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Car Insurance For Maruti Car


Maruti Insurance Policy

For most first-time car owners, the Maruti Suzuki car is the ideal car to purchase. Its compact size, fuel efficiency and easy maintenance, coupled with an affordable price tag make it the undeniable winner. And while the car offers so much value, you, as its owner, can uphold with by purchasing a good car insurance plan from Reliance General Insurance.

With your Maruti car insurance policy, you can stay financially prepared to tackle unprecedented losses and damages affecting your automobile. Your insurance provider covers the costs of losses and safeguards you from third-party legal and financial liabilities. Plus you can enjoy innumerable benefits. Here’s all you need to know about Maruti insurance plans offered by Reliance General Insurance.

Maruti car insurance plans From Reliance General Insurance

The varied categories you can consider while purchasing insurance for your Maruti Suzuki car include:

  • Third-party Car Insurance

According to the Motor Insurance Act 1988, third-party car insurance is the basic level of financial protection you must mandatorily get for your car. The policy covers expenses incurred when your car causes injuries or damages to another person or their property. This insurance plan also covers the medical costs in case of physical injuries, disabilities or death of third parties caused by your vehicle.

  • Own Damage Car Insurance

You can also buy an own-damage Maruti car insurance policy as a standalone policy with your mandatory third-party insurance plan. While the third-party policy only covers third-party liabilities, the own damage covers your vehicle if it is damaged in an accident. It also covers you against incidents like vehicle theft and damages/losses caused by natural calamities and human-made perils.

  • Comprehensive Car Insurance

A comprehensive plan combines the benefits of a third-party liability plan and an own damage car insurance plan. Thus, if your vehicle is damaged or destroyed in an accident or due to natural calamities, or it is stolen or vandalised by anyone, your insurer bears the costs of repairs and replacements. You can enhance your protection further by opting for riders and customise your policy.

Coverage Under Reliance Maruti Insurance

​Some of the typical inclusions and exclusions specified in the Maruti auto insurance plan from Reliance General Insurance are explained as follows:


  • Third-party Liability

A common cause for concern while driving cars is that it can get accidentally damaged. The situation gets worse when third-parties are involved. You can incur legal and financial liabilities to compensate for physical implications and property damage. In such cases, Maruti car insurance helps you financially manage third-party liabilities.

  • Accidental Damage Affecting Owner-Driver

Accidents often have a dual impact. Besides the third party, you as an owner-driver may also get affected. So, if the collision of your car with another property or vehicle leads to bodily injuries or other physical implications, you can get personal accident coverage under comprehensive Maruti car insurance along with vehicle damage cover.

  • Damages or Loss Due to Natural Calamities

Imagine going on a road trip in your Maruti Suzuki and you get stuck in an unexpected cyclone, earthquake, or thunderstorm. The chances of encountering these natural calamities may be low but cannot be ignored entirely. If you face such a situation, you get financial backing to cover the losses and damages with an auto insurance policy.

  • Damage Due to Human-made Incidents

Like natural calamities, human-made incidents and perils can also prove to be catastrophic for your vehicle. Incidents such as strikes, riots, terrorist activities, and vandalism can cause severe damage to your Maruti Suzuki car. Keeping this in mind, insurance companies in India include coverage for human-made incidents in the car insurance plan.

  • Theft of Car

Car theft is a serious issue that cannot be ruled out. As it results in significant losses, insurers cover theft under own damage and comprehensive car insurance plans. The reimbursement for lost car parts depends on the specified sub-limit. As for theft of the entire car, you get reimbursed based on the vehicle’s insured declared value, i.e., the current market value of your vehicle.

  • Damages Incurred During Transit

Anything can happen to your car when you transport it via public carriers such as airways, waterways, railways, and roadways. Examples of some damages include engine transmission problems, dents on the vehicle’s body, broken windows, etc. If you are worried about the financial repercussions of such damages, car insurance covers you for the same.


