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Toyota Insurance


Toyota Car Insurance

When you decide to buy your first car, you typically choose a renowned, reputed and quality-driven brand - Toyota Motors for instance. The Japanese manufacturer is known for building, sturdy, and robust vehicles. Just as you take the time to shortlist a car, so should you choose a reputed insurance provider. After all, your insurer comes to your aid when your car endures damages or losses.

Investing in a Toyota car insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance can indeed prove to be a prudent decision. Your insurance policy is a agreement under which you become eligible for coverage various insured events and incidents, including damages, losses, thefts, etc. Moreover, we also cover the expenses associated with restoring your prized car, thanks to your Toyota insurance policy.

Toyota Car Insurance– An Overview

For a car with the premium build quality, dependable warranty, good mileage, and impressive customer service, you need the best protection. Toyota car insurance from Reliance General Insurance gives you just that. With the policy, you get prompt financial assistance during unforeseen events.

Your Toyota car insurance policy also protects your vehicle from losses and damages caused by natural disasters and human-made perils. You can also rely on your insurer to cover your third-party liabilities. Plus, you can flexibly choose your preferred coverage based on your needs and budget.​

Types of Toyota Car Insurance

You can choose from the following Toyota insurance policies offered by Reliance General Insurance:

  • Third-Party Car Insurance​

​Indian law states that you must mandatorily buy third-party insurance if you own a car or any other vehicle. Your Toyota third-party insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance protects you if your vehicle damages third-party vehicles/property, if it injures them, or leads to their death.​​

  • Own Damage Car Insurance​

Own damage insurance covers you against damages affecting your car. Under this policy, you can get coverage for losses/damages caused by natural calamities and human-made incidents. You need to buy this policy separately since third-party plans do not cover your own vehicle’s damages.

  • ​Comprehensive Car Insurance​

​If you want a single policy that covers both third-party liabilities and own damages, you should opt for a comprehensive car insurance policy. Comprehensive car insurance plans provide all-encompassing coverage and are customisable, i.e., you can add various riders covering your specific insurance needs.

Coverage Under Reliance General Insurance’s Toyota Insurance Policy

The scope of inclusions and exclusions under the Toyota motor insurance plan are as under.

What is Covered?​

  • Theft

If your Toyota car gets stolen, you can report the theft and inform your insurer. The insurer compensates you for the loss based on the vehicle’s Insured Declared Value (IDV). IDV is the maximum sum provided by the insurer for total loss of your vehicle based on its current market value.

  • Damage Resulting from Accidents

An accident is the most common cause of minor to severe damage to your vehicle anda thirdparty’s car/property. Besides affecting the car, accidents also have serious medical implications. A car insurance policy supports you in covering the damages sustained from accidents.

  • Third-Party Loss/Damage

Driving responsibly is a general road safety rule. Third-party coverage comes under the realm of this rule. Hence, it is the minimum protection you must get when you insure your car. Third party liability insurance financially assists you if your car accidentally damages a third-party vehicle or injures them.

  • Impact of Natural Calamities​

A comprehensive Toyota insurance policy protects your car from natural calamities, which often come unannounced and cause catastrophic damage. Whenan earthquake, cyclone, or flood affects your Toyota car while it is parked or while on your road, you can expect compensation from car insurance.

  • Damage Due to Human-made Incidents

Human-made perils like riots, terrorist attacks, strikes, etc.,can damage your car significantly. A comprehensive policy for your Toyota car covers the expenses of restoring such damages. Also, if your car is irreparably damaged due to fire or explosion, you are totally compensated up to the IDV amount.

  • Damages Incurred During Transit

If you are moving to another geographical location and want to transport your Toyota car via waterways, airways, and railways, there are risks of damages during transit. Your Toyota car insurance policy covers you against such damages so you can move your precious vehicle worry-free.

