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Why you need a health insurance plan?​​​

To begin with, we are living amidst a pandemic, and the chances of infection are high. Apart from that, there are other diseases that pose a threat to our health and life. Similarly, an accident can happen anytime and cause fatal injuries. While medical infrastructure is improving, the cost of affording quality healthcare is also rising. You need a health insurance plan so that you can avail the best medical services available near you, without worrying about the bills. It provides you peace of mind by shielding your finances and lets you focus on recovery. The added advantage is that payments made towards health insurance premiums are also eligible for tax deductions.​​

​What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance or Medical Insurance is a type of general insurance that protects the policyholder against the financial burden that arises when faced with a health condition or medical emergencies such as due to a disease, illness, or an accident.​

The insurance provider reimburses the expenses incurred due to the medical eme​rgency or pays the network hospital of the insured individual directly.

​Heal​th Sector in India​​​

A​ccording to the studies, there has been a rapid increase in the cases of chronic respiratory diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and diabetes in India. Cardiovascular diseases are one of the top reasons for deaths in India, contributing to more than 17,00,000 deaths in 2019. The rapid change in the lifestyles of people is one of the reasons for this large number. But another reason is that people are not getting the kind of treatment that they should get because of the rise in the healthcare cost in India.

It is true that India's healthcare sector is getting more equipped with advanced technology that can cure many chronic diseases. But this has also increased the healthcare cost in the country. In such a scenario, health insurance is the financial savior of the people.

Being insured under a health insurance policy is a need of the hour. We at, Reliance General Insurance provide comprehensive health insurance plans, which will take care of your hospitalization bills and medical expenses. You can get add-ons to make your coverage more widespread. Once you are insured with our health insurance plan which comes with affordable premium rates, you don't have to wo​rry about the finances in case of medical urgency. All you need to worry about is your fast recovery. Below we have explained in detail why you need a health insurance policy.

Health Insurance and Its Role during COVID-19 Outbreak

During this Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, it is highly recommended to have health insurance as it will provide cover against all medical expenses that are needed to get the required treatment. In case, you get infected by a coronavirus, then there will be several hospitalization charges for the treatment. A medical policy will take care of check-ups, consultation costs, and pre and post-hospitalization charges and the policyholder can focus on recovery peacefully.

Does Health Insurance Cover Covid-19?

The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI) has mandated that general and health insurance companies offer coronavirus coverage in their existing health policies. As early as March 4, the IRDAI had issued a circular directing health insurance firms to include medical cover for Covid -19. In addition to that, the IRDAI has also recently issued guidelines with specific reference to the Covid-19 health insurance policies. This plan, called Corona Kavach for individual and family-specific needs, has been offered to health insurance firms. The IRDAI had earlier advised all insurance firms to accept any claims with respect to covid-19 expenses. This means that your existing health insurance plan will offer cover for coronavirus-related medical expenses.​

Why Do You Need Health insurance?​

Insuring yourself and your family will not only help you financially against an unforeseen event such as accidents and illnesses, but it will also take care of your day-to-day medical expenses. People also think that if they are insured under a group health insurance plan from their employer, they don't need a separate health insurance plan. These people are wrong, as the health insurance offered by their employer will only cover them until they are working in the organization. So, you should understand that once you are retired or you have to change your job, you won't be covered.

Also, it is advisable to buy health insurance from us as early as possible. You should know that with age, the risk of getting a disease increases, hence it increases the premium rates. To avoid this, you should opt for a health plan when you are healthy and young. Here are some additional reason listed as to why you need health insurance -

Tax Benefits:

Under section 80 D of Income Tax Act, 1961, you will get tax benefits of up to Rs 1,00,000/- (if you buy the plan for your parents and self, who are more than 60 years old) on the premium paid towards your health plan. Refer to our health insurance tax-saving guide to save your tax now.

​Covers Pre And Post Hospitalisation Expenses:

Pre and Post hospitalization covers expenses incurred in OPD (Out-Patient Department) and diagnostic tests.

​Additional Benefits:

With our health plan, you will get coverage for the ambulance, health check-up, day-care surgeries, and vaccination.


