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Which Cars Have The Highest Ground Clearance In India

India has extensive road connectivity. However, it is not in the best condition throughout the lengths and breadths of the country. While at some places, you'll find majestic 4-laned highways, a few kilometers in the same direction might lead you to a complete off-roading experience with bumps and potholes to cross. Instead of claiming your motor insurance ​every time, it's always a good idea to get a rough and tough car to venture you through your everyday drives. Fortunately, car manufacturers have been able to cater to this requirement. They have introduced cars with a high ground clearance that provides safety from the rugged tracks to keep your journey safe and enjoyable

Let's check out India's top 10 cars with the highest ground clearance!

Renault Kwid

 Renault Kwid is a car that redefined hatchbacks as a budget-end mini-SUV in some ways. With a 180mm ground clearance, Kwid is one of the best options for driving on Indian roads. It also comes with a spacious cabin and Duster-Esq looks. The car is available in 0.8 liters and 1-liter engine variants. The price range starts at ₹2.94 lakhs. Check out our Renault Kwid Car Insurance

Datsun Redi-Go

This car is the perfect companion for Indian roads. The exterior and interiors, features, mileage, and price tag, all appeals to the budget hatchback requirements for an Indian buyer. It provides a ground clearance of 185mm and is powered by a 799cc engine. Being the ​cheapest Nissan car in the Indian market, it is available starting at ₹2.71 lakhs. Check out Datsun Car Insurance

 Maruti Suzuki S-Presso

If you are looking for a true SUV feel in a hatchback car, the country's highest-selling car manufacturer has got your back. The car comes with a 180mm ground clearance along with a plastic-caddled lower body that prevents paint scratches while driving through rough tracks. It is economically efficient with good mileage and priced at ₹3.45 lakhs. Check out our Maruti Car Insurance

Fiat Punto Evo

Known for its unarguably strong engine performance, Evo is available in both petrol and diesel variants. With its practical 185mm ground clearance along with modern appeal to the body, this car is a perfect pair for Indian roads. The price point with this car also comes well within budget at ₹4.88 lakh onwards. Check out our Fiat Car insurance

Mahindra KUV100

With its robust SUV looks and all the features of a classy hatchback, this car can be supreme on the streets. Offering a ground clearance of 170mm and engine displacement of 1198cc, it is a powerful match for driving off roads as well. The price range of this car starts at ₹4.58 lakhs. Check out our Mahindra KUV100 Car Insurance

Tata Zest

If you're looking for an elegant body with practical and comfortable driving experience, TATA Zest is your match. A whooping ground clearance of 175mm, wheelbase of 2470mm, and a boot capacity of 390 L, what more can you ask for? Priced at ₹5.82 lakhs, this is your way to go! Check Out our Tata Zest Car Insurance

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

With a ground clearance of 170 mm, Ciaz is a top-notch sedan flawlessly matched with the requirements for the Indian roads. It comes in petrol and diesel variants and priced at ₹8.20 lakhs. Check out our Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Car Insurance

Mahindra Scorpio

​Can a list of high-ground clearance cars every be complete without the best-in-class SUV? Providing a clearance of 180mm and an ultra-powerful engine, this is your perfect partner from city-dwelling to off-roading. With the power-packed features and rugged looks, the car is priced at ₹9.99 lakhs. Check out Mahindra Scorpio Car Insurance

Renault Duster

A sleek yet rugged frame with low-maintenance requirements has made Duster one of the leading choices in India. With an impressive 205mm ground clearance and petrol and diesel variants, the car is great to drive on any terrain. The price range for this car starts at ₹7.99 lakhs. Check out Renault Duster Car Insurance

Isuzu V-Cross

This heavy-duty car offers a huge ground clearance of 225 mm that can provide you with the smoothest commutation even on the worst terrains. It also has an extravagant 4×4 system along with a 2.5-liter turbocharged diesel engine. This robust car starts at ₹16.54 lakhs and is perfectly capable of driving through any irregularities for the longest distances.

A good car can increase the comfort of traveling exponentially, it is only a perk to have a car with such great specifications and high-ground clearance that is much needed for Indian roads.

Get yourself the best travel companion, buy car insurance, and take a trip whenever you want!​

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