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4.6(Based on 98 ratings)
  • Reyansh P

    4 star

    Great Package Policy
  • Muhammad A

    5 star

    My Electronics are Secure
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Home Content Insurance


​ Why you need home insurance?

With the expensive items that are present in our homes these days, home insurance has become a necessity for ensuring their security. A home insurance policy covers a wide range of house contents such as TV, washing machine, air conditioner, jewellery and so on. These items are covered from theft as well as damage arising due to a number of scenarios making home insurance a smart security cover for your house. Ever wondered what would happen if there’s a break-in at your home and all your valuables including your LED TV, diamond set, etc. gets stolen? Re-buying all this stuff could cost you a fortune!

Thankfully, content insurance is there to cover such a loss. So, whether you own a house or stay at a rented one, all your personal property including jewellery, furniture and electrical goods are protected against risks such as fire, theft, flood, etc.

You can buy your home insurance policy online through our various payment options like UPI, Net Banking, Debit/Credit card etc available for your convenience​ 

Home Insurance starts just at Rs 18* per day. It’s that affordable!

Want to know how much cover you need? Check this out!

Types of home insurance plans​​​​

*Premium rates are exclusive of taxes
​ ​
We've tried to cover all the basic elements in our home insurance policy, so if your home is damaged due to any of the following reasons, we have it covered!

  • Protection of content against fire, flood,  earthquake,  and lightning​
  • Domestic Mechanical, Electrical, and Electronic appliances
  • Jewellery and valuables against accident or misfortune
  • Burglary and House Breaking​
  • Personal Accident coverage for earning member and spouse
  • Television set as well as accessories such as DVD and VCR
  • Accidental breakage of fixed plate glass

For more details, kindly refer the property insurance policy wordings or contact our nearest branch.

​Although we'd like your home insurance to cover all types of situations, it isn't possible. For an exhaustive understanding of the exclusions, kindly refer the policy wordings. Some of the exclusions in our home insurance policy are:​

1.       Fire and allied perils

  • Damage caused by war, invasion etc
  • Destruction caused by due to volcanic eruptions
  • Radioactive toxic, explosives or other hazardous properties of any explosive nuclear assembly or nuclear component thereof.
  • Loss, destruction or damage to bullion or unset precious stones or any curios or works of art of an amount exceeding Rs. 10,000/-manuscripts, plans, drawings, securities, obligations or documents of any kind, stamps, coins or paper money, cheques, books of accounts or other business books, computer systems records, explosives unless otherwise expressly stated in the policy.
  • Loss, destruction or damage caused to the insured property by pollution or contamination

2.       Jewellery and valuables

  • Cracking, scratching or breakage of valuables or glass during transit
  • Where any item insured hereunder consists of articles in pair or set the Company's liability in respect thereof shall not exceed the value of any article which may be lost or damaged without reference to any special value which such article may have as part of such pair or set.

3.       Domestic Mechanical Electrical, and Electronic Appliances

  • Willful act or gross negligence of the insured
  • Faults existing at the time of commencement of the policy _
  • Any fault or defect for which the manufacturer or supplier of the damaged item is responsible

4.       Television set

  • To external antenna or fittings by theft unless the Television Apparatus itself is stolen at the same time
  • Caused by or arising out of or traceable to erection, repairing or dismantling of the Television Apparatus
  • For which the manufacturer or supplier of the Television Apparatus is responsible

5.       Fixed Plate Glass

  • Breakage of glass not completely and securely fixed
  • Breakage or damage during removal, alterations and/or repairs

6.       Personal Accident

  • Death or disablement resulting directly or indirectly caused by childbirth or pregnancy
  • from intentional self-injury, suicide or attempted suicide,
  • (b) whilst under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drugs
  • whilst engaging in aviation or ballooning whilst mounting into, dismounting from or travelling in any aircraft or balloon other than as a passenger
  • directly or indirectly caused by venereal diseases, AIDS or insanity
  • arising or resulting from the Insured Person committing any breach of law with criminal intent.

7.       Burglary and Housebreaking

  • Any burglary and/or housebreaking where the insured persons family member is responsible or involved
  • To livestock, motor vehicles and pedal cycles

For details about the homeowner’s insurance policy in India, kindly refer the policy wordings and/or Reliance Householders' Home Insurance Package policy tab

Apart from the above mentioned features, Householders' Package policy also covers the following:

  • Building and structure against Fire and allied perils​​​​​​​
  • Baggage accompanying the insured or family members while travelling anywhere in India
  • Pedal cycle against the risk of fire, lightning, earthquake etc
  • Legal Liability towards employee and third party

For detailed coverage and exclusions kindly refer the home insurance policy wordings or contact our nearest branch.​



Average Rating:

4.6(Based on 98 ratings)

Showing 10 reviews

  • “Great Package Policy”

    This is a truly comprehensive plan, now I don't need different policies for my home and my valuables.

    Reyansh P6 December 2017, Chennai
  • “My Electronics are Secure”

    Didn't know that home insurance covered electrical appliances. This is a good plan for all my electronic valuables.

    Muhammad A5 December 2017, Kolkata
  • “Good Idea for Renters”

    Renters need home insurance too. And Reliance General has a good product to insure the contents of your rented home.

    Sai R4 December 2017, Surat
  • “Jewellery is Insured”

    Happy to know my Jewellery is insured. Good home insurance plan for valuables and gold.

    Arnav C1 December 2017, Pune
  • “Great Home Insurance Plan”

    Reliance General provides quick and prompt customer support. I know my house is safe with their home insurance plan.

    Ayaan C30 November 2017, Jaipur
  • “Covered my Electronics”

    A lot of people don�t know this, but home insurance covers electronic items. This is a major advantage as the most expensive items at home includes a television set, washing machine, microwave, air conditioner etc.

    Janhavi M16 November 2017, Pimpri-Chinchwad
  • “A very important product”

    People actually don�t understand the importance of home insurance. In the last 5 years, I have made claims twice and it has saved me from huge finanical losses.

    Gayatri I15 November 2017, Srinagar
  • “HomeAssist is a great addition”

    We use this home assist serive frequently ever since we got the home insurance.

    Vikram V14 November 2017, Shimla
  • “Covers theft of jewelry and chain snatching”

    The jewellry coverage is amazing. For me, it is the highlight of the reliance home insurance

    Pankaj B13 November 2017, Siliguri
  • “Best to get home insurance.”

    We are happy with the claim service . Special thanks to the services team for the smooth settlement of our claim on house insurance

    Santosh S10 November 2017, Sonipat