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Reliance Travel Insurance

There is nothing better than enjoying a vacation with your family. While our customers embark on their journey, we are determined to safeguard them against all the unforeseen risks. The various value-added services that we provide helps us in achieving what really matters to us. Smiling customers. The overwhelming ratings that we have received for Travel Insurance are a proof for the exceptional service that we deliver.

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  • “Utmost professionalism”

    Dear Reliance General Insurance Team, I had an opportunity to chat with Somil for my policy extension. Somil’s understanding and expertise with the subject is par excellent. Somil has made me comfortable with his utmost professionalism. I wish him good luck with Reliance and I award him 5 Stars for my today’s interaction with Somil. Keep up your good work.

    shadullah@gmail.com23 September 2022, Telangana
  • “Problem was quickly solved”

    Hi, I'm just appreciating your service team member, Mr. Vikas Agrawal for an outstanding service provided. Resolution to the problem was quickly solved. Thank you & Good luck to the team for the support.

    giju40@gmail.com2 September 2022, Kerala
  • “Endorsement”

    Whenever I travel, I take the travel insurance with Reliance General Insurance because the services are excellent. Also, I use Self-i application for my all policies. I can access my policies from there and can avail required information easily.

    tsomanath@gmail.com8 June 2022, KARNATAKA
  • “Smoothly bought travel insurance”

    I purchased a travel insurance online through the website and the process was very convenient

    s1xxx@rediffmail.com10 March 2020, Belagavi
  • “Great travel insurance for Dubai”

    Travel insurance for multiple countries is provided. I bought a travel insurance while travelling to Dubai and it proved to be very helpful when I lost my baggage on the trip.

    mexxxxxx@hotmail.com4 March 2020, Navi Mumbai
  • “Travel insurance for Dubai”

    Getting a travel insurance online was very fast and I could choose a plan with the covers needed as per the destination I was visiting

    chxxxx@gmail.com19 February 2020, Bhilwara
  • “Travel Insurance more necessary than ever”

    I had to travel for a very important meeting and this time I bought travel insurance from reliance to keep my self protected from any risks!

    soxxxxx@yahoo.com19 January 2020, Jharkhand
  • “Bought travel insurance for my international trip”

    Faced several losses last time so wanted to insure my trip this time. My friend told me to buy travel insurance online as it is very easy so I bought it from my trusted insurance provider RGI

    sanxxxxx@hotmail.com25 December 2019, Darjiling
  • “Website had all information”

    You will find complete information on the website for travel insurance which is very easy to understand and reliance are also very transparent about everything. If you have any other queries then the customer executives are also very helpful. Go for it! November 2019, Kalyan-Dombivali
  • “Easy to navigate through website”

    Easy to navigate and get a quote for the travel insurance premium. Instantly received the insurance policy on purchase

    hitxxxxx@yahoo.com9 October 2019, Rajasthan
  • “Europe trip secured!”

    Needed a travel insurance for my schengen visa so I decided to go with reliance as per my friends suggestion. I easily bought it online without any hassle and now I'm excited about my trip!

    deexxxxx@rediffmail.com30 September 2019, Baroda
  • “Always better to be safe while travelling”

    Purchased travel insurance for my international trip and now I feel stress free. Buying it online on reliance's website was very easy and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a travel insurance September 2019, Nagpur
  • “Great travel insurance for Europe Trip”

    I needed a travel insurance for travelling to multiple countries in Europe.Schengen travel insurance served the purpose.Affordable rates as well.

    anxxxxxx@rediffmail.com16 September 2019, Madgaon
  • “Asia trip travel insurance is good”

    Travelling to south east Asia was is so much easier with an insurance.Reliance provided all the necessary covers for my travel.

    khxxxxxxx@gmail.com11 September 2019, Kanpur
  • “Travel insurance helps during emergency”

    Having a travel insurance helped me during a medical emergency overseas

    prxxxxxxx@gmail.com9 September 2019, Patna
  • “Affordable travel insurance”

    Bought an Schengen travel insurance before my Europe trip.Good assistance provided.

    raxxxxx@yahoo.com26 August 2019, Ludhiana
  • “Wonderful experience with Reliance travel insurance”

    My international trip was worry free as I was having the best travel Insurance policy with me.

