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Click, Compare, Insure: Making Insurance Buying Process Easier

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Insurance is not a new concept in India. In fact, we can find the earliest traces of insurance in the writings of Dharmasastra and Arthasastra. It all started with carriers' contracts and marine trade loans. These medieval forms of insurance contracts finally evolved in India with the advent of life insurance and general insurance businesses in 1818 and 1850, respectively. But that's history. In today's modern world, finding the right insurance is like trying to find light amidst pitch-black darkness. 

Many people find it difficult to choose a policy given the magnitude of products and insurance providers available in the market. For years, people have been turning to their insurance advisors or wiggling through different insurance company's websites to help them make the right choice. Many of them find the process quite overwhelming. There's a modern-day alternative to this – insurance aggregators.

Insurance Aggregators: Brining Insurance at Your Fingertips

Insurance aggregators enable customers to easily compare different policies offered by different insurers. They offer a convenient way to compare insurance policies based on important factors like coverages, tenure, sum insured, premium prices and others. But how are these factors captured and presented? 

An insurance aggregator platform uses different comparison tools and algorithms to display a list of policies based on customer needs. Customers need to input their personal details, desired product and sum insured preferences to get a tailored recommendation list. This list is presented in a user-friendly manner, which allows easy side-by-side comparisons. As a result, customers can save time and get instant quotes for the products they want. It's a win-win situation. 

Here are the key advantages of Insurance Aggregators: 

  • Transparency: Aggregators present product details, including coverage options and features, of different policies clearly and concisely. This helps customers choose the right product for themselves.
  • Time-Saving: Aggregators streamline the insurance buying process by condensing the process of comparing policies and quotes into a few clicks. This saves time and efforts.
  • Convenience: Aggregators enable consumers to compare multiple insurance policies from different insurance companies at one go, eliminating the need for extensive research or multiple website visits.​

Reliance General Insurance and Leading Aggregators 

We offer 100+ insurance products to help customers protect everything that matters. Our product portfolio includes motor insurance, health insurance, travel insurance, SME insurance and much more. We believe in fulfilling your every insurance need. Besides offering a seamless buying experience on our website, we have also partnered with leading insurance aggregators like Insuran​ceDekho, PolicyBazaar, Coverfox and many more to help our customers make informed decisions. 

  • InsuranceDekho is one of the leading insurtech companies in India. Launched in 2016, it provides insurance products across categories like car, bike, health, life, travel and others.
  • PolicyBazaar is one of the most popular life insurance and general insurance aggregators in India.
  • Coverfox is another popular insurtech platform that offers a range of insurance, including car, bike and health.​

Reliance General Insurance is committed to securing you, your loved ones and valuable assets. A whopping 3 crore+ policyholders trust us with their insurance needs. And we honor their trust by ensuring a hassle-free claim process and having an industry-leading 100% claim settlement ratio. We intend to continue serving our customers ​through our website and insurance aggregator platforms with the same commitment, transparency and value-based products.​​