Features & Benefits offered by Reliance Health Insurance –

Key Features Reliance Health Insurance Benefits

Sum Insured

3 Lac-1 Crore ₹

Policy Period

1 Year, 2 Years, 3 Years

Policy Type

Individual, Family Floater

Cashless Hospitalization

7300+ Cashless Hospitals

Cumulative Bonus

Up to 100%

Age Eligibility

Child: 91 days to 25 years#

Adult: 18 years to 65 years#

Claim Settlement Ratio

100%* Claims Settled

Pre-Post Hospitalization

Covered up to Specified Limit

Tax Benefits

Up to 1 Lac ₹ under Section 80D


Zero, Online Policy Purchase

Initial Waiting Period

15-30 Days

EMI Facility**

Monthly EMI Starts at 382₹**

Voluntary Co-payment

Option Available

Coronavirus Cover

Available in all health policies


More Cover, More Time, More Global***

“For FY 19-20

#For health infinity insurance

**Monthly EMI premium starts with 382 for a Health Gain individual cover for a 20-year-old for a sum-insured of 3 lacs subject to no adverse claims/medical history 

***For Health Infinity Insurance​​

Why Buy Reliance​​​ General's Health Insurance?

In the present time, medical insurance is something which is the basic need for everyone, as the medical expenses are very high and it is almost impossible for a middle-class person to afford treatment. The advancement in medical science and technology is the reason behind this increase. But this advancement has made it possible to cure incurable diseases as well.

As per your requirement, you can purchase a comprehensive health insurance plan. We also provide a variety of options to choose from such as a family floater mediclaim policy, individual health insurance plans, senior citizen health insurance with a wide range of sum insured. Reliance Health Insurance is one of the most trusted brands, as it has a better claim settlement ratio and lower premium amount.

Benefits of Reliance Health Insurance 

  • ​​Multiple plans available under one umbrella 
  • Cashless hospitalization in 7300+ hospitals across India
  • Tax benefits under section 80D of the Income Tax Act
  • Better discounts under special conditions
  • No claim bonus discount
  • Pre and post hospitalization expenses
  • Annual health check-up
  • Maximum hospitals empaneled
  • Our comprehensive medical insurance policy not only gives you security from unforeseen medical expenses but protects your life savings as well. You can buy health insurance online by simply visiting the official site of the company. It is recommended to read all terms and conditions of the policy before buying it. You should also check the list of hospitals empaneled with the company and the capping on room or ICU rent. 

    Reliance Health Insurance offers no capping policy, where a person can take a room in the hospital at any cost and the company will bear it. Also, all pre and post hospitalization charges will be borne by the company. Apart from this, you can get free of cost annual health check-up that further helps you in keeping a track of your health and maintaining it. 

    Types of health insurance

    Reliance health insurance offers multiple options to cater to the demands of every individual. The company provides health insurance for individuals, for the family which includes husband, wife, and two children. Another option is a family with parents where the person can add parents as the health issues are the biggest cause of financial stress during old age. You can buy any of the available options as per your requirements.​

    Compare health insurance policies and select from these 8 plans that we offer-​

    Health Insurance Plans - Health Infinity Insurance

    Health Infinity Health Insurance (Reliance Health Infinity Policy)

    ​Health Infinity is one of the best health insurance policies available in ndia offering wide range of sum insured i.e. ₹ 3 Lakh to ₹ 1 Crore. You get add-on options of additional coverage more policy tenure and international coverage for overseas emergencies as well. There are no sub-limits for hospital room rent, road ambulance charges and organ donor expenses. You are also covered for robotic surgeries.

    Buy Health Infinity Insuran​ce Online now! 

    Health Insurance Plans - HealthGain Insurance

    HealthGain Health Insurance (Reliance HealthGain Policy)-

    ​This is a medical insurance policy that covers pre and post-hospitalization coverage, daycare procedure, donor expenses, OPD charges, consultations, tests, and other such expenses that can put you in a financial crisis. The policy has two plans which can also be purchased on EMI option.

    Plan A- Rs. 3 lakh -Rs. 9 lakhs

    Plan B- Rs. 12- Rs. 18 lakhs

    Buy Hea​lthGain Insurance Online now! 

    Health Insurance Plans - AROGYA SANJEEVANI POLICY

    Arogya Sanjeevani Policy – Reliance General

    ​Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance is a new standard policy implemented by IRDAI and is offered by all the insurance companies in India. The standard plan provides for a basic health insurance plan with coverage between Rs. 1 to 5 lakhs. The policy covers inpatient hospitalisation, day-care procedures, special treatments and Ayush treatment and gives a cumulative bonus up to 50%.