    Zaxxxxx@yahoo.com19 August 2019, Lucknow
  • “All the plans under one roof - best travel policy”

    Usually buying travel insurance for whole family was time taking and length process. Reliance has do a great job all the policies under one roof.

    Kaxxxx.d@gmail.com15 August 2019, Faridabad
  • “I liked schengen travel insurance”

    The coverage and premium for my schengen travel insurance was really suprising compared to others. I liked a lot.

    saxxxxxx@gmail.com31 July 2019, Hubli
  • “Buying travel insurance was never that easy”

    It was hardly 5 minutes I took to purchase my travel insurance from reliance general website.

    ahxxxxx@yahoo.com27 July 2019, Ghaziabad
  • “Best experience for travel insurance”

    My experience with Reliance for purchasing travel insurance online was best. The procedure was is quite easy and can be finished within minutes. July 2019, Punjab
  • “Best customer care service for travel insurance”

    Reliance travel insurance customer care person guide me through-out the process and made the policy purchase hassle free.

    stuxxxx@gmail.com7 July 2019, Bangalore
  • “Thanks for settling my travel claim at earliest”

    Truly appreciated the response of Reliance team on my travel insurance claim settlement

    forxxxxx@gmail.com17 June 2019, Hyderabad
  • “Reliance travel insurance is simple and affordable”

    Simple process and the premium was quite affordable, thanks alot Reliance travel insurance company.

    mexxxxxx@gmail.com16 June 2019, Coimbatore
  • “Travel policy is really affordable”

    Good work really a customer centric travel insurance policy

    saxxxxx@yahoo.com13 June 2019, Surat
  • “Best travel insurance company”

    Thanks to reliance for offering last minute trave insurance. they saved my solo trip to schengen countries.

    abixxxxx@gmail.com12 June 2019, Agra
  • “Worth buying travel insurance from reliance”

    It was an amazing trip. watched 1st match of India in southamptom, thanks for securing us with your travel Insurance plan.

    mexxxxx@yahoo.com5 June 2019, Chandigarh
  • “Perfect travel insurance package”

    I was looking for the best travel insurance plan which could cover me for my trip to Europe. Got a nice deal with Reliance General Insurance

    sanxxxxx.h@gmail.com26 May 2019, Indore
  • “It's a matter of mins to buy travel insurance”

    Reliance General is really good for travel Insurance. I purchased it online and it was super quick. May 2019, Ajmer
  • “Ensuring baggage security”

    Purchased travel insurance from reliance to ensure my baggage safety

    sweexxxxka@gmail.com9 January 2019, Jaipur
  • “making a habit to buy travel insurance”

    Making it a habit to buy travel insurance for every foreign trip of mine

    Aarxxxxxxxxxta@hotmail.com8 January 2019, Surat
  • “worried about my baggage”

    Got travel insurance for me as I was worried about my baggage on my abroad trip

    Patelxxxxxxl@gmail.com26 December 2018, Gujrat
  • “Various travel insurance plans available”

    Liked the availability of various types of travel insurance policies

    Rakexxxxxx85@gmail.com17 December 2018, Chandigarh
  • “ensured baggage safety with travel insurance”

    Travel insurane from Reliance General provides me baggage coverage and I feel secured

    Dassixxxxxxja@gmail.com14 December 2018, Delhi
  • “Safe Travels for My Daughter”

    My daughter is moving to US for higher studies. I really like Reliance General's student travel insurance plan. Now I can send my daughter abroad without worrying.

    Vishwaxxxxxxx_25@yahoo.com3 December 2018, Bengaluru
  • “Missed my flight. Luckily, I had Travel Insurance.”

    Missed my connecting flight to New Zealand. Thank God I had travel insurance. Reliance General really helped me out.

    Malhoxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com30 November 2018, Chennai
  • “Fair travel insurance deal”

    I purchased a student travel insurance for my son who is going abroad for studies and I got a fair deal

    Soxxxxxxxxp@gmail.com6 April 2018, Kerala
  • “travel insurance for my parents”

    I am sending my parents on a foreign trip and I got a travel insurance for them from reliance

    vxnoxxx5@gmail.com27 March 2018, Jaipur
  • “Reasonable rates for overseas travel insurance”

    Happy with the quote I received for my overseas travel insurance policy. I purchased the travel insurance for my upcoming abroad trip

    Rx2xxx@gmail.com23 March 2018, New Delhi
  • “secured my foreign trip”

    purchased the overseas travel insurance for my upcoming abroad trip with family.

    kpxxxxxx0xx1@gmail.com15 March 2018, Goa
  • “Secured my abroad visit”

    Travelling to aborad for future studies, purchased the student travel insurance for my safety.

    axaxa.g@gmail.com8 March 2018, Pune
  • “Asia trip secured”

    I purchased asia travel insurance for my upcoming family trip to various asian countries and I got a good deal.

    Medha R19 February 2018, Surat
  • “good travel insurance for backpackers.”

    I am a backpacker and I have purchased the annual multi trip travel insurance for myself.

    mihir1983@gmail.com19 February 2018, Kalyan
  • “feeling secured with travel insurance”

    Purchased a overseas travel insurance for my upcoming abroad trip. This makes me feel highly secured

    kxxxx271957@rediffmail.com14 February 2018, Alwar
  • “Enjoyed my trip”

    I went to abroad for the first time and my trip went really well as i was feeling secured with reliance's overseas travel insurance

    vxxxxxaxixaxnxx@gmail.com8 February 2018, Bangalore
  • “good student travel insurance”

    I bought a student travel insurance for my brother who was going to abroad for his further studies February 2018, Nellore
  • “Feeling secured with travel insurance”

    Happy to buy travel insurance for my first abroad trip from reliance

    bx@pxnxnxuxaxhxnxa.com27 January 2018, Nagpur
  • “Got a travel insurance instantly”

    I purchased a travel insurance within minutes on the website of reliance general

    ayan.a@gmail.com26 January 2018, Uttar Pradesh
  • “Instant travel insurance quote”

    Was really confused related to the travel insurance premium. Got an instant quote on the website just by filling some generic travel details of my trip. Thanks Reliance!

    jivika.s@gmail.com25 January 2018, Visakhapatnam
  • “Student travel insurance is nice”

    I liked the student travel insurance and got one for my son who is going abroad for further education.

    nxvxa.n@gmail.com24 January 2018, Agra
  • “Good travel insurance plans”

    You can compare different travel insurance plans on the website and choose the one which suit your needs.

    sxmxixa.e@gmail.com23 January 2018, Lucknow
  • “travel without worry”

    Was taking my mom to her first overseas trip. Decided to buy a senior citizen travel insurance policy for her as a precautionary measure. It feels good to be secured.

    kxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com5 January 2018, Goa
  • “good policy for a frequent flyer”

    Purchased the annual multi trip travel insurance plan. I am a backpacker and this plan covers me for every international trip in a period of one year. Thanks Reliance!

    sxxxxxxxxxxx@gmail.com4 January 2018, Pune
  • “travel insurance a must”

    Every checklist of your overseas trip sould have a international travel insurance policy. In a resonable premium value it gives high level of security while travelling abroad.

    nxxxxxx@dxxxxxxx.com3 January 2018, Mumbai
  • “good family plan for overseas travel”

    Was looking for a good overseas travel insurance plan which covers the whole family. Got a nice deal with reliance general.

    maxxxxxxxik4xxx@gmail.com2 January 2018, Agra
  • “A good travel insurance”

    Even on solo trips, I feel like travel insurance is important specially because I have no one to lean on. Definitely helpful.

    shai*****@gmail.com23 December 2017, Bhopal
  • “Happy Realization”

    Saw a video on importance of travel insurance online and immediately decided to buy one for my upcoming overseas trip.

    dine*****@rediffmail.com23 December 2017, Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • “Happy with the Assistance”

    Purchased a travel insurance because my friend suggested me to do so. Had no idea on what processes to follow on occurrence of claims, but the customer support team was helpful enough to guide me.

    bcha*****@yahoo.com22 December 2017, Thane
  • “Worldwide Reach”

    The primary reason to purchase a international travel insurance with reliance general is that they provide cashless facility worldwide.

