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Buying the right Home Insurance Policy after Comparison

​​​​​Dharmeshbhai woke up with a nagging headache on a Monday morning. He had worked his fingers to the bone and deserved all the credit for his flourishing business. Like many other shopkeepers, he toiled away his Sunday to reap maximum profits. He headed straight for the newspaper like he did every other morning as he preferred refreshing his knowledge rather than his body. The newspaper was his caffeine. His face went pale reading the initial few lines. ‘Floods in Chennai wash the city away’.

He felt for the people of Che​nnai and their loss. After all, his own uncle had lost his house as well as shop in the 26 July floods in Mumbai and even after insuring his property, his uncle received peanuts from the insurance company.

He contemplated the possibility of such an unfortunate event happening to his house or shop. His house easily had contents worth 20 lakhs including ornaments, electronic appliances, cash, and property papers. Losing all of these would certainly prove to be a catastrophe. As he pondered about his fate, his twenty year old daughter saw his disturbed face. Dharmeshbhai shared his thoughts with his daughter and was informed about the solution to his worries. His tech-freak daughter simply asked him to compare home insurance policies in India using the comparison websites online and buy a good home i​nsurance policy​​. She informed him that it is imperative to research about the different coverage that the policies offer before going ahead with buying the policy.

Dharmeshbhai was amazed at how calmly his daughter solved all his problems and gave him the peace of mind to go to work confidently. He immediately went online and compared home insurance quotes of all the major insurance companies and started weighing the pros and cons of each of them. He was amazed at how affordable the premiums were and how the coverage they offered was drastically different. It took him exactly 5 minutes to go ahead and purchase the policy that suited his requirements the most. In a matter of a few minutes, Dharmeshbhai was relieved that all his valuables were protected and he could go back to work again.​​