    Buy ​Arogya Sanjeevani Health Insurance Online now! 

    Health Insurance Plans - Corona Kavach Policy

    Corona Kavach Policy, Reliance General

    ​Corona Kavach Policy, Reliance General is an affordable Health Insurance policy that protects you and your family against hospitalization expenses due to COVID-19. The policy comes with a coverage of Rs.50k to Rs. 5 Lakh. The policy covers Hospitalisation Cover including PPE kits, Home care treatment cover, Ayush treatment and pre-post hospitalisation. The coverage starts from the day you get diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. The policy has a standard waiting period of 15 days after policy purchase.

    Buy Corona Kavach Health Insurance Online now! 

    Health Insurance Plans -Corona Rakshak Policy

    Corona Rakshak Policy, Reliance General

    ​Corona Rakshak Policy, Reliance General is an affordable Health Insurance policy that offers lumpsum benefit* from 50k to 2.5 lakh to the insured if diagnosed with COVID-19. The coverage starts from the day you get diagnosed with COVID-19 infection. The policy has a standard waiting period of 15 days after policy purchase.

    *Hospitalization should be as per the Government-authorized hospital and is mandatory for 72 hours.

    Buy ​Corona Rakshak Health Insurance Online now! 

    Health Insurance Plans - Personal Accident Insurance

    Personal Accident Insurance-

    This policy safeguards your family's financial security in an hour of need. Death, permanent total disability, temporary total disability, broken bones, and ambulance costs are covered under this policy. You can also extend a personal accident insurance plan to include your entire family under a single policy.

    Buy Personal Accident Insurance Online Now!

    Health Insurance Plans - HealthWise Insurance

    HealthWise Health Insurance (Reliance HealthWise Policy)-

    An affordable and comprehensive health insurance policy which lets you take care of the most important aspect of your life - your health! This policy offers complete hospitalization cover inclusive of doctor's fees, nursing expenses, OT charges, medicines and drugs, anaesthesia and oxygen administration expenses, surgical appliances, pacemaker and radiotherapy. The best part about this policy is that it even covers critical illnesses, making it one of the best policies available in the market.

    Buy HealthWise Insurance Online now!

    ​​ Health Insurance Plans - Critical Illness Insurance

    ​Critical Illness Insurance (Reliance Critical Illness Policy)-

    This policy acts as a financial cushion that helps you tide over medical exigencies that incur while treating a critical illness. The lump sum amount paid enables you to take care of hefty medical bills as well as the daily expenses. This critical illness policy covers 10 life-threatening and lifestyle-disabling diseases.

    Buy Critical Illness Insurance​ Online Now! ​


    Now that you are aware of all the big benefits of opting for Reliance Health Insurance policy, make sure you buy health insurance right away and avail great benefits. While we cannot stop anything unfortunate to happen with your health, we are always there to help you financially. 

    How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan?​

    Before choosing, you should understand and know the following things:

    Policy's features:

    Before buying a health insurance policy, you should read all the features and terms and conditions of the policy to avoid future consequences.

    Tax Benefit:

    You should also check policy whether it is giving you a tax benefit under section 80D of the Income Tax Act or not, and if yes then how much.

    Critical Illnesses:

    You should also check the illnesses that the policy is covering because there are chances that for some critical illnesses you need to pay an extra premium as per your family history.

    Room or ICU rent capping:

    Before going ahead, you need to thoroughly check the policy to assure about the room or ICU rent during hospitalization before buying a policy.

    Claim process:

    Before buying health insurance, you should check the claim settlement percentage of a company and the process which it follows before raising the funds.

    Empaneled hospitals:

    You should check the complete list of hospitals that are empaneled with the company before buying a health policy.


    Before and after hospitalization, people visit a doctor and undergo several medical tests, you need to check all pre and post-hospitalization perspectives of the policy.

    Lifetime renewability:

    You should buy health insurance which offers lifetime renewability because the higher chances of getting sick are in old than young age, and lifetime renewability gives more stability.

