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How to Manage Home with many Guests?

​Indians are famous across the globe for their hospitality, sometimes almost aggressive hospitality. We have a penchant for always having way too many guests in our homes at all times, even if that means we have to end up slaving away at the kitchen all day and all nights in preparation. After all, anything less than a fabulous meal spread with an assortment of dishes is a downright disgrace to our Indian pride as hosts.

But it’s not just the cooking that makes it difficult to manage a home with a lot of guests. There’s also the issue of cleaning all the dishes, keeping all the furniture clean and well arranged, and the house, in general, looking enviable. However, one of the biggest nuisances that can arise from hosting so many guests is that many of them may bring kids, and some of them may bring young kids.

That’s the worse. It’s impossible to get upset at them, and so you have to smile at them even when they go about destroying the household! If you host a lot of guests, it might be a good idea to get home insurance as kids often damage electronics, which are covered by home insurances.

Besides that one vital advise, the following are some tips on how to manage a home with a lot of guests.


Cleaning Regularly
Make sure that you clean all of your house, including the window panes and furniture, on a regular basis. As such, you won’t be overwhelmed with the cleaning task when it’s finally time to host.

The Art of Stashing
You don’t want to show a messy house to your guests, do you? But at the same time, you don’t want to completely get rid of the convenient pieces of clutter you have lying around the house. As such, you can simply shove them all into a few baskets and stash them away in some cupboard. Out of sight!

Midnight Snacks
If your guests are gonna’ be staying overnight, you need to find a way to make an arrangement so that your beauty sleep isn’t disturbed. If they’re traveling with kids, it’s likely that their kids may feel hungry at night and they might have to disturb you. As such, keep a bunch of midnight snacks and treats in a cupboard and let all your guests know they have complete access to it.

Get Rid of the Pet Hair
If you own pets, it’s likely that you’re used to layers of fur on the sofa and on all your furniture. However, your guests might not be as tolerant. So brush away all the pet hair before they come. And once they come, let your pets greet them briefly, but then move them into a separate room with some food and water.

These are some basic tips on how to manage a home when you have a lot of guests coming over, especially if those guests are bringing kids along. Hopefully, this list will help you maintain your sanity through your duties as a host or hostess.