    sing*****@gmail.com21 December 2017, Indore
  • “Feeling Safe”

    In the country of unknown it feels safe to have a overseas travel insurance.

    shak*****@yahoo.com20 December 2017, Visakhapatnam
  • “Good idea to buy the policy”

    Had a great experience buying this travel insurance plan. I'm a frequent international traveller and Reliance General's custom made policies for different types of travellers is a very good idea.

    maryxxxxx@hotmail.com15 December 2017, Lucknow
  • “Senior Citizens can Travel Safely”

    Travelling as a Senior Citizen can be frightful if you aren't sure about your medical needs being taken care of. Reliance General's senior citizen travel insurance gave me and my wife the confidence to start travelling again.

    rxjxsekhxr.s@outlook.com20 November 2017, Vadodara
  • “Senior Citizens can Travel Safely”

    Travelling as a Senior Citizen can be frightful if you aren't sure about your medical needs being taken care of. Reliance General's senior citizen travel insurance gave me and my wife the confidence to start travelling again.

    rxjxsekhxr.s@outlook.com16 November 2017, Vadodara
  • “Travel is Easy with such Good Service”

    While making my first trip through France, I didn't even know about Schengen travel insurance. But after buying travel insurance from Reliance General, I've discovered travel needs can be easily taken care of.

    surendrx.k@xmxil.com15 November 2017, Mira Bhayandar
  • “Travel Insurance for Asia is Great”

    Exploring Asia when your travel insurance plan keeps you safe is the best feeling. It's the best way to relax and enjoy Asia at the same time. Thanks to Reliance General.

    xnubhxv.p@xmxil.com14 November 2017, Thiruvananthapuram
  • “Great Travel Insurance for Students”

    As a student living abroad, I would want to feel safe in case of any emergency. Reliance General's student travel insurance does just that. It keeps me safe while studying abroad.

    nxvinx.b@xmxil.com13 November 2017, Erode
  • “Good Way to Travel the World”

    You can pick a travel insurance premium that you like. Different plans for different travelers. Great service provided by Reliance General.

    sxnjxy.s@xmxil.com10 November 2017, Visakhapatnam
  • “Spend a bit in a travel insurance”

    My wife and I, both senior citizens decided to take a trip to America along with a tourism group. My health weakened a bit due to the sudden change in weather. I had to spend a day in the hospital. The medical expenses in America are way too high for us to pay in indian rupees. I would rather spend a bit in a travel insurance than spend dollars behind medical treatment.

    mxnsoor.s@xmxil.com9 November 2017, Chennai
  • “Expenses weren't a problem”

    My son couldn't take the cold weather and developed high fever. Expenses weren't a problem since we had purchased this international travel insurance. We had to extend our day for 3 more days as my kid was admitted. Since we couldn't take the flight, we had to reschedule. Fortunately, the travel insurance covers that too.

    mubxsshir.k@xmxil.com8 November 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Brilliant experience with Reliance.”

    We were in singapore strolling in the night when suddenly a speeding car came in from nowhere and hit my wife. She was admitted in the hospital in Singapore for 8 days. We were in short of money as we had never imagined such a thing happening to us. I wrote to the travel claims team saying i had purchased a travel insurance and can this be covered. They were prompt and reassuring. All hospital bills were settled through cashless claims, we were even given money for our daily expenses. A brilliant experience with Reliance.

    xfreen.s@xmxil.com7 November 2017, Pune
  • “Good price and good coverage.”

    Good travel insurance overall. Good price and good coverage.

    poornx.c@xmxil.com6 November 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Always buying a travel insurance”

    I'm a solo traveler. Because of the risks, I always make sure I'm planning my trips in advance and always buying a travel insurance. I was robbed in France and I felt scared and helpless. Being alone at that moment was terrifying. I didn�t fight the robber as i didnt want to risk anything. Then i just filed for a claim. Wisest decision ever.

    dhxnxlxkshmi.cs@xmxil.com3 November 2017, Mumbai
  • “Wise decision to carry a travel insurance”

    It�s a wise decision to carry a travel insurance if you are traveling to any foreign country. I am a frequent traveler and an insurance has helped me far too many times.

    yxthi.s@xmxil.com2 November 2017, Kalyan
  • “Excellent Customer Support”

