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Important Items In A Biker’s Riding Kit

​If you are calling yourself a biker, then surely you have vroomed a lot on your bike and have seen lots of ups and downs while riding. Then you know how important the riding kit for every biker is. 

We are humans, and we tend to forget things at times. You can forget things that are not essential, however, somethings like what are you wearing while riding your bike, or the space for your luggage and most importantly, items that are highly necessary are some of the essentials that you can’t afford to slip your mind. Given below are some essential things that a rider should put in its rider’s kit, before kickstarting their journey around the globe: 

Some Essential Tools and Motorcycle Spare Parts

As much as you love and treat your bike as your friend, it is after all only a machine that sometimes can give up on you. Imagine you are riding on a mountain road and there are no garages around, and your bike just stopped in the middle of the road. What will you do? Well, having a rider’s kit that contains headlight bulb, battery fuses, multi-function screwdriver, and plier, clutch cable, etc. will be helpful. You will be prepared in advance. Also, make sure you puncture repair kit in that rider’s kit also.

Learn Basic Repairing

As mentioned earlier, what if your bike breaks down in the middle nowhere. Yes, you do will have tools and spares, but if you don’t know how to use it, they will be of no use. You should opt for a crash course or you can watch some videos online and learn from home. 

Medical Aid Kit

Accidents can happen on roads. Either because some car hit you or a landslide in the middle of nowhere. Whatever, the reason is, you should always carry a basic first aid kit. For major injuries, you need hospitalization, however, for minor ones, the medical aid kit will always handy. 

Riding Gear

Your riding gear depends on the place you are going to. If you are going to the mountain, which is cooler, you should wear a jacket. Wherever, if you are going to some hotter pace, the jacket won’t be necessary. Wearing something comfortable while riding your bike should be your first preference. You should wear sturdy pants but not baggy, ankle boots and definitely a full-face helmet. You should wear knee guards also if you are planning to ride on a highway.

Important Papers Of Your Bike Insurance

You should always keep your insurance documents in your rider’s kit. It is mandatory and is punishable by law. At Reliance General Insurance, you can buy bike insurance online. This will provide you financial support in case of unfortunate events. Other than carrying important insurance documents, you should make sure that you have other documents that will prove that you own the vehicle.

Put all these essential items in your rider’s kit, and then you can go ride your bike without worrying about anything.