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Top Destinations with Beautiful Architecture around the World

​Oh! So you love travelling, and have explored almost every happening destinations in the world- from church spires of Barcelona's Sagrada Família to gleaming skyscrapers across Manhattan's skyline. But, even if you have explored these destinations, there are several other fantastic architectural destinations to enjoy. The architectural destinations mentioned below are blessed with several monumental steel high-rises and embellished geometrical domes, which make them a must-visit.


Dubai is the abode to several futuristic buildings and world-class vantage points. If you like modern architecture, then Dubai is the perfect place for you. It has the world's tallest building, the Burj Khalifa that stands at a staggering height of 2,716 feet. Another mind-blowing sight that you can explore is the Burj Al Arab, which has the world's highest atrium. The atrium displays a curved structure that reflects the ships gliding through the city and extending into the Persian Gulf. Apart from these innovative landmarks, you can also visit the Dubai Mall and the man-created Palm Jumeirah. Before going on the trip, you can check and buy Travel Insurance for Dubai


Are you a fan of contemporary architecture? If yes, then Shanghai is the best place to visit. The city stands apart from other cities with its sky-high, lustrous urban buildings. Set in the heart of Pudong, the city's financial district, you cannot miss visiting the Jin Mao Tower, the Shanghai World Financial Center,  the Oriental Pearl Tower, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the Shanghai Tower. Apart from these glorious structures, you can also visit another architectural gem - the Museum of Glass, which is situated in Shanghai's Baoshan District.


Do you know where the world's first modern skyscraper, the Windy City was built? It was built in Chicago and is one of the must-see destinations for architecture fans. If you decide to explore the city's dazzling cityscape on foot, then catch a glimpse of the Tribune Tower and the Willis Tower at street level. Aside from these building, you can also treat to the city's other design-forward properties such as- The Langham and the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, displaying art deco elements.


Rome, also known as the eternal city, is blessed with several impressive monuments. It is a beautiful blend of ancient ruins and contemporary buildings. You should not miss visiting the UNESCO World Heritage sites such as- the Colosseum, the Pantheon, and the Sistine Chapel. Visit the Bridge of Music, which is a steel bridge reinforced for bikers and pedestrians overlooking the Tiber River, hosting outdoor events and concerts.  If you're a modern art fan, don't miss perusing the extensive collections at the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome.

Charleston, South Carolina

Explore the several phases of American architecture, from Gothic Revival to Georgian to Victorian while going through the streets of Charleston, South Carolina. Feel the charm of old architecture while you tour through the centuries-old homes such as the Nathaniel Russell House. Walk through the Spanish moss-canopied Magnolia Plantation and Gardens, and praise the medieval architecture along cobbled streets. Visit the well-preserved Wentworth Mansion and admire the impressive Victorian-inspired touches of the structure.

If you are an art and architecture admirer, then you should surely visit these cities and explore the magnificent beauties preserved and made to date. Also, don't forget to insure your foreign trip with a comprehensive travel insurance policy. God-forbid, if anything goes wrong while you were busy sightseeing, you can rest assured that a travel insurance policy will take care of the unexpected circumstances.