    Family Insurance:

    While looking forward to buy a health insurance policy online, you need to keep the age of each family member in mind, and the policy benefits accordingly. Also, family medical history is important and try to add those illnesses in the plan which are not pre-included in the plan and are available in your family history.

    Premium amount:

    You also need to compare premium amounts within a few top brands before selecting one for yourself and your family.

    Now that you know the right way to choose a health insurance plan, act faster and make your move by picking the right plan for you and your family.

    How to choose between group health insurance plan and regular health insurance ​plan?

    There are various types of health insurance plans that cater to the needs and budget of the customer. An individual or regular health insurance plan is a policy that is purchased by a person to insure against medical emergencies. You can buy a health insurance plan each for yourself, or your spouse, or children, or even for your elderly parents. The premium rate varies according to the policyholder's age, gender, medical history, etc. A group health insurance policy, on the other hand, is purchased when a group of people wants to get insured under the same policy. It can be a company buying the policy for its staff members or a sports team buying for its players or simply joint families buying this health plan together. Here, the premium is calculated according to the size of the group, the industry company operates in, demographics, and ages of the people involved, etc.

    Differences between individual and group health insurance:

    Coverage: While Individual plan offers more flexibility in terms of coverage as per the policyholder's needs, Group coverage maintains uniformity by offering same kind of benefits to all the members mentioned in the policy.
    Premiums: The premiums for Individual plans depend on the coverage sought by the policyholder, whereas in Group plans, the employer pays the premium. The employees, if they wish to expand the coverage, need to pay the extra amount...
    Sum Insured: Sum insured can be decided by the policyholder while purchasing the individual plan. In case of Group insurance, the sum insured is pre-determined. It can be increased by paying additional premium if the insured party feels that the sum insured is not sufficient.
    Add-ons and discounts: The Individual plan scores over the Group in this one as the policyholder can opt for several add-on covers and even get discounts on not making claims during the policy period. Such benefits are not available in group plans. 
    Pre-existing diseases: Group plan provides coverage from the first day while individual plans need the policyholder to hold on till the waiting period ends.

    Both the plans have their advantages and disadvantages. Experts suggest that nuclear families with most members being young can opt for family floater plans to save money on premiums. However, if you have aged members like parents and grandparents, one should get separate plans with sufficient sum insured for them, considering their vulnerability to diseases.


     How to pick the right health insurance plan for parents?

    With age, our immunity weakens and metabolism gets slower and we gradually become more vulnerable to diseases. Therefore, our parents and grandparents are at a greater health risk. The pandemic is posing a major threat to their lives especially, as they generally suffer from other pre-existing diseases. Moreover, the cost of healthcare is rising and the treatment of certain diseases can cost a few lacs. Now, a family floater plan, if taken with aging parents, may leave little of the sum insured for the rest of the members to use. Hence, individual plans tailored to your parents' needs might be more apt. As the health insurance premium increases with age, it's advisable to take such plans sooner. The policy can also be bought on easy EMIs then.

    Guide To Help You Choose Perfect Health Plan That Satisfies Your Needs

    We at Reliance General Insurance wants our customers to be satisfied with our plan. To do that we always take the advice of the customers and evolves so that the plan we offer satisfies the needs of the customer. There are a variety of plans available, to help you choose what suits you the best, we have come up with the guide that will help you:

    First scenario: If you have a family with a wife, children, and parents

    If you have a family like this, then buying family​ health insurance from us is highly advisable. The coverage offered by this plan will not only help you financially but will also help your family members, in case of a medical emergency. This health insurance plan comes with benefits such as the reinstatement of base sum insured, cashless hospitalization, pre and post hospitalization expenses, and numerous other add-on features. This plan will not only provide coverage for the policyholder, but it will cover all the members in the family under a single plan. Let's more than one person is sick in your family, in such case, your sum insured will be distributed among members of the family. You will get a tax benefit of Rs 50,000/- on the premium paid if you insure your parents that are more than 60 years old.

    Second scenario: If you travel a lot and you need financial protection overseas

    In such a case, we at Reliance General Insurance come with a plan called health infinity plan. This comprehensive policy will help you manage your finances and will also ensure that you get the best treatment. You can avail the benefits of this plan, even if you are not in India. Anyone between the age group of 18 years to 65 years old can opt for this health plan. This policy has extra benefits of more time and sum insured amount coverage.

