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Tips To Keep Your Old Car Glowing Like New

​Keeping your car looking as shiny and clean as it did when you bought it from the showroom might look like something that only car enthusiasts would want to do. The majority of owners seem content with getting by with wax and wash every so often. This is generally because even basic car cleaning and maintenance can look like a lot to contend with, both effort-wise and time-wise. Some may even be confused about how to keep their car shiny, with so many options available.

It does not have to be, however: with some basic rules in place, keeping your car looking clean and slick can become less of a hassle and convenient with time. Listed below are some simple rules you can follow to make sure that your car never loses its sparkle. ​

Park Your Car in a Shady, Covered Spot

When it comes to the question of how to keep your car new, overall weather conditions can play a major role in the process. India's summers, which are often dry and hot, can wreak harm on your car's finish. The UV rays can oxidize the surface of your car, making the paint to fade and lose its shining. Therefore, if you do not have a proper garage or are away from one, keep your car in a shady and sheltered area. It also assists in preventing your car's headlights from yellowing and rubber trim from turning crackly and brittle. If in case your car loses its shining or gets damaged due to some accident, one thing can save you from expenses is a vehicle insurance policy. So ensure to have it if you own a car.

Wash Your Car Regularly

Washing your car on a daily basis is very necessary. Don't let more than 4 weeks to go between washes. Over time, tar, dirt, and other debris can get embedded in your car's paint while driving and the longer you leave it, the difficult it will become to get them out from your car.

Be Careful About the Cleaning Materials You Use

Always utilize cleaning solutions and car washing soap for your vehicle. Never ever use simple detergent or dish soap: it can strip the waxing off and damage the paint coating. Here, the key focus is thinking not only about how to keep your car's shining, but also how to keep aesthetic materials in the perfect condition possible. Begin by rinsing your car completely first to remove the larger pieces of dirt which can scratch your car, and then move on to the washing, keeping in mind to use microfiber towels and mitts.  

Keeping your car's shine, as you have seen, is a matter of maintaining a regular schedule and having the right items to do it. Your car's finish-much like your own skin- requires special care to keep it looking fresh all the time. Hence, using the right products- and not the ones that look handy, like dish soap- is most important. Also, if you want an extra layer of protection don't forget to renew car insurance online on time.​