What is Not Covered?​

  • Depreciation

Your brand-new Toyota car will depreciate in value with use. The car parts go through regular wear and tear, may affect the functioning of your automobile, and require fixing. The repair costs involved in servicing wear and tear due to depreciation are not covered under your Toyota insurance policy.​​​

  • Commercial Usage of Car

Your four-wheeler insurance for your Toyota car, is limited to private usage. Insurers consider the normal usage conditions to assess the risk value while calculating the Toyota insurance price. If you use the car for commercial purposes, e.g., to carry goods or passengers, you cannot claim coverage.

  • Damages From War/Nuclear Attacks​

War-like situations in the country or nuclear attacks such as radiation leaks, bombing, fission reactions, etc., are catastrophic. These high-risk events are beyond the scope of insurance coverage. Hence, if your car explodes due to harmful radiation from such events, you cannot claim compensation.

  • Consequential Losses

Consequential losses are indirect losses arising due to insured incidents. For instance, if you have a commercial car insurance plan, and your car is damaged, we will cover the repair costs. However, we will not be liable to cover the financial losses endured while your commercial vehicle is under repairs.

  • Damage Due to Driver’s Negligence

Driving your vehicle under the influence of alcohol, driving without a licence, rash driving, breaking traffic rules, speeding, etc., puts you at a higher risk of accidents. When the insurers investigate the accident and find you driving irresponsibly, they rule out the coverage as it is deemed as negligence.

  • Mechanical or Electrical Breakdown

Mechanical or electrical breakdown occurs due to improper vehicle maintenance, e.g., while driving to work, your car halts due to a mechanical failure, you will take it to the garage for repairs. But since the cause was not an external unexpected event, you cannot claim auto insurance coverage.

Note: The exact scope of Toyota car insurance coverage differs based on the policy you choose. While comprehensive policies provide extensive coverage, the scope of coverage under third-party and own damage policies is limited. You must thus check the policy’s coverage and exclusions before buying.

Offering extensive coverage is the main focus of Reliance General Insurance. Not just for cars, but also for two-wheelers. Give your bike the protection it deserves with our Two-wheeler insurance​ plans.

Optional Add-on Riders Available with a Toyota Motor Insurance​

Besides the base coverage of your Reliance General Insurance Toyota motor insurance policy, you can select various add-on riders if you choose a comprehensive insurance plan. The popular ones include:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover

If your car is damaged beyond repairs or not traceable following a theft, insurers compensate you after calculating the depreciation value of the car. But with zero depreciation cover, you can get full coverage.The insurer pays the entire cost without considering its depreciation value.

  • Consumables Cover

Consumables such as lubricant oil, brake oil, grease, washers, etc are vital to keep your car running smoothly. Your mechanic typically replaces these items during servicing or repairs throughout the course of vehicle usage. The consumables cover rider covers you against these costs.

  • Total Cover

When you buy a car, you bear several additional costs besides the car’s price tag, such as road tax, excise duty, octroi, etc. But if you choose a total cover, you insurer compensates you for the actual invoice amount you paid while buying the car, not just the car’s Insured Declared Value.

  • NCB Protection Cover

No claims bonus or NCB is a discount insurers provide to policyholders for not filing claims. You can get discounts ranging from 20% to 50% during policy renewal. But if you file a singleclaim, your NCB drops to zero. To avoid this, you can buy an NCB protection cover to retain your NCB despite raising a claim.

  • Engine Protection Cover

If your car’s engine is damaged in an unexpected mishap, the cost of restoring its components can be hefty. While your Toyota car insurance covers the basic damages affecting your car’s engine, you need an engine protection cover to pay for damages caused by water ingression, lubricant oil spillage, etc.

At Reliance General Insurance, we offer an extensive range of add-on riders for complete coverage. You can reach out to us for more details on all add-on riders.

  • Importance of Buying a Toyota Car Insurance Policy

The following reasons highlight the importance of investing in a car insurance policy for your Toyota car:

  • Law Compliance

You need to invest in an insurance policy to legally drive your car on Indian roads. Otherwise, you may incur a fine and/ora prison sentence as driving without insurance is considered a criminal offence. Also, you must complete the Toyota car insurance renewal online annually to keep your policy active.

