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Tips To Protect Children From Coronavirus

​Coronavirus has been declared as a pandemic and is spreading rapidly throughout the globe. The number of cases has constantly been increasing and amidst that, there has been slight relaxation in lockdown measures. Now school among a lot of other things is expected to reopen soon. All parents are concerned about the health of their children. Though the virus is more infectious toward higher age groups, it can affect a child as well. Get health insurance security in these difficult times. 

Thus it is not the need of the hour to learn tips that could protect your child from getting the infection. These tips are:

Make them wash their hand correctly: 

You should make sure that your child is washing their hands regularly. It does not matter whether they came from outside or not, washing hands should be regular habits these days. Every kid should wash their hands in 2 or 3 hours to be on the safest side. When traveling, you can provide your kids with alcohol-based sanitizers to keep their hands clean and secure all the time. 

Make sure they wear a mask: 

Whenever your child is leaving the home, make sure they have a mask on their face. Also, it is necessary to teach them that this mask is for their safety. It is not to be removed outside. The mask at all times should be on their nose and mouths properly as these are the main entry points for the virus. 

Prevent from touching their face: 

Children are habitual of usually touching their face or nose. Stop your kid every time you see them touching their face. You can also make your child wear disposable gloves when they are going out. 

Social Distancing: 

It is vital that your kid understands the importance of social distancing norms and follow them. You must teach them to be at least 6 feet away from any person even when they are playing. Try to keep an eye on them and don't leave them alone outside to play. Social distancing is the key to protection against this virus, kids must be taught to follow them. In schools too, they will have to follow these norms for proper safety. 

Avoid People with symptoms: 

Any contact with a person who has symptoms of cough, flu, fever, should be avoided. A good distance should be maintained from these people. 

Disinfect surface: 

Carry a sanitizer with you and always disinfect the surface you think your kid might touch while playing. It could be buttons of a lift, door handles, or anything which could have been touched by the others. Wipe down the surfaces that your kid touches regularly at home too.

Wash their toys: 

It is not the right time when your kid should play with toys lying on the floor here and there. All the toys must be washed and infected. It must be paid attention to that your kid is not putting these toys in their mouth. 

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