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Basic Gadgets and Accessories for Long Bike Trips

​There are a lot of different ways to travel and see places. Some prefer to simply hop on a plane or bus and be transported to different destinations. Others prefer to make a long road trip of it, experiencing all the landscapes in between as well. In India, some of the most popular destinations for road trips are Ladakh, Goa, Dharamsala, amongst many others.

However, when you’re going on a long bike trip, you need to be well prepared. First off, you need to make sure you’re properly fueled for the ride. Second, you must ensure that you have a reliable two wheeler insurance. Bike accidents are extremely common, even amongst experienced drivers, so it’s best to be careful.

Beside those essentials, the following are some accessories you should carry to ensure that your long bike trip ​ goes smoothly.


Bluetooth Headset
We all know that it’s extremely dangerous to handle a cell phone when you’re on the road. However, you still need an accurate navigation system, and nothing beats the GPS. You can sync it up with a bluetooth headset that you have on at all times. As such, you don’t need to handle your phone but you’ll be fed accurate directions directly into your earpiece. Furthermore, it’s also a pretty cool means of receiving calls. You can talk to your friends on the way without actually pulling over or taking your hands off the bike handles.

Spare Gloves
If you’re going on a long bike ride, you’re probably already carrying a glove. It keeps your hand from cramping up and you can ride for longer periods of time. However, gloves also get sweaty pretty fast. As such, you might have to keep riding on with those same sweat-soaked gloves. It’s annoying and unhealthy. If you have a spare pair of gloves, you can hang your previous pair so that it can dry in the sun, and you can put on the new (dry) ones.

A Road Map (on Paper)
These days most of us are pretty used to the convenience of Google Maps. It can take us anywhere at all, give precise directions, and we don’t have to waste any time deciphering maps. However, when you’re going on long road trips, you’ll come across several areas with poor or no connectivity. In those areas, you’ll be glad to have a physical map to get you through.

Power Bank
This goes without saying but you shouldn’t embark on a long road trip without carrying one or even two power banks, both of them high powered. It’s likely that you’ll be using the data on your phone for the GPS and for taking pictures and putting out social media updates. All of these are heavy-duty tasks and they’ll drain your battery pretty fast. So it’s a must to carry power banks to juice you up when necessary.

Well, now that you know about some of the essentials you need on a long road trip​, grab your wallet, your helmet, get those two wheeler insurance papers, and hit the road!