    I always buy your travel insurance plans while planning any international trip. Travelling with family or alone on a business trip, I know Reliance General offers good policies with excellent customer support.

    xrjun.j@gmxil.com26 October 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Very Good Travel Insurance Plan”

    On my backpacking trip through Europe, my wallet was stolen on a train and I had no money left. Thankfully, my travel insurance plan had a provision for cash in case of emergencies. Reliance General has very good travel insurance plans.

    vihxxn.s@gmxil.com25 October 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Good Coverage and Great Policy”

    My carrier baggage was misplaced by my airline on my business trip. I had no formal clothes to wear to my meetings. I would have been in a fix, had I not bought a travel insurance plan. Reliance General gives good coverage on its insurance policies. I had a good experience with you.

    xdityx.s@gmxil.com24 October 2017, Bangalore
  • “Great Customer Service”

    I met with an accident while on a business trip to Mauritius. I needed my mother to come and look after me during my recovery. I didn't even know that my travel insurance policy included the return ticket fare of a family member who was visiting me. The customer service people at Reliance General were very kind to point this out.

    vivxxn.l@gmxil.com23 October 2017, Delhi
  • “Made my trip worry free”

    On my way back home from Hong Kong my connecting flight was delayed by 21 hours. My family and I were terribly inconvenienced and our trip was unnecessarily extended by one day. Thankfully, my travel insurance plan from Reliance General reimbursed us for our expenses caused on account of this delay.

    xxrxv.k@gmxil.com20 October 2017, Mumbai
  • “Had a good tension-free trip”

    While taking my parents abroad for the first time, I bought your senior citizen travel insurance policy. We had a good, tension-free trip thanks to Reliance General Insurance. This is the plan to have while travelling with your parents.

    tonyxxxxxxx@gmail.com13 October 2017, Patna
  • “Great travel insurance policy and keep it up”

    While you are on vacation, you only want to have a great time with your family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately for us, we get a call from our neighbours that our house was broken into. We had to cut short our trip and run back home to assess the damages. The travel insurance policy turned out to be blessing. We could claim and it was approved. While the agony cannot be fixed, it's a huge relief to know there isn't a financial loss. Great travel insurance policy and keep it up.

    vxnoxxx5@gmail.com13 October 2017, Jaipur
  • “Good idea to buy the policy”

    Had a great experience buying this travel insurance plan. I'm a frequent international traveller and Reliance General's custom made policies for different types of travellers is a very good idea.

    maryxxxxx@hotmail.com12 October 2017, Lucknow
  • “Good student travel insurance policy”

    I am a student studying in France and I'm glad to have such a good student travel insurance policy. A have lived here for a year with a lot of assistance from Reliance General and I would recommend this plan to other students going abroad.

    reena1975abc@hotmail.com11 October 2017, Kolkata
  • “Thanks Reliance General”

    My first travel insurance purchase for my first international travel. Super excited. Thanks reliance general for being so nice and helping me understand the basics about coverage and how and when can I claim.

    ravxxxxxxxx@gmail.com11 October 2017, Kochi
  • “Good going Reliance General Insurance.”

    Fast service given while facing an emergency. I was in Europe for a business conference and my baggage was lost. Your customer service representatives helped me out a great deal. Good going Reliance General Insurance.

    mahxxxxxxx@gmail.com10 October 2017, Ahmedabad
  • “Good product for Asian travellers”

    I was looking for online travel insurance before travelling to Hong Kong. I didn't know that I could buy a plan specifically for Asia. Reliance General has this very good product for Asian travellers.

    saurabh.g.xxxxx@gmail.com9 October 2017, New Delhi
  • “Good policy”

    I needed travel insurance on an urgent basis. Bought this overseas travel cover literally a day before travelling. I had bought it before from reliance for my other travel so didn't hesitate twice before buying this one. Good policy.

    rajesh.s.shrivastav@hotmail.com9 October 2017, Indore
  • “Good travel insurance policy”

    This is a great product. The coverage is more than sufficient and the pricing is good. Overall, good travel insurance policy.

    satxxx@gmail.com25 September 2017, Mumbai Central
  • “Good policy”

