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Electrics Cars vs PHEVs vs Hybrid Cars

​Easy were the days when there was a single variety of cars available in technical stuff. All you had to do was choose a desirable colour and model. With new advancement, now you have the option of picking a car all with totally different technical built. Car ownership is no more a simple deal. The process is getting more complex, it is also one of the most difficult choices for the car owners. Every other car these days offer some unique feature, amidst this deciding a car perfect for your need becomes difficult.

You may face all kind of question from, Should I buy an electric car, or it should be a hybrid one? Which brand is the most promising and has the most noticeable reliability?  Know the difference hybrid and electric cars and also the difference between hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles to buy the one which suits your needs.​

Without any delay let's jump into understanding the difference between Electric Car, Plug-in car and a Hybrid.

Electric Car

Electric Vehicle is the battery-operated vehicle that uses power through rechargeable batteries. An external power source is required to charge these vehicles which are generally in the form of power stations like the petrol pumps. The difference is that the vehicle fully runs on electricity.

Hyundai Kona Electric, Tata Nexon Ev, Audi E Tron, all of these are battery vehicles. These vehicles do not feature conventional petrol or diesel tank. Also, it is much farther than the CNG tank. As electricity costs a lot less than petrol or diesel, these vehicles will mean fabulous saving in refilling for the individual. Also, the car runs on zero-emission. They are quick and easy to drive on roads. These cars tend to have a shorter range. With a lack of power stations, re-charging could be a problem for longer drives. ​

Hybrid vehicle

A hybrid vehicle is one which combines the feature of electrically driven vehicle and traditional fuel engine vehicle. The vehicle runs on petrol or diesel and is supported by the electric system installed in the vehicle.

However, hybrid car batteries cannot be recharged at the power stations. The kinetic energy of the vehicle is regenerated into electricity which later powers the engine. The vehicle in this category are more efficient and also fall in the expensive range MG hector Toyota Camry are a few examples of Hybrid Cars.


It is very much similar to EV and has a battery that supplies the power through the engine to run the vehicle. The battery is smaller than the ones found in electric cars and have a lesser capacity. It poses a problem as they can't be driven for too long, 30 miles in most cases.

The extra trick with this vehicle is that they do have a combustible engine that automatically starts once the battery discharges. The same is then used to generate more electricity to charge the battery. Also, the owner will have the choice to plugin and restore the battery.

With so many potentials it is crucial to know the difference between each. Any kind of vehicle you are driving, the critical part is to get car insurance for safety on the road. If you have a term policy almost at the end, renew car insurance online right now to get marvellous benefits and save a lot on premium.​​