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Air Conditioner(AC) Insurance


Air Conditioner Insurance

​​​​In most parts of India, the climate is largely quite hot and humid. The situation tends to worsen considerably in the summer season where the temperatures can touch as high as 45 degrees Celsius in some parts of the country.  While there is very little that you can do about the soaring temperature when you are outdoors, when home your Air Conditioner comes to your rescue to offer some much-needed respite from the heat.

The humble AC has evolved quite significantly over time. From a bulky wooden box that took forever to cool your house and spiked your electricity bills greatly to high-end, powerful split ACs that offer cooling in a matter of few minutes, that too in a power efficient way. Our household AC has surely come a long way! That said, they keep getting better and powerful. These days, with the advent of Internet-of-Things we have ‘smart’ ACs that connect to the internet and have a lot of automation features inbuilt. Automatic temperature control and automatic power regulation are a few of them.