  • Stress-free Driving

While you may practice safe driving, stay cautious, and follow traffic regulations, safety is never guaranteed. Accidents or other mishaps might occur without warning. With a car insurance policy, you can keep your worries about such unexpected occurrences at bay and drive stress-free.

  • Liability Management

If your car causes damages, bodily injuries, and other implications to third parties, you are held responsible to compensate them for their losses. You incur hefty legal and financial responsibilities. But if you have car insurance, your insurer compensates the third-party while protecting your interests.

  • Protection from Unexpected Losses

You never know how much impact an untoward incident can have on your vehicle and others affected parties. Some losses can be unexpectedly significant, and you might not have sufficient funds to pay for them. However, your Toyota auto insurance policy financially protects you in such cases.

  • Preservation of Savings

A single incident can cause massive damage and deplete your savings if you are uninsured. It can put you in severe financial distress. But, with your car insurance policy, you can preserve your savings as your insurer covers the various costs associated with your and third-party losses and damages.

No matter the type of Reliance General Insurance product you choose, be it Car, Bike, Health, or Travel Insurance, expect only the best service and quick claim settlement!

Procedure to Buy Toyota Car Insurance Online from Reliance General Insurance

You can buy Toyota insurance from Reliance General Insurance online on our website by following these easy steps listed below:

  • Step 1: Go to RGI Homepage

You can start the process of buying Toyota auto insurance online by visiting the Reliance General Insurance Homepage. On the page, click on the ‘Menu’ and select ‘Car Insurance’ or search for ‘Reliance Toyota Car Insurance.’ The same convenience is available on the Reliance Self-i app.

  • Step 2: Fill in the Necessary Details

Next,you need to fill in details like your Toyota car’s registration number, email address, and mobile number in the specified tabs on a new page. You may also have to provide additional details like your car’s make and model, age, and city of registration to get an instant quote.

  • Step 3: Check the Summary of The Quote

The insurance quote primarily gives you an insight into the insurance cost. Additionally, it also includes the summary of the insured declared value, tax details, and other policy terms. Review ingthis information is incredibly vital as it gives you a better understanding of the Toyota insurance price.

  • Step 4: Confirm Coverage Choice

After going through the quote summary, you can make modifications and try different variations of coverage to suits your requirements. If you choose comprehensive insurance, you can also select add-on riders. Check how they affect the overall premium amount and confirm your coverage choice.

  • Step 5: Pay the Premium

You can proceed to finalise your policy by making an online premium payment. You can pay via internet banking or through a debit/credit card. Upon successful payment, you will receive a soft copy of the policy document on your registered email ID. It helps to keep a print out of the policy in your car.​

The Offline Purchase Process

You can purchase your Toyota car insurance plan offline by visiting us at our nearest branch in your vicinity. Remember to carry along originals and photocopies of your car registration document and driver’s license (which doubles as your ID and address proof). Also, ensure you carry your cheque book or bank cards to make the premium payment.

Benefits of Buying Toyota Car Insurance Online from Reliance General Insurance

Buying a Toyota insurance policy from Reliance General Insurance exposes you to the following advantages:

  • Attractive Discounts

Reliance General Insurance offers Toyota car insurance at competitive prices. You can get extra discounts for taking precautions to enhance your car’s safety. For instance, you can install anti-theft devices, become an Automobile Association of India (AAI) member, choose a higher deductible, etc.

  • Intuitive Self-i-app

With Reliance General Insurance’s intuitive Self-i app, you can easily upload self-inspection videos in case of an accident or to renew your policy after expiration. The app also includes other vital features like information about cashless garages in your vicinity, to help take your bike for repairs without delay.

  • Hassle-free Claim Settlement

Reliance General Insurance ensures you have the best experience if you ever need to raise a claim. You can rely on our impressive claim settlement ratio, coupled with our fully digitised process. We typically settle all reimbursement claims within 21 working days since the claim-filing date.