  • Regular Wear & Tear

Over the years, your brand-n​ew Maruti Suzuki car will depreciate in its value. The wear and tear resulting from the depreciation are expected and natural. As the Maruti motor insurance policy is designed to protect your car against unexpected events, the coverage does not include the cost of regular wear and tear.

  • Damages Due to Irresponsible Driving​

There might be certain instances, where you might engage in irresponsible driving practices like driving under the influence of alcohol, driving without a license, and excessive speeding. Such practices are considered illegal and affect road safety. Hence, car insurance companies do not cover damages caused as a result of irresponsible driving.

  • ​Nuclear or War-Related Damages

Acts of war form a common exclusion under all motor insurance policies in India, including your Maruti car insurance cover. If your car gets damaged due to invasion, nuclear attacks like radiation leaks or explosions, bombing, gunfire, and other war-related activities, insurers are not responsible for covering the damages for the same.

  • Damages Incurred During Undesignated Vehicle Usage

Maruti Car Insurance is a policy meant to protect your car purchased for personal use only. Hence, if you use your Maruti Suzuki car for undesignated purposes like commercial gains, including transportation of goods or passengers, and if accidents happen during such times, you will not be deemed eligible for insurance coverage.

  • Accidental Impact Due to Driver Negligence

Not all accidents take place due to external forces. Sometimes, the cause is negligence. For example, if you step out of your car while leaving the keys in ignition and car theft occurs, the incident is considered a consequence of negligence on your part. Other examples of negligence that result in claim rejection include breaking traffic rules, distracted driving, tailgating, etc.

  • Usage of Vehicles Beyond Geographical Limits

Insurers limit the coverage to a specific geographical zone. If your car encounters an unexpected mishap outside the specified area of coverage, your claim may not be entertained. Hence, it is best to check the specified geographical limit eligible for coverage under your policy. Typically, the zone depends on the location of the RTO office where you register your Maruti Suzu​ki car.

Note: The exact coverage depends on the policy type you choose. The more extensive the coverage, the higher the Maruti insurance amount or premium. Similarly, a lower premium typically results in limited coverage. Hence, it is best to compare the coverage levels across different categories of car insurance policies and choose the one suiting your protection needs and affordability.

Car Crash got you in an accident? Is the sum insured insufficient to cover medical costs? We recommend you use your Reliance General Health Insurance Policy to bear the remaining costs. 

Add-ons Available to Enhance Coverage in Reliance Maruti Insurance

You can choose the following add-on riders to expand your comprehensive car insurance coverage:

  • Nil Depreciation Cover

The cost of depreciation is usually deducted from the Insured Declared Value (IDV) for covering replacement costs in a car insurance policy. But with nil depreciation or bumper-to-bumper cover, you can get the full replacement value without the deduction of depreciation.

  • Consumables Cover

When your vehicle gets damaged, you also incur the cost of using consumables, which is not covered in the base policy. Hence, if the repair involves replacing the lubricant oil, nuts, bolts, coolant, etc., you must pay the cost out of your pocket. A consumables add-on cover helps you manage such costs.

  • Engine Protection Cover

Sometimes, an accidental impact leads to water ingression or leakage of lubricant oil in the engine. Such spillage affects the working condition of the engine and gearbox. In such cases, an engine protection cover financially assists you in repairing the engine components.

  • EMI Protection Cover

Vehicle repair work can often take a lot of time. With an EMI protection cover, you need not worry about delays as the insurance company covers up to three EMIs. The rider becomes active if your car is retained for repairs at an authorised cashless garage for more than 21 days.

  • NCB Retention Cover

No Claims Bonus or NCB is the reward you earn in the form of premium discounts for not filing insurance claims. However, your accumulated NCB drops to zero even if you make a single claim. With an NCB retention cover, you can retain your accrued NCB benefits despite filing a claim.

