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How To Select The Best Tyres For Your Bike?


​Tyres are one of the most important things on any motorcycle. Hence you should be very careful while choosing the right one for your bike. The type of tyre also depends on the kind of bike you ride, your riding style, and the type of use. If all you do is travel to work through city traffic, then it would be a waste of money to get the most-expensive race-oriented tyre. You should instead go for a harder compound tyre with more tread. Likewise, if you go on long rides on the highways or commute long distances very often, then you should go for touring tyres. Besides, the type of tyre also upgrades the performance of your bike to a great extent. You just can't expect a smooth driving experience without strong and powerful tyres.

With the vast number of choices present in the market, choosing the right type of tyre can turn out to be a difficult task. You will have to reckon many aspects which play an essential role in the entire selection process. Here's a comprehensive list with several elements, which will help vehicle owners to opt the right tyre for their bike-


This is the first type of tyre you will come across while planning to buy tyres for your two-wheeler. The cross sections of clincher tyres are shaped like a 'U'. The edge and rims of these tyres hold on to each other, thereby providing a firm grip to the bike. These tyres are quite popular, and you can see these tyres on most of the bikes these days.


Tubular tyres are the ideal partners for racers and motorcyclists. These tyres are lightweight and don't get punctured easily. Hence they are perfect on tracks. The reason why these tyres are in high demand amongst avid races is that they are quite comfortable too. As compared with conventional tyres, tubeless tyres cope better and maintain the stability and safety of your two-wheeler.

Tread Pattern:

Always choose the tyres while keeping the tread pattern in mind. The right tread pattern can help you tackle the specific weather condition you are going to ride in. The most common kind of tread pattern is conventional tread that has multiple directions of tread marks that aid in tackling road surface grip in slippery conditions.


Undoubtedly, a high-quality tyre​ will help your bike deliver fantastic performance. It is quite imperative to check the quality of tyre before making the final decision. Opt for the superior quality tyre as it will meet the riding requirements effectively.


When it comes to buying the right tyre for your bike, the size of the tyre also matters a lot. The tyre should adequately fit the rim. If you are using tyres that are way wider than the befitting size, then they could result in lesser agility along with acceleration and suspension duties being hampered.


Apart from all the features mentioned above, the price of the tyres also plays a vital role in the process of selection. You will get tyres in various forms, specifications, and range of prices. List down the features and specification you want in the tyres and then select the right in your desired budget.

Only selecting the right tyre won't keep you safe on the streets. For that, you need to secure your two wheeler with a bike insurance policy. A two wheeler insurance policy offers a hassle-free ride. Also, purchasing an add-on personal accident cover along with your two wheeler insurance will be the perfect move.