    Third Scenario: If you are willing to get coverage for some specific health illness

    In such a case, we will advise you to buy our criti​cal illness insurance. In this plan, when you will make a claim, you will get a pre-defined lump sum amount. This plan covers specific critical illnesses which can either be lifestyle disabling or it can be life-threatening. More than 10 critical illness is covered under this plan like cancer, burns, multiple sclerosis, etc.


    Why Buy Health Insurance While Young?

    When you buy health insurance at a young age you have the following benefits:

    Low Premium:

    The premium of a health insurance plan is much lower when you are young.

    Let's understand this with an example- At the age of 20, you can have a health gain the individual cover of Rs. 3 lacs at a premium of just Rs. 4,584(plus taxes). As time passes by, our immune system weakens, and we might need a cover of a greater sum insured. If you buy a cover of Rs. 9 lacs at the age of 50, then the premium amount gets almost tripled i.e. Rs. 14,856. Hence it is advised to buy a health insurance policy at a young age.

    Higher Chances of Policy Issuance:

    When you are young generally you don't have any exposure to pre-existing diseases which may cause immediate hospitalization hence insurance providers consider the age during policy issuance.​

    Tax Benefits:

    Health insurance is one of the best ways to save tax under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act, 1961. You can avail tax benefits for a longer period if you buy a health insurance plan at a young age. Refer to our health insurance tax-saving guide to save your tax now.​

    Financial Planning:

    Just as it is important to start saving from a young age to create wealth, buying health insurance will help safeguard this wealth by protecting your savings at the time of a medical emergency.

    Waiting Period:

    If you invest in health insurance at a younger age, when you're still hale and hearty, then the waiting period will not be much of an issue for you as generally at that age people are not suffering from any illnesses immediately for which you require hospitalization.

    Claim Process:

    If a policyholder doesn't raise a claim in the previous year of his policy term, then he/she gets a cumulative bonus from the insurer as a reward. Buying a health insurance policy at an early age can get you a cumulative bonus discount because most likely a young policyholder will renew his policy every year.​

    Availability of Better and Wider Options:

    At a young age, you can select the best health insurance plan from the wider and better available options. There's also a chance you can get the benefit of lifetime renewal at a young age.


    Why Buy Health Insurance Online?

    Buying health insurance online is easy and cost-effect as compared to agents or middlemen. Gone are the days when there was a need for health insurance agents to get a good health insurance plan. 

    We all are living a fast-paced stressful life, which has a direct effect on our health. Our improper diet and irregular schedules also affects our life. Due to this type of lifestyle, we all are living a threatened life, the threat of getting sick or having a critical illness which leads us in debts, even after spending all our savings. 

    To avoid such circumstances, we should buy a comprehensive medical policy, which covers all unwanted and unforeseen medical expenses. A policy that covers pre and post hospitalization expenses, check-ups, ambulance service, and drugs cost. People with some medical history or family medical history can also add that illness by paying a small amount other than premium. 

    Benefits of buying health insurance online

    In today's scenario, people are spending their major time on the internet. You can use this internet facility to buy health insurance online as well as avoiding meeting an insurance agent. Here are some benefits of buying online:

    Option availability:

    When buying a medical policy online, you have all options available to compare. Almost all major insurance companies provide an online comparison facility.

    Ease of transaction:

    The online purchase gives multiple options to pay for the policy. You can choose any one available from all the digital payment options such as net banking, cards, e-wallets, and UPI. 

    Avoid middleman:

    Buying online is easy as well as you can avoid meeting a middleman who also has a commission amount in your premium, which makes the cost high.

    Clear terms and conditions:

    You can read all terms and conditions before buying a policy online which helps you in understanding the policy better. 

    Claim settlement ratio:

    Before buying a health insurance policy, you can compare the claim settlement ratio of different companies and can compare the better one out of all available options. 

    Compare features with ease:

    Several portals are available where you can compare policy's features and benefits online before making a purchase.


    Online policy purchase assures complete safety of your documents, as you are sharing it with the company, not with any third person who can misuse these.