  • Daily Allowance Benefit

Suppose your car repair work takes more than three days in the authorised cashless garage. In such a case, you cannot use your Maruti Suzuki car during this period. Here, a daily benefit allowance comes in handy. The rider covers the cost of daily commutation until the car is returned from the garage.

  • Return to Invoice Cover

Insurance companies consider the IDV to determine the maximum compensation amount you can get (minus depreciation) in case of total loss or irreparable damage. The return to invoice rider does not factor in depreciation, allowing you to receive compensation as per the original invoice value.

At Reliance General Insurance, we offer an extensive list of add-on riders for complete coverage. To know more about them, you can get in touch with one of our representatives.

Reasons to Invest in Maruti Car Insurance​

I​nvesting in Maruti auto Insurance is a must due to the following reasons:

  • Fulfilment of Legal Requirement

It is compulsory to get a minimum coverage of at least third-party liability under the Motor Insurance Act of 1988. Driving without a valid car insurance plan attracts a fine of ₹2,000 and/or imprisonment of up to three months, or both, under India’s road safety laws. In case of a repeated offence, the fine amount increases to ₹4,000, as does the jail term. Your license may also be cancelled.

  • Protects Your Savings

If your car causes damages to a third-party and their vehicle/property, you incur significant costs. Additionally, if the accident causes bodily injuries to you and the third-party, you become financially liable to bear their expenses. Such costs can leave a significant dent in your savings. With automobile insurance, you can avoid the hefty financial burden and save your money.​​

  • ​Saves Time on Repairs/Replacement

Dealing with the aftermath of an accident can become tedious, stressful, and time-consuming. Taking your car to the nearest garage in its damaged condition or settling the losses caused to the third-party can be a hassle. But if you have car insurance, you need not worry. You can take your car to the nearest garage in our network, and get your car repaired quickly.

  • Keeps You Financially Prepared

The main purpose of getting your Maruti car insured is to financially prepare yourself from unexpected events, as you can never predict the extent of losses or damages. In some instances like vehicle damage or destruction due to fire, you may also incur irreparable damages, causing you to purchase a new car. In such cases, having a car insurance policy helps in financing the replacement.

  • Get Through Mishaps Conveniently

Besides offering financial aid, insurers also focus on helping you get through the mishap conveniently. They make it easier to access cashless garages with an insurance app. For example, Reliance General Insurance has a Self-i app, which you can use to quickly locate cashless garages near the accident site. The facility is incredibly convenient and easy to avail.

Benefits of Buying Maruti Car Insurance from Reliance General Insurance

You can enjoy the following benefits if you buy Maruti four-wheeler insurance from Reliance General Insurance:

  • Wide Cashless Garage Network

With a wide network of 8500+ cashless garages, you never have to worry about clearing the garage bills. In case of accidents, you can take your car to a nearby cashless garage within our extensive network. You can relax while we directly settle the bills with the network garage. You can also locate the network garages easily with the quick locator feature on the Reliance Self-i app.

  • Digitised Process

The Optical Character Recognition (OCR) powered Reliance Self-i app makes buying, renewing, and the claim-filing process simpler than ever. You can provide your details and scan your documents on the app and Reliance website to process your buying, Maruti insurance renewal, or claim request within minutes. The digital process makes it easy to access insurance services anywhere, anytime.

  • Appealing Discounts

You can get the best offers on the Maruti insurance price from Reliance General Insurance. You can reduce your costs further by utilising the NCB Benefits. Plus, you can also enjoy discounts on your insurance premium by installing anti-theft systems, becoming a member of the Automobile Association of India (AAI) and choosing a higher voluntary deductible, among other things.

  • Smooth Claim Settlement

Reliance General Insurance ensures you have a hassle-free claim-filing experience. Whether you want to file a cashless claim or choose the reimbursement model, you can use the Reliance Self-i app to upload a self-inspection video. Doing so saves time taken for a surveyor to visit the accident spot and prepare a report of the event.

  • Extensive Coverage

Reliance General Insurance provides extensive coverage options to customise your Maruti Suzuki car insurance policy. You can opt for a comprehensive insurance plan and select optional add-on riders. The wide array of riders lets you extend your coverage. However, each addition increases the Maruti car insurance price. Hence, you must select riders wisely based on your budget and affordability.

Looking for a car insurance plan offering all-encompassing coverage? Your search ends with comprehensive car insurance policies offered by Reliance General Insurance.

Steps to File a Claim Under Maruti Car Insurance Policy

At Reliance General Insurance, we accept both cashless and reimbursement claims. Here are the steps you need to follow in case of a Reimbursement Claim:

  1. Gather evidence in the form of eye witness accounts, videos of the accident site, third-party vehicles involved in the accident, etc.
  2. File a First Information Report (FIR) at your nearest police station, obtain its copy and then inform us (typically within 24 hours of the incident) about your intention to file a claim.
  3. Take ​your vehicle to your preferred garage and get it repaired. At this time, you must pay for the repair costs from your own pockets.
  4. You can now raise your claim by filling the claim form and submitting the necessary documents, like the original invoices and copies of your insurance policy, driver’s license, etc.
  5. We will not evaluate your claim. Upon successfully verifying your claim and based on your insurance coverage, we will compensate you and the third-party, as per the policy’s terms.

You must follow the below steps if you choose to file a cashless repair claim.

  1. ​Gather evidence like eye witness accounts, third-parties involved in the accident, etc. and upload it the Reliance Self-i app. Alternatively, you can wait for our surveyor to check the site.
  2. File an FIR and obtain its copy to submit with your insurance documents. Also, inform us (typically within 24 hours of the incident) about your intention to file a claim.
  3. Take your vehicle for repairs to the nearest cashless garage in our network. With this facility, you do not have to make an up-front payment to the garage mechanic.
  4. Our network garage partners will repair your vehicle. During this time, you must fill out the claim form and submit the necessary documents so we can approve the claim.
  5. Once your vehicle is repaired, you can collect it from the garage. Reliance General Insurance settles the bill with the garage. You only have to pay if the repair cost exceeds the sum insured.

Now you can drive your Maruti Suzuki Car in foreign lands with a valid international driving permit Ensure you also buy a suitable travel insurance plan for such trips from Reliance General Insurance.

Maruti Insurance Renewal Procedure

​You can renew your Maruti Suzuki car insurance with the following steps:

  • Step 1: Visi​t the Reliance General Insurance Site

On the Reliance General Insurance website, you can select Maruti Car Insurance under the ‘Car Insurance’ category. On the redirected page, you can specify that you already have an existing p​olicy with Reliance in the box on the left-hand side.

  • Step 2: Enter Policy Details

Once done, you can enter your policy number or registered mobile number and click on the ‘Renew My Policy’ option. You will find the policy number on the policy document. On the next page, you can submit details like your name, email, policy expiry, previous claim details, etc.

  • Step 3: Review & Modify the Policy​

Upon providing the relevant information, you will get a summary of your policy. Maruti insurance renewal is the perfect time to modify your insurance plan based on your experience throughout the policy period. So, take your time to review the details and modify your choices if required.

  • Step 4: MakePremium Payment

Once you are satisfied with the terms, you can complete the renewal process. If the premium amount is correct as per the coverage terms, click on the ‘Pay’ tab to make an online premium payment. You may also use your accumulated NCB to avail yourself of a discount on premium during renewal.

  • Step 5: Receive Renewed Policy Copy

After processing your payment, the insurance company will send a digital or electronic copy of your renewed car insurance policy document to your emailID. You can take a printout of the same to carry with you while driving. You can also upload the policy details on the DigiLocker app for convenience.

Factors Impacting Maruti Car Insurance Prices or Premium Costs

At Reliance General Insurance, we take several factors into account while determining the insurance premiums you need to pay. They typically include the following:

  • The make, model, age, and brand of your car.
  • The type of insurance policy you choose and the extent of coverage under the policy.
  • The number of add-on riders you choose, in case of a comprehensive car insurance policy.
  • The modifications or changes made at the time of policy renewal.
  • The discounts or NCB benefits applicable to your policy.
  • The Car’s Insured Declared Value (IDV); i.e., the maximum compensation you can get.​

Note that choosing a higher IDV may cost you a higher premium but it translates to a higher compensation if your car is stolen beyond traceability or totally damaged.

Things to Remember About Car Insurance Renewal

​Maruti insurance renewal on time is important to avoid your policy from lapsing. If for any reason, you miss out on renewing the policy before the stipulated due date, you have to chance to revive it within a grace period of 90 days. It is best to renew the policy before the grace period ends so ensure you do not miss it.

Renewing the policy on time prevents you from buying a brand new one or losing your accumulated benefits. Insurers typically send you reminders before your policy is due for renewal so ensure you pay attention to them. It also helps to keep your policy and other necessary documents handy to complete the renewal process smoothly.

Reliance Car Insurance Plans Best Suited for Maruti Car

Reliance Car Insurance Plans are available for different Maruti car models, including:

Besides your Maruti Suzuki Car, you can easily buy and ren​ew insurance for your two-wheelers as well. Visit Reliance General Insurance to choose from a host of bike insurance plans.​​​

If you permanently move to another city, you must inform your insurer about the move and provide them with your new address and contact details to the insurer. If your geographical zone changes based on the limit specified in the policy, the Maruti insurance price will get affected.

If you decide to sell your Maruti Suzuki car, you can do one of the following things:

  • You can transfer your existing Maruti car insurance policy to the new car owner.
  • You can cancel the existing policy covering your Maruti Suzuki car and ask the new car owner to buy a different policy.

Remember to check the terms and conditions pertaining to selling your car and transferring the insurance policy, the NCB benefits, etc, in your policy agreement.​

Yes, you can get insurance coverage if you add accessories to your Maruti Suzuki car. You must submit a written request to avail of such coverage. Note that your Maruti insurance price, i.e., the premiums amount will get affected depending on the type of accessories added to the car.

Yes, it does. Depending on the model you choose between Maruti Suzuki Alto, Ritz, Dzire, Baleno, and the like, the Maruti insurance price changes. Insurers consider the make, model, variant, type, size, and age of your car to determine the Maruti car insurance premium.

You can use car insurance calculators to check the estimated cost of your preferred insurance policy before buying it. You can find general car insurance calculators on the internet or specific ones on your insurer’s website. You must input details like your vehicle’s registration number, city of registration, car’s make, model and brand, preferred policy type etc., in the calculator to get an estimate of costs.

No, you can buy only one policy that fits your coverage needs for a single car. The only exception is when you have an existing third-party policy but also want an own damage cover. You can buy a standalone own damage policy from the same or a different insurer. 

NCB is a benefit insurers offer you for not filing any insurance claims during a given policy period. It is typically applicable during the first five years of the policy period. If, during this time, you do not file any insurance claim, you get a discount on your premiums. The discount typically ranges from 20% to 50% for 1-5 consecutive claim-free years.

Yes, if you do not want the hassle of renewing your policy every year, you can opt for a long-term car insurance plan for your Maruti car. You can choose policies that you can renew every two-three years, which eliminates the need for annual renewals.

At Reliance General Insurance, we follow the IRDAI-set guidelines for reimbursement claims. As such, if your claim is valid, you will be compensated within 21 working days since the date of claim filing.

The possible reasons why your claim may have been rejected despite you not driving under the influence could be many. For instance, you may have been driving without your license on your person, or without an active insurance policy. Reasons like rash driving, flouting traffic rules, etc., also lead to claim rejection.

Insurance is the first step to financial security. Insure your assets, be it your health, car or bike with Reliance General Insurance.​