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How Important is Maintaining your Two Wheeler's Tyre Pressure?

Tyres are the only components that make contact with the road while you ride a two-wheeler. It means all the hi-tech elements of the bike and their performance can be translated onto the road only through tyres. The rubber of your two-wheeler's tyre has to be in good condition for the tyres to function optimally, or at all. Tyres are a significant part of your bike, but most of the time they go unnoticed even after undergoing a detailed maintenance session. To enjoy the worry-free and uninterrupted ride, it is imperative to maintain the condition of your bike's tyres.

You should always ensure that your bike's tyres​ have proper air pressure. It is advisable to check the pressure of the tyres at least once or twice in a month. Tyres those run with inadequate air pressure have increase chances of wear and tear as compared to the tyres with proper air pressure. It can cause an increase in maintenance cost, or you even have to get the tyres changed for a smoother and safer ride.

Let's have a look at how you can maintain, inspect, and check your two wheeler's tyre pressure-

Inspection and Checking Tire Pressure

Check the condition of your tyres in a well-lit place and look for any signs of punctures. A small nail or glass might lead to loss of pressure or a blowout​. Cracking or bulging might also cause loss of air pressure in the tyre. Ensure you roll your bike forward and backwards so that you can check the entire surface of tyre.

Checking Tyre Pressure

The air pressure of your bike's tyres is crucial as it affects your ride quality and handling to a great extent. If the tyres are not correctly inflated, they will start wearing off soon. Hence, it is of utmost importance to check the tyre pressure regularly. Check the tyre pressure is before you begin riding while the tires are cool. This is the best time to check the air pressure as the tyres are cool. Once the motorcycle is in motion, tire temperatures warm-up, which alters the density and pressure of the air inside.

Always use your owner manual for recommended PSI levels. If you are using non-standard tyre sizes on your motorcycle, go by the pressure figures printed on the sidewall.

Adding Air Pressure to Tires When Necessary

After checking the tyres thoroughly, inflate them using compressed air until they reach the recommended pressure. Don't over-inflate them. You can bring the over-inflated tyres to a normal level by merely releasing the extra air.

Check the tyres after a few hours of riding. If you notice more than a 10 percent gain in pressure, understand that your tyres are working too hard. If this happens, take a break, lessen the load while riding.

Apart from tyre pressure, you should also check the tyre tread as it prevents the bike from skidding in wet conditions. If the tread is balded or less than a quarter an inch, you should consider changing the tyres. Having a motorcycle and maintaining it can be quite expensive! Insure your bike with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. A two-wheeler policy covers your bike against fire, flood, theft, and more. Be smart; make the right decision of insuring your bike right away!