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Why We Should Compare Travel Insurance

​​​When it comes to travelling, the attention is solely on making the trip more fun. One does not pay much heed to safety. In India, most people usually underestimate the external forces and avoid buying all types of insurance. An insurance policy is always useful no matter how safe the situation seems to be. An insurance policy protects you against unseen threats and sudden happenings. When it comes to travelling, you must buy a travel insurance policy to stay safe from unknown threats. What if you lose your passport or luggage or someone travelling with you meets with an accident? The outcome arising out of this situation is completely out of control unless you have enough financial security. Believing that nothing wrong will happen may be considered really positive but one should always leave some room for sudden crisis. We normally carry more cash than required on a trip, just for safety. Buying a travel insurance policy is as good as carrying cash as it provides you financial cover against loss, theft or trip cancellation, trip delay or any other medical crisis. 

Buying travel insurance​ is a smart decision but comparing it first on a comparison site is a smarter decision. This is one decision which should not be overlooked while planning a trip. One must weight all the pros and cons of a travel insurance policy before arriving on a conclusion. However, choosing one policy out of all the options available is not an easy task. It is imperative that we compare travel insurance​ online before making a decision. We have tried to make things easier for you. 

There are 3 types of travel insurance policies available today. First one is a single trip which means that the insurance policy is valid for one trip only. The multi trip policy means that the policy is valid for multiple trips throughout the year. The family travel insurance policy is the one that covers all your family members under one policy. 

Let's dig deeper and know which policy is the right one for you.

Single trip travel insurance is ideal for those who are not sure when they are going to travel in a year. They travel occasionally or according to a prior commitment. There are various sub types in this policy type which is designed as per the need of the traveler. The most common inclusions in this type of policy are costs related to accidental death, emergency transport to the nearest medical centre, medical expenditure, disability benefit and loss of baggage/trip cancellation.

Annual multi trip travel insurance: As the name suggests, this travel insurance policy is designed for those who travel frequently throughout the year. This policy is valid for a period of one year. You can set your per-trip duration from various options available starting from one month. The policy holder need not arrange to buy travel insurance policy every time he/she goes on a trip. This type of policy also saves a lot of premium as compared to a single trip policy. It is like a combo offer.

Family travel insurance: This type of plan provides comprehensive coverage to the entire family who is travelling on the trip. One needs to pay a certain premium for a policy that covers all family members on the journey. The sum insured is shared amongst all family members. This plan usually covers the family against robbery back home. 

Hence, ensure you compare travel insurance in India to make the most of your policy.​