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Best Breathing Practices to Stay Fit

​Can you imagine an involuntary action like breathing can help you become fit? We all know that regular exercising and having a balanced diet can help you stay healthy and lose weight. It might come to your surprise that you can achieve the same benefits by practicing a few breathing techniques. They are a fantastic alternative for those who cannot practice vigorous exercising daily.

These exercises help in rising oxygen levels in your blood, which can help speed up digestion. They also help strengthen your abdominal muscles and boost your energy levels. Listed below are five breathing exercises that can help you achieve your fitness goal.

1. Deep breathing

One of the easiest breathing techniques you can adapt to make your life better is "Pranayama." Pranayama not only boosts your oxygen levels but also helps in keeping stress levels low. We all know how unreasonable stress can negatively impact our metabolism and lead to weight gain. You can start performing Pranayama in the morning for at least 5 minutes, and then you can extend the duration for as long as you feel comfortable. This breathing practice is a standard part of meditation and is excellent for keeping stress at bay. It also reduces the stress level and balances your hormones and metabolism.

2. Diaphragm breathing

As per fitness experts, while working out, you should breathe using your diaphragm, and not use the top of your chest. When you breathe using your chest, you put an unnecessary strain on your shoulder, chest, and neck area. On the other hand, diaphragm breathing is better for taking deeper and fuller breaths. Practice diaphragm breathing for a few minutes every day to strengthen your diaphragm muscles.  

3. Blowing out candles

This breathing technique involves our abdominal muscles and helps you strengthen it. Even though the process of learning is time taking it can yield several benefits for your health. To practice this technique- you have to come on all your limbs and start by taking deep breaths. Then you have to exhale short forcefully breathes that make your abs feel strained. This breathing technique helps you fight several health problems and help fight metabolic imbalances.

4. Stomach vacuum

For a flat stomach, stomach vacuum is one of the best breathing techniques that will give you a definite result after regular practice. Start by placing your palms and knees on the ground. Inhale as much as you can and curve your spine towards the ground. While exhaling, lift your spine upwards and your belly inwards.  The exercise might seem complicated at first, but with practice, you will be able to master it in no time.

5. Stimulating breathing

This breathing technique helps stimulate your senses, thereby relaxing your senses. It also helps increase your activity levels and help improve your body's strength. To start this exercise, sit on a chair with your back straight. Keep your mouth closed but relaxed. Inhale and exhale rapidly through your nose. Keep in mind, it is a noisy exercise, and if you are making noise, you are doing it right.

Adopting proper breathing techniques while exercising will help you get maximum benefits. These breathing techniques are quite easy to perform. The benefits of these breathing methods include increased oxygen levels in your blood that boosts your metabolism and aid in maintaining hormonal balance. Even though you adopt healthy practices, there are chances of things going haywire. For that time- get a health insurance policy. A health insurance policy offers financial assistance in case of a medical emergency. Stay Prepared, Stay Happy!