel destination, number of travel days, etc.

  • Step 2: Choose your desired plan and click buy now.

  • Step 3: Check your plan details like the premium amount and then enter the remaining personal details.

  • Step 4: Select your preferred mode of payment and proceed to pay.

You’ll get your multi trip travel insurance policy copy as soon as you complete the payment.

How to File An Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance Claim?

Cashless Claim

Register Claim

The insured, his family or the hospital has to intimate a claim with the correct certificate number to Reliance General Insurance within 24 hours from the time of admission in case of hospitalisation. Note that the hospital has to agree to provide a cashless facility.

Claim Settlement

To avail Worldwide cashless facility, call the below-mentioned numbers or International toll-free numbers given country-wise in your Policy Schedule for any emergency assistance.

National Toll-Free No.: 1800-209-55-22
Landline No.: +91-22-67347843/44 (Charges Applicable)

Reimbursement Claim:

Register Claim

The insured or his family member has to intimate Reliance General Insurance within 24 hours of the occurrence of a claim

Claim Settlement

For reimbursement, submit the fully filled claim form along with the hard copies of all the required documents at the address mentioned below:

Europ Assistance India Pvt Ltd.
7th Floor, Star Hub, Bldg No. 2,
Near ITC Maratha Hotel,
Sahar, Andheri East,
Mumbai – 400 059, India

New International toll-free numbers

Norway00+800-99441111Czech Republic00+800-99441111
New Zealand00+800-99441111France00+800-99441111
Singapore00+1800-99441111Greece86002038017 (ITFS)
Australia0011+800-99441111Israel00 or 014+800-99441111
United Kingdom00+800-99441111Germany00+800-99441111
Malaysia00+800-99441111 South Africa00+800-99441111
Hong Kong001 or 006+800-99441111USA18337426673 (ITFS)
Taiwan00+800-99441111Canada011+800-9944 1111

What are the Documents Needed to File a Claim?

1. You need to complete the KYC Process as per the AML/CFT Guidelines issued by IRDAI. You also need to submit PAN/Form 60 along with the below-mentioned documents for your international travel insurance claim.

2. You need to submit the original ticket/boarding pass, a copy of the passport indicating the travel dates and the completed claim form for every claim.

3. You also need to submit original bills/vouchers/reports and discharge summary for all claims.

4. You have to submit an official death certificate and a physician's statement giving the cause of death to avail reimbursement of the costs of transporting the mortal remains of the Insured/Insured Person to the Republic of India or of costs of burial abroad.

5. For claims related to a lost passport, you have to submit a Police Report obtained within 24 hours of the Insured/Insured person becoming aware of the theft along with the original bills/receipts of expenses incurred for a new/fresh passport.

6. A Property Irregularity Report or other report is usually issued by the common carriers in the event of loss of checked-in baggage. A letter from the airline will also need to be submitted stating the compensation, if any received from them for the lost baggage.

7. In case of claims related to personal liability, you need to submit proof of judicial decision rendered by a Court.

8. For claims under financial emergency assistance benefit, the police report filed within 24 hours of becoming aware of the robbery needs to be submitted.

For a complete list of applicable claim documentation please click here.

Trip Extension

If your holiday is extended for any reason, we recommend that you extend your travel insurance policy. It always better to be safe than sorry! Download and fill the Extension Form with Good Health Declaration form & visit the nearest branch.

Disclaimers: *T&C Apply. Details mentioned are for Reliance Travel Care Policy: Annual Multi Trip Plan UIN: RELTIOP08002V010708. Premium: The premium mentioned is excluding taxes for medical sum insured of $1,00,000 for an individual aged 20 years on a trip of 30 days per trip. This is applicable for geographical regions excluding USA and Canada only. Total loss of checked baggage: Maximum amount payable per checked in baggage in case more than one bag has been checked in is 50% (100% for only one checked in baggage) of applicable sum insured and per item in baggage max 10%.​​

Average Rating:

4.9(Based on 307 ratings)

Showing 10 reviews

  • “good travel insurance for backpackers.”

    I am a backpacker and I have purchased the annual multi trip travel insurance for myself.

    Mihir M19 February 2018, Kalyan
  • “good policy for a frequent flyer”

    Purchased the annual multi trip travel insurance plan. I am a backpacker and this plan covers me for every international trip in a period of one year. Thanks Reliance!

    Sunil K4 January 2018, Pune
  • “Confident and Happy”

    Reliance General Insurance team is very helpful and confident.I was happy interacting with them.Thank You

    Ishwar Reddy21 June 2016, Hyderabad
  • “I am very happy with their service”

    One stop solution for all travel insurance queries. Reliance annual multi trip insurance keeps me protected during my frequent travels to foreign countries. I am very happy with their service.

    Raman K10 November 2015, Delhi
  • “Confident and Happy”

    Reliance General Insurance team is very helpful and confident.I was happy interacting with them.Thank You

    Ishwar Reddy14 October 2015, Hyderabad
  • “Claim settlement was fast”

    You truly find out about a Insurance company when its the unfortunate time to file a claim , Reliance General Insurance was quick with the response and paying claims.

    Montu Singh8 October 2015, Kolkatta
  • “Clarity in products”

    The team from Reliance General Insurance have done a great job and have cleared all my doubts

    Anuja Memani29 September 2015, Mumbai
  • “Happy to be with Reliance General”

    I have been with Reliance for last 5 years and I am only happy to see that their services are improving and they are setting benchmark for all…Kudos team …..

    Mayuri Parab22 September 2015, Thiruvananthapuram
  • “Happy and proud customer”

    I am happy and proud to be a customer of Reliance General Insurance.I had put a claim and the same was settled before TAT.

    Radhika Gandhi15 September 2015, Lucknow
  • “Good features”

    Your free sim card was very helpful whilst I was travelling.

    Vibha Tyrewala4 September 2015, Mahesana
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