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Fire Safety Tips For Your Home

Your home is a one-time asset. It keeps your loved ones and precious belongings safe and sound. Hence, it is prudent to ensure the safety of your house from destructive elements such as fire. Even the smallest fire breakout in your home can create havoc and turn deadly. Fire mainly occurs due to carelessness or negligence and spreads quickly, leaving only a minute or two to escape. That's why it is imperative to have an escape plan and exercise it using different ways out of the house.

Here is a list of fire safety tips that will assist you in keeping your home safe-

1.    Smoke detectors are important

You should install a few smoke detectors in your house. Thanks to their early-warning mechanism, smoke detectors help you save lives and property before it’s too late. To understand them well, you should meticulously read and observe all instructions regarding them.

2.    Check the smoke detector frequently

You installed the smoke detectors and forgot about them. They are not going to help you that way. Consider testing the smoke detectors periodically. Replace the batteries if it’s required. Most smoke detectors give out signals when their battery drains. Also, you should maintain and service them frequently.

3.    Fix torn cables and connections

Stay cautious and keep an eye out for potential fire hazards. Damaged wire and cords can cause a short circuit. Check every cord and wire on electrical devices such as stereo systems, televisions, lamps or computers to avoid the same. Also, pay scrupulous attention to the devices that are placed near flammable items such as clothing, books, curtains, magazines or old newspapers.

4.    Keep flammables away from kids

Children are naive and innocent. They don’t know how to distinguish between dangerous and harmless objects. Moreover, it is observed that children are fascinated with fire, and their curiosity can get them in danger. Therefore, matchboxes and lighters should be kept out of the reach of children.

5.    Safe cooking

Take care and stay alert when cooking or baking in the kitchen! Home fires often begin in the kitchen. When not in use, turn off the gas connection to avoid mishaps.

6.    Have an evacuation plan

Keep an emergency fire-exit plan handy. Tell it to everyone in the house, so they know how to escape in the event of a fire. Practice mock safety drills from time to time. An evacuation plan always proves to be helpful.

7.    Never leave lighted candles unattended

Candles are beautiful and useful. But, they can contribute to fire hazards if left unattended. You should always exercise caution when using, placing or lighting candles. Put candle holders in proper position and stay cautious while lighting one.

8.    When not in use, unplug!

Keep your appliances and devices unplugged when not in use. This will not only save your money but also save you and your family from the wrath of a fire hazard.

9.    Practice proper housekeeping

An organized house can reduce your problems considerably. Remove the things that can trigger a fire. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves should be taken good care of. If using grills or barbeque, ensure to place them away from fire-prone elements.

10.    Safety First

Your life is more important than anything. You can buy that 60inch OLED again, but you cannot refill your life once exhausted. Hence you should learn and practice safety measures that can save you and your family at the time of hazards.

Attentiveness and carefulness is essential to keep yourself and your family away from any form of catastrophe. Buy a home insurance policy that covers your house against damages caused due to natural calamities, fire, and other perils.

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