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Benefits of Restorative Yoga

​Restorative yoga is a form which promotes physical, mental and emotional relaxation of the body. It is a soothing exercise practised at a slow pace, stillness and long breaths. Unlike the other active yoga forms, one could expect a hold pose for more than 5 minutes, only performing a handful of poses. It helps to provide the mental and physical balance, to prevent stress and anxiety. Through the use of props, one can hold some poses for a longer duration.

What is Restorative Yoga?

Restorative yoga can be described in a few words as gentle, therapeutic and is made for passive healing. It activates the rest and digests part of the nervous system. It makes the basic functioning of the body work in the way they should be. The name suggests that the form of yoga has been made to restore the body to elementary system function. It helps the body to heal and restore the balance. By allowing the a longer breathing and longer pauses, restorative yoga leaves a relaxing effect. It reduces blood pressure, producing a feeling of calm and wellbeing. 

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The benefits of restorative yoga are simple and are similar to other forms of yoga. It is a meditative form. The top reason to open up and enjoy the extra breathing benefits are

Full and Deep Stretches

Active practice is fabulous for the body. It keeps the muscles in shape. However, doing passive exercise is equally important. We hardly take time out of our day to sit calmly and breath. It is a vital part of mental health. Passive yoga increases mental stability and concentration power.


By holding a pose for a longer duration, one is working towards the flexibility of the muscles. Stretching and holding a pose is the only way one can push the flexibility of their body beyond limits. However, restorative yoga is not a stretching class. The body must be comfortable, there is no end goal to reach. It must be soothing and meditative for the body. 

Body Shape

Restorative Yoga is a good exercise to trim the fat. Regular practice leads to a toned body. The process is slow and spreads over 48 weeks in which you may see a visible change. Regular training will help you trim out the extra fat in a healthy way. It balances the cholesterol level of the body and is linked to abdominal fat.

Immune System

Breathing exercises are important for the immune system. When your body is passively involved in the exercise along with breathing, then the body improves the blood circulation. Improved breathing leads to an improved immune system.

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