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Safety Tips for Riding Bike in Foggy Conditions

​Winter is here! It's the perfect time for long adventurous rides that allows you to explore the paths less taken. The pleasant weather and the chilly winds call for leather jackets, boots, gloves, and lots of good food. Trips in winters are just amazing. However, the season also brings unwanted foggy conditions that are enough to make your trips difficult. Anyone with riding experience in the foggy situation will admit that it is a cumbersome task.

In winters, fog is a significant issue, particularly in the morning and night. It decreases the visibility to a considerable extent, which makes riding a challenging experience. Given below are safety tips to follow when riding a motorcycle in foggy conditions-


While riding in foggy conditions, it is wise to maintain an adequate distance from other vehicles on the road. Keeping proper distance will prevent you and your bike from the risk of a collision, which might occur by sudden braking by the driver ahead.


Visibility is one of the major concerns while riding in fog. It is advised to avoid driving/riding as much as possible. However, if an urgent job pops up and you have to get out of the house, remember to wear safety gears with reflective materials to help other motorists to spot you.


Another important thing that needs to be taken care while riding in fog is controlling the pace. You should slow down the speed of your motorcycle for better control in case of sudden braking. Bikes with ABS feature works best in foggy conditions.

Clean Visor

Before going for a ride during winters, ensure you clean your visor properly. You can even apply anti-fog agents on the visor for better visibility. If you are wearing prescription glasses, make sure that it is not tinted, polarised or photochromatic as it can affect your visibility further.


Tap your brake lights at regular intervals. By doing so, you are making the motorists behind you aware of your presence.


Make sure you have enough fuel in the tank before starting your journey on a foggy day. In case you run out of fuel and start looking for gas stations, there's a possibility you will miss them due to limited visibility. It is better to stay prepared than stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Riding in the Left

Ride on the left side of the lanes while keeping a safe distance from another vehicle. By doing so, you will stay safe and have sufficient space for yourself in case someone tries to overtake you.

Bike Condition

Lastly, an essential thing to ensure is the condition of your bike. Before finally hitting the roads, make sure that your lights, oil, tyres​, controls, chassis and stands are in good condition. In case they are not in the right state, give your bike for servicing. Riding a bike that is not in the proper shape can be highly risky in a foggy condition.

Also, don't forget to give your bike the right kind of protection by insuring it with a comprehensive two wheeler insurance policy. A two wheeler insurance policy covers your bike against several unforeseen conditions and gives you the ultimate peace of mind.​​