    Benefits of buying health insurance plans for senior citizens

    • You get a Sum Insured rebound that recharges your exhausted health cover to take care of your next hospitalization.
    • Apart from cashless treatment at a hospital and daycare facilities, you can avail cashless medical f​acilities at home as well.
    • The pre and post-hospitalization expenses are covered.
    • The health plan comes with several top-up plans to enhance your parents' health coverage by paying a small amount.
    • The premium you pay towards a health insurance plan for your parents qualifies for deduction under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. So, you get a tax rebate on buying a policy for your parents.

    Being a senior citizen means you have to be extra careful about your health. Since you must have retired, and your company isn't providing any health coverage, you have to get one for yourself at the earliest possible. If you are diagnosed with any critical ailment and you have no senior citizen health insurance, you might end up losing a sizable chunk of your life savings to medical bills or even pass on the financial burden to your children.

    ​Looking to change your health plan? 5 things to consider

    While following a healthy way of living is always recommended, you should also be prepared to face illnesses. From sedentary lifestyles to food adulteration, and from stress to genetic disorders,there are many things that can get you hospitalized. Life is indeed uncertain! Health insurance was always important, but now in the wake of a pandemic, it has become non-negotiable. It provides you with the freedom to go for the best medical facilities available at the earliest possible without stressing over bills. However, the market is full of different plans and one must choose a health insurance planthat fits their budget and offers wide coverage too. If you are stuck with an average plan, it's time to switch to a better one. 

    When should you switch?

    Premium vis-a-vis coverage: You should switch to a better deal with bigger coverage (i.e. higher sum insured) at a smaller premium. 
    Inclusions and exclusions: The fine print contains a lot of terms and conditions. You must opt for a policy that is transparent and has no limitations like room rent capping or forces you for co-payment. Basically, you should switch to the one with more inclusions and minimum exclusions.
    Reputation and claim settlement ratio: Always, put your money on a reputed brand with a much higher claim settlement ratio. You can also read reviews and take feedback from its past and current customers. 
    Network of hospitals: Pick a plan that has some of the best hospitals in your vicinity in its network so you can avail cashless treatment.
    Top-up plans: Pick a plan that offers such additional coverage. 
    Waiting period and renewability: There is a waiting period after you buy a health insurance plan in which you can't make a claim. So, opt for a plan with a smaller waiting period. Similarly, check the renewability terms and conditions of the plan. 

    Surely, you want to get the maximum benefit out of your insurance policy. So, when buying a new policy, do some thorough research to figure out which plan suits your needs and budget the best. A policy taken in haste can leave you with a lot of regrets. Also remember to renew health insurance plans on time to enjoy uninterrupted coverage.

    *T&​C apply.​ For more details on risk factors, terms conditions, brochure, and exclusions, please read the policy wording carefully before concluding a sale. The details mentioned above are for multiple products such as Health Gain Health Insurance Policy UIN -RELHLIP21514V022021,Health Infinity Insurance UIN -RELHLIP21521V032021 ,Arogya Sanjeevani - Insurance UIN -RELHLIP21001V012021,HealthWise Health Insurance UIN -RELHLIP21522V032021, Personal Accident Policy UIN -RELPAIP01002V010001, Reliance Critical Illness Insurance Policy UIN -RELHLGP08003V010708, Corona Rakshak Policy, Reliance General Product UIN - RELHLIP21093V012021, Corona Kavach Policy, Reliance General Product UIN -RELHLIP21092V012021

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      Had to buy a health insurance for my family to keep everyone covered against any threats. Feel safe now as I am very happy with the service provided to me by reliance

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      It is a good health insurance policy which cover hospitalization and helped me avail cashless hospitalization

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      I could select and customize the health insurance plan as per my needs. It was good to purchase the health insurance plan as needed.

      Chetan O5 February 2020, Vijayawada
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    • “Good health insurance policy”

      A decent policy by Reliance which covers hopitalization and helped me recover expenses.

      Mohan A12 December 2019, Kerala
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      Did a detailed comparision between health insurance providers and came to a conclusion that reliance has the most options and the perfect match for my needs. The coverage provided is also amazing!

      Sagar M8 December 2019, Valsad
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      Didn’t know the importance of health insurance until something unfortunate happened to my friend. After lots of comparison I decided to go with reliance general. All necessary information is present on the website and customer executives are well trained to answer any other questions. Overall very satisfied

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      I paid my own bills last year when I was admitted to the hospital and it was painful as I didn't had a health insurance policy

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