    I needed travel insurance on an urgent basis. Bought this overseas travel cover literally a day before travelling. I had bought it before from reliance for my other travel so didn't hesitate twice before buying this one. Good policy.

    uxxxx@hotmail.com25 September 2017, Ujjain
  • “I ensure to buy travel insurance everytime”

    I had to buy this international travel insurance for my vacation trip to Thailand. It was a 7 day trip and we didn't face any problems. Problems or no problems I make sure I carry a travel insurance for all my foreign travels. Better to be safe than sorry.

    mayxxx@gmail.com22 September 2017, Andheri
  • “Coverage provided is good for its price”

    I got this policy for the entire family. We had a great stay in New Zealand. The coverage provided is good for its price. The team is good. I always prefer buying travel insurance form only trusted and big companies.

    dxxxxxxxxxx@hotmail.com22 September 2017, Bhuj
  • “Pricing is good”

    Good overseas travel insurance. The pricing of this one was good hence bought it. Coverage is great for the price.

    amix.gx@gmail.com21 September 2017, Bhandup
  • “Good service from the team”

    Will definitely be suggesting this travel insurance policy to my family and friends. Loved the service staff, extremely policy and helpful.

    rehxx@gmail.com20 September 2017, Churchgate
  • “Claim process is brilliant”

    The claim process with this travel insurance is absolutely brilliant. I met with a road accident in Singapore. I was hospitalized and was so scared about the finances. My family wrote a mail to the reliance team and they responded positively. They were cordial and caring. We got the claim amount and are so happy with the team. I am now safely back in India and did not pay a penny for my medical expenses in Singapore. This company has won my trust.

    kxxxxxxx@yahoo.com20 September 2017, Kerala
  • “Thanks for approving my claim”

    While we all buy a travel insurance policy before an abroad travel, we don't really expect it to help us if we'll need it. I had the same mentality too until I actually lost my passport in Thailand. It is extremely terrifying to be in a foreign land. While we contacted the embassy and went one step at a time, the reliance team was very helpful. We explained them the situation on call and then mail. There was continuous correspondence until they told me that my claim has been approved. It felt great. Thanks for all the help. I wrote down this review the moment my claim got approved.

    rahxx@gmail.com19 September 2017, Thane
  • “Great travel insurance policy and keep it up.”

    While you are on vacation, you only want to have a great time with your family and enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Unfortunately for us, we get a call from our neighbours that our house was broken into. We had to cut short our trip and run back home to assess the damages. The travel insurance policy turned out to be blessing. We could claim and it was approved. While the agony cannot be fixed, it's a huge relief to know there isn't a financial loss. Great travel insurance policy and keep it up. September 2017, Mumbai
  • “Great travel insurance product”

    I would really like to thank reliance general insurance for taking immediate action and arranging some funds for me. It was great help for from your end. It was scary to have my money and belongings stolen in a foreign land. A great customer service and a great travel insurance product.

    maryxxxxx@hotmail.com31 August 2017, Chennai
  • “I recommend this travel insurance”

    This happened to me when I was in Singapore. My mother and I were just taking a walk when a car came out of nowhere can crashed into us hard. We were both admitted but I got away with minor injuries. My mother needed urgent medical attention. My sister and I were so tensed on how we would settle the bills . Without much hope we began the process of calling reliance since we had purchased their travel insurance policy. All they said was “you just follow the instructions and we’ll handle the rest”. I submitted the documents, sent a few mails back and forth and I just got a mail my claim has been approved. It felt like such a huge pressure was lifted off my head. We are still in Singapore and my mother is showing signs of recovery. Seen you soon in India! I recommend this travel insurance, it’s worth it.

    tonyxxxxxxx@gmail.com30 August 2017, Indore
  • “You all worked hard to make it possible”

    I am very thankful to you’ll for all your help. To be very honest I was not expecting such fast service from any travel insurance company. You all worked hard to make it possible. Going to let all my family and friends know about this company and its travel insurance. Great job.

    rajesh.s.shrivastav@hotmail.com29 August 2017, Jaipur
  • “I am highly satisfied with the service”

    I would like to reconnect with you as we are making a travel again to NY with a group of people and I am highly satisfied with the service of the travel insurance because you have helped us a lot and resolved all the issues very smoothly. So I would like to take the travel insurance once again with you and need to know the process about the same.

    riya.p.chandrashekhran@gmail.com28 August 2017, Nagpur
  • “Was not stressful at all”

    Thank you for sharing the settlement details. I have received the said credit in my wife's account. I would like to appreciate how this claim was processed by your firm. Was not stressful at all. Buying this travel insurance again and again and again.

    ravxxxxxxxx@gmail.com25 August 2017, Agra
  • “Thanks Reliance team.”

