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Sending Kids Back To School? Here Are The Things You Should Know About Flu & Covid-19

​Flu is seen when seasons change in India. It means a transition from monsoon to winter season may bring in the flu season. With unsure clear symptoms of COVID-19, both are known to have common symptoms. It could be hard to distinguish one from the other. Researches are in process to differentiate between the symptoms of seasonal flu and COVID-19. 

Researches proved that people with COVID-19 had more symptoms of fever, cough, chest pain, vomiting, and body ache than normal flu when they were diagnosed. Flu season may start by end of October with changing season. It could be hard for a parent to differentiate between common flu and COVID-19. It could make them worry and can mandate a trip to the doctor's office regularly. You can buy health insurance for coronavirus like corona kavach or corona rakshak in these difficult times to be financially covered for an emergency. 

A few things to look for to decide whether the kid has flu or COVID-19 are


While the spread of the flu and COVID-19 is through similar means, COVID-19 is more contagious among especially popular or age group than flu. The time it takes for the appearance of the symptom after the spread of the virus is also different for two. COVID-19 has more super spreading nature than the normal flu. It is thus recommended that we all must wear masks whenever we are leaving our homes. 

COVID-19 has the capability of spreading to more number of people at the same time interval than flu. The start of the winter season will allow researchers to access this impact in a better way. It is mainly because the population is now slowly returning to its normal means with social distancing measures. 

Fever cough more common in kids with COVID-19 than Flu

Fever is a more frequent reported symptom with COVID-19 followed by a cough. Also, it leads to breathlessness while in flu, one will not feel breathless. The report did not have an explicit result but was sufficient to claim that with flu, a kid may not have a fever. 

Overlapping Symptoms

Another problem is that COVID-19 and flu can occur at the same time. COVID-19 and influenza share very similar symptoms. Parents should be concerned and should reach out to pediatrician if their kid has fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhoea and get advice on whether they should be tested for COVID-19 or not. A fever could be due to many other reasons. Worrying spontaneously is not the best option. Even with COVID-19 with proper rests cure is possible. 

COVID-19 is milder in kids than in adults. It does not mean that the illness is to be taken lightly at any cost. 

Coronavirus number in kids

There was a 16 percent increase in child cases. However, it's still significantly low compared to adult cases. With relaxation in lockdown measures getting your kids to follow social distancing could be difficult. A parent must prepare their ids to follow all the guidelines and take precautions in case of school reopening. With proper safety measures, one must invest in a health insurance plan to be safe during this pandemic.​