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Winter Proofing Your Car

​Soon, winter will be here. We all might enjoy the season with its cold temperature. We protect ourselves with heavily layered clothing. Similarly, our vehicles need protection from this weather. Winters do bring new problems for individuals who are unprepared. A majority of these could be for your car. There is some prep check which must be done before the beginning of the season to make sure the health running of the car during the season. We invest in health insurance to make sure the financial coverage for difficult times. 

Similarly, one must invest in car insurance which is a mandatory document to get the coverage in case of any mishap. Temperature drop cans cause trouble to the car. Let's begin with the checklist of what you should do to winter-proof your car. ​

Essential Winter care Tips

Preparatory Check-Up

It is the fundamental tip which anyway you should do regularly. Before the season change, you should take your vehicle for a proper check at the service center. All the parts including tires must be checked. If in case any of them is not in decent condition, it could be repaired or replaced. It is especially true for places with hard winters where engine and tire check is the most critical thing. Cars are prone to malfunction in extreme weather. A proper check-up beforehand will avoid any potential mishap at later stages. 

Warming up the car

It is an essential tip to keep in mind. In winters you must warm up your vehicle before you start moving. Though, many articles claim that it is just a myth. Warming up the car is recommended anyway to make sure the vehicle gets in its proper state before moving. Warm-up is done to ensure that engine oil in the car gets to every corner of the engine. During extreme winters engine oil may settle and needs some time for frequent movement in the engine. It will allow the free flow of your vehicle. ​


We all know that summers are the enemy for your battery, it does not mean that extreme winters are great for the battery as well. If the battery is low charged or is at the stage of depletion the chances are it will die off quickly in winters. We must remember that it takes more attempt to start a vehicle in winters. Also, the engine takes its own time to get heated. These several attempts consume the battery more frequently than any other season. 

Tyre Health 

Air pressure is different for different weather. You must refill your tyre according to the weather. In hotter weather, the air expands, in cold temperature it contacts. Hence it is recommended that you check your tyre pressure. Also, if you live in snowy region, it is vital to check the grip of the tyre. 

Be it any weather you must have motor insurance to have a proper safety against any mishap.