  • Extensive Network Of Cashless Garages

If you do not wish to pay money from your pockets first and file for reimbursement later, you can get your vehicle repaired at one of the cashless garages in our network. Reliance General Insurance has tie-ups with over 8500+ garages nationwide, where you can file cashless repair claims easily.

  • Instant Onboarding

You need insurance coverage to drive your car from the very first day. To ensure you can do so, we provide an effortless and seamless instant onboarding process. You can buy your Toyota insurance policy online with minimal paperwork, and start driving your car as soon as your dealer delivers it.

  • Complete Transparency

With Reliance General Insurance, you can always be certain of the coverage terms. We mention everything, from the scope of coverage to the applicable costs upfront. We believe in being totally transparent so that there are no sudden, hidden or unpleasant surprises for our customers later.

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Factors Affecting Toyota Insurance Prices

Several factors impact the Toyota insurance Prices, also known as the premiums. At Reliance General Insurance, we consider these factors while determining the premium rates.

  • The Vehicle’s Specifications

Insurance premiums largely depend on your vehicle’s general specifications. The make, model and brand of your vehicle are classic factors affecting premium costs, as are the vehicle type (sedan, SUV, hatchback, MUV etc.), the fuel-type it runs on and whether it has manual or automatic transmission.

  • Your Coverage Needs

Another vital factor impacting Toyota Insurance Prices is the type of coverage you select, particularly the insurance policy you choose. Premiums are also impacted based on the additional riders you choose, the applicable voluntary or involuntary deductible, and other customisations.

  • The Vehicle’s Insured Declared Value

Insurers allow you to choose your preferred IDV while buying and renewing your insurance plan. A higher IDV results in higher premiums but converts to a higher compensation at the time of claim filing. Similarly, a lower IDV reduces premium costs but the compensation while filing claims may also be low.

  • The Location of Vehicle Registration

If your reside in cosmopolitan areas like metros (with heavy traffic) or flood-prone areas, you can expect to pay a higher premium. If, on the other hand, you live in sparsely populated towns or villages with rare instances of accidents or vehicular damage, insurers may quote a lower premium amount.

  • Your Personal Factors

Insurers also take your personal factors into account while deciding the premium costs. If you have a good driving record and experience, you may get a lower premium quote. Conversely, if you have filed many claims in past of have been found guilty of flouting traffic laws, your premium costs may increase.

Step-by-Step Process to File a Claim for Toyota Car Insurance Coverage

The claim filing procedure for Toyota automobile insurance includes the following steps:

  • Step 1: Gather Evidence

The first step to raise a claim against your Toyota four-wheeler insurance policy is together evidence, especially in case of an accident. You can use your mobile phone to note down the third-party’s vehicle details, insurance details, eye witness accounts, etc., to build your case.

  • Step 2: Relay the Information

Once you have the evidence, your next, immediate step is to inform the police and register a first Information Report (FIR). Be sure to obtain a copy of the same, and then inform your insurer (typically within 24 hours of the incident) about your intention to file a claim.

  • Step 3: Decide on the Claim Settlement Approach

Next, you need to choose from Toyota cashless insurance claim settlement or reimbursement settlement. Cashless settlement involves getting your car repaired at a cashless garage within the insurer’s network. You may also choose to pay the vehicle repair costs first file for reimbursement later.

  • Step 4: Submit Details

Fill out a claim form online on the insurer’s website and provide details about the incident, vehicles insured, third-party’s information, etc. You must also attach the documents supporting the claim. Reliance General Insurance makes the process easier with minimal documentation.

  • Step 5: Get Your Claim Settled

Waiting for claim verification is the last step. To expedite the claim settlement process, you can upload a video documenting the incident on the self-i app. You may also wait for our surveyor to assess the claim site. At Reliance General Insurance, we typically take 21 working days to settle your claims.

Best-suited Reliance Car Insurance Plans for your Toyota Car

Reliance General Insurance offers car insurance plans for varied Toyota car models. Some of them include:

Did you know you can take your Toyota car for a spin beyond India’s borders? Enjoy your international trip stress-free with Travel Insurance from Reliance General Insurance.