    A really good travel insurance cover. So easy to purchase online too. Thanks Reliance team.

    mgupta@gmail.com30 June 2017, New Delhi
  • “Great Work by Reliance Travel Insurance team”

    I want to thank the global Reliance Travel Insurance team. I lost my passport while I was in London. On realizing I immediately contacted the embassy and the travel insurance assistance team. Both were cordial and genuinely helpful. Photocopying all my documents really helped my case. I am safely back home now. Phew.

    kohliy@gmail.com29 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Policy coverage is good and the process of buying it was very easy”

    Took a family travel cover. The policy coverage is good and the process of buying it was very easy. Special thanks to the chat assistance team for their help.

    sandeep@gmail.com28 June 2017, Kerala
  • “The buying was process was very easy and quick”

    I purchased a travel insurance policy for my solo trip to Dubai. The buying was process was very easy and quick. Will buy again for my next trip.

    drmishra@gmail.com27 June 2017, Delhi
  • “Great job guys!”

    I bought this international travel insurance to America since my wife and 5 year old child were travelling with me. We travel outside the country once a year and always buy Reliance Travel Insurance as a safety measure.

    svbk@gmail.com26 June 2017, Gujarat
  • “Got a great price online”

    Got a great price online. Took a travel insurance for my 15 day US travel. I never fly without a travel insurance as that's a risk I do not want to take ever.

    mahe****@gmail.com23 June 2017, Coimbatore
  • “Loved how easy it was to buy”

    Loved how easy it was to buy. I was at the bus stop when I purchased this travel cover. I have purchased from them before and even made a claim. Since their service was good, I take this one only.

    aaji****@hotmail.com22 June 2017, Navi Mumbai
  • “Travel Insurance at good price”

    In today's day and age, we are really spoilt for choice. So many companies offering travel insurance. Did a lot of online research, looked for good discounts and finally settled for this one.

    dhir****@gmail.com21 June 2017, Jalandhar
  • “Reliance travel insurance helped us get some emergency cash”

    We had a visit to Thailand and we lost some money while travelling. Reliance travel insurance helped us get some emergency cash and have a good vacation.

    zara.p@gmail.com20 June 2017, Kochi
  • “Good policy, covers all the risk.”

    Taking my family for a vacation to Europe. Since I am taking my two year old daughter, I can't risk anything happening. Taking this travel insurance as a precaution. Good policy, covers all the risk.

    uday****@gmail.com20 June 2017, Kochi
  • “Reliance helped me get a compensation for the luggage lost”

    On my way back to India my luggage was lost by the airlines and after waiting for a few days and no response from the airlines. Reliance helped me get a compensation for the luggage lost. Travel insurance is a must for international travel

    rakhee.y@gmail.com19 June 2017, Mumbai
  • “Got free international sim card”

    The premium offered for this travel insurance at this price is really good. Ended up using the free international sim card they gave. Thanks reliance.

    mirz****@gmail.com19 June 2017, Hyderabad
  • “Travel insurance by reliance covered all my medical expenses”

    on my trip to USA, unfortunately I met with an accident and needed immediate attention. Travel insurance by reliance covered all my medical expenses

    vritika.t@gmail.com16 June 2017, Gujrat
  • “Covered by student travel insurance by Reliance”

    While I was studying abroad I had a medical emergency, I had to visit the nearest hospital and all my expenses was covered by student travel insurance by reliance

    samaira.e@gmail.com15 June 2017, Bengaluru
  • “Reliance travel insurance for elders highly recommended”

    Travel insurance for my elderly parents helped them travel stress-free and visit a new country. Reliance travel insurance for elders highly recommended

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