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Riding Your Bike Safely During Monsoon


Riding your bike in the rain can be for one of the two reasons - an emergency or you just love to enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of nature. However dangerous it is to ride in the wet weather, sometimes it’s unavoidable, other times, a challenge worth accomplishing. In either of those conditions, it is imperative to be cautious while driving on wet roads. With the advent of monsoon in India, the well-damaged roads have a lot of hazards to offer and you need to look out for them every moment to avoid any risks. This blog will help you with some tips that you can use to drive your bike safely ​ in monsoon. So let’s get started!

Get That Grip

Dry roads are much easier to ride on in comparison to wet ones. Basic physics come into play-friction. Wet roads do not provide as much traction and lead to tyre skids. This is why it is necessary to check your tyre treads before you decide to venture out in the rain. Whenever you get your tyres replaced, ensure that they come for a good brand and provide an excellent grip in wet and dry roads alike. If the tyre is anywhere less than 1mm depth, please call off your plan and get them replaced at the earliest. If you need to ride in the rain often, get an add-on tyre protection coverage when you buy two-wheeler insurance .

Water Proofing

If you wear normal clothes and use normal gears while riding in the rain, chances are, you will be soaking wet and uncomfortable in no time. Invest in water-resistant, if not entirely water-proof merchandise for riding in such weather. Water-resistant helmet and visor, gloves, shoes, and outfit will ensure safe and comfortable riding during monsoon season.

Slow Down

Regardless of how great a rider you are, it is in your best interest to be slow and cautious while driving. Firstly, the absence of proper traction can lead to an accident if you try hard braking. Secondly, the roads are filled with surprises underneath the water-logged surfaces. You never know where your tyres can get stuck or slip, throwing you right off twice as fast as you were riding. For all these reasons and more, you must always drive slow and smooth on wet roads. Along with this, it is also important to bring your bike at a halt gradually instead of grabbing a fistful of the brakes to avoid skidding. 

Stop When You Should

As exciting and enthralling it is to take a nice ride in the rain, it can be pretty hazardous. If you end up going outside the city or in a remote area, it can be way more dangerous. Be mindful and don’t push your luck. Understand when the situation is beyond safe and try to return before it worsens. If you are too far away, resort to the nearest hotel or find a safe place to halt.

Bike riding has witnessed a paradigm shift from a commutation medium to a leisurely experience. Riding in the rain can be as dangerous as it is fun, and you know it too. Be safe, get yourself bike insurance online​ if you don’t have one already, and stay protected always.