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How Do I Find the Right Doctor for Me?


​We all have a little fear of going to the doctor. We eat a pill on our own, will use all the home remedies advised to us by our parents and grandparents but will not resort easily to going to the doctor. This is often wrong but has become a common norm especially in the time of pandemic where the fear of hospitals is growing. Now even if you have decided to go to the doctor on of the common question which pops up is - who is the right doctor for you?

Finding the right doctor is not easy an​d it can become more difficult when you have to go out of your location to find the best doctor. The more informed and prepared you are on finding the right doctor the better healthcare you'll get. You must also buy health insurance to keep yourself financially protected in case you contract any chronic disease, since it will cover all kinds of expenses from diagnosis to treatment.

Choosing a new doctor is difficult but these tips may help you in finding the best one:

Social Networking

We often depend on friends for movie reviews and good places to dine at. Why don't we ask them about the doctors they prefer? If you have contacts who are living in a particular area before you, they obviously have more knowledge about the area and thus could guide you in finding the right doctor. Word of mouth is still one of the most effective ways to know about things. This will also bring in a trust factor before you book your appointment with any doctor. 


Once you have confirmed from your friends about a few doctors it is necessary to check the ratings yourself. In the modern time of social media, every service is rated and you will easily find the doctors rating online on various websites. Check the ratings as well as do thorough research about the degree and study of the doctor. All of this information will be easy to find online. 


The first thing to do is to get an opinion of a general physician. They have a better idea and could recommend going to a specialist. Self-assessment can sometimes be harmful especially in the time when google can show some major diseases in return to minor symptoms. Thus, go to the specialist only on recommendation otherwise you'll be making the medical process more complex on your own. 

Right Time and place

When you are ill getting an appointment at the right time and place matters. You should book appointments at a place which is not far from your neighbourhood. In case you have a condition that requires a frequent visit to the doctors it is better to have a doctor who is in your vicinity. 

Besides consulting the right doctor, buying a health insurance plan is also necessary. Getting health insurance online is now easy. If you decide to get a comprehensive cover it will also cover your general visits to the doctor and will save a lot on your medical bills.  ​