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Fridge Insurance



​​​​The refrigerator is an integral part of our household appliances collection. In India, it is very handy to store cold drinks, water, refreshments, ice cream and so on.  When the mercury rises, everyone of us can be seen reaching for our favourite cold drink to get relief from the heat. In addition to this, we can store our food in the fridge so that we can have it later without the worry of getting stale or rotten.

The fridge is a very useful appliance indeed. Nowadays, we have many high-end refrigerators that possess cutting-edge features. These features along with power-efficient mechanisms offer great convenience and value. That said, the cost associated with such high-end refrigerators can be quite high.

If any damage were to cause to your refrigerator due to an accident or an unexpected situation, it could hurt you financially to a great extent. Although the warranty can come handy, more often than not it comes with several conditions and is prone to getting void. Thus, it is a great idea to secure your refrigerator with an insurance cover.
  • Unforeseen and sudden accidental physical damage caused by fire and allied perils
  • Unforeseen and sudden accidental physical damage caused by a burglary
  • Damage due to accidental external means
  • Mechanical or Electrical breakdown
  • ​Willful destruction of the refrigerator
  • Willful act or gross negligence
  • Faults existing at the time of commencement of the policy
  • Any fault or defect for which the manufacturer or supplier of the damaged refrigerator is responsible
  • Loss and